Dentures in Ho Chi Minh City

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Ho Chi Minh City

Have a holiday and treat yourself to affordable, good-quality dentures in Ho Chi Minh City. You can save almost a couple of thousand dollars compared to what you’d pay at home with our quality-checked dentists. So relax, take in the sights, and return home with a dazzling new smile.

Ho Chi Minh City has any attractions for visitors. From dressing up for dinner in the rather well-to-do area of Lam Son Square, to sampling delicious street food on-the-go. There are also loads of coffee shops – Vietnam is one of the world’s biggest coffee exporters and they know how to serve it up well. The city is fast-paced but you can always find somewhere to unwind and take it all in.

A mixture of ancient and modern - colonial facades, Chinese pagodas and towering glass and steel office blocks sit alongside each other – so you never quite know what to expect as you round the next corner.

Why have Dentures in Ho Chi Minh City?

Probably the first thing many patients traveling overseas for their dental care wonder about is about the quality. The prices are so much less than at home that the assumption follows that standards must be inferior. There is no doubting that there are unscrupulous operators throughout the world, who will gladly take your money without a second glance. This is why it is always so important to check your facts thoroughly and to do everything you can to ensure you choose a dentist who you can rely on.

We have generally found that you can find good-quality dentists anywhere in the world, whose standards are just as high as any you’d find at home. However, you have to check any would-be dentist against a number of criteria, which should satisfy you they are trustworthy.

Dental Departures does a number of background checks, including legal and criminal records, qualifications of dentists, as well as any professional memberships. If these add up then online testimonials are also another good source of information. We also perform clinic visits – and if we’re satisfied on all counts, only then do we list dentists on our site. You can view the information we have under each clinic listing, alongside high definition photos, which will give you a fairly detailed overall picture so you can make a decision on choosing your dentist.

Likewise, the technology and materials used by good dentists in Ho Chi Minh City are of a similarly high standard, and all the same brands that are available to your dentist at home, are available here – not substandard or cheap imitations.

How long do Dentures take in the Ho Chi Minh City?

If you have had recent extractions or surgery, you will have to wait for a few months’ for the gums to heal. If you are replacing old dentures, or had extractions or dentures longer than 3 months’ before, it should only take a matter of days to receive your new dentures in Ho Chi Minh City. At your first appointment you will have impressions taken which will be sent to the lab to make your dentures, during which time you will be free to get on with your trip, returning to have your new dentures fitted several days later.

Should I choose porcelain or acrylic dentures?

Your dentist will discuss the relative merits of both with you. Porcelain dentures are harder-wearing and have a more natural appearance, but they are heavier than acrylic dentures and may place more stress on gums and bones. However, acrylic dentures are more comfortable because they are lighter – and cost less too.

What is the cost of Dentures in Ho Chi Minh City compared to Australia or New Zealand?

Dentures in Ho Chi Minh City cost on average AUD $500, compared to an average of AUD $2,383 in Australia.

How do I book an appointment?

It’s easy – book online or call our Customer Care team to book your dental appointment. We can help you find the best quality-checked dentists for your dentures in Ho Chi Minh City, and at the best prices. Check out our website to compare prices, read reviews and discover exclusive online discounts.

(Image by: Diego Delso)