Fillings in Bali

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Bali

On holiday in Bali? Dental Fillings cost a whole lot less here than they do at home, so why not save yourself a little money and kill two birds with one stone?

Fillings will only take a little time out of your holiday, but your oral health will be much better for it - as well as your bank balance.

Bali is the most popular island in Indonesia known for beautiful scenery, pristine beaches, rich culture, and friendly people. Visit the Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud. Choose from various beach resorts and enjoy water activities such as scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, and white water rafting. Discover the vibrant culture of Bali as you stroll around the fishing village. The Balinese people are known for their traditional dance, distinctive music, and for their unique skills in weaving of cloth. Savor sumptuous meals and try different local and international food from different restaurants in the region. There’s plenty to see and do.

Why do I need Fillings?

A dental filling is a restorative treatment that repairs tooth decay, minute tooth fractures and damaged surfaces of the teeth.

What is the process involved in the treatment?

After a complete examination, the dentist will numb your teeth, gums, tongue, and surrounding area with a local anaesthetic. A rubber dam is placed to keep the target area dry and free from saliva. Then, the decay is drilled out and replaced with filling material.

After the treatment, keep up with your daily oral hygiene by brushing, flossing, rinsing with mouthwash. To maintain healthy and strong teeth, get regular professional teeth cleaning (Prophylaxis).

What are the types of fillings?

Dental fillings are made from various materials like amalgam, composite resin, metals, like gold and ceramics.

Talk to your dentist who will recommend the right material and best option that suits your needs and preferences.

How much is the cost of fillings?

Treatment price depends on many factors like the extent of the damage and the type of material you choose. An estimate is USD $53.05 (CAD 66.69; AUD $69.61; NZD 76.24; UK £36.41). It’s very affordable!

What can you say about the clinics in Bali, Indonesia?

Clinics in Bali cater to the needs of both local and international patients and are of a very high standard, following international health and safety protocols and using the latest technologies. Dental Departures pre-check all of our clinics, visiting them personally and taking photos we publish on our site. We also verify qualifications and collect real patient reviews to give you a thorough background of each clinic and dentist - so you’re assured you’re getting the best.

How do I book an appointment?

Dental Departures will help you set an appointment with a dentist in Bali who offers dental fillings. Browse our website. Look at the clinic photos, read dentist profiles, compare prices and avail of exclusive discounts. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us by phone, email, or online chat. Our customer service will assist you.


Image by: Keulefm


Image by: Keulefm