Fillings in Kuta

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Kuta

Dental Fillings in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia restore the teeth of many tourists. Holidaymakers are delighted with the dental work here because a number of clinics offer superb service at affordable prices.

If you want to shape up your pearly whites, consider getting dental fillings in Kuta, and combine your treatment with a wonderful vacation. The town is near Ngurah Rai Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport. It has various accommodation options ranging from budget to mid-range and you’ll find lots of activities and the cost of living, such as eating out, much cheaper than at home. A trip to this tourist destination lets you relax while restoring your precious teeth with fillings.

What are fillings?

A dental filling is a restorative treatment used to repair tooth decay, fractures, and damaged portions of the teeth. The dentist removes the decay and replaces it with fillings.

What steps are involved in the treatment?

After checking your teeth, the dentist begins the process by numbing your teeth, gums, teeth, and surrounding area with a local anesthetic. In some cases, a rubber dam is placed to keep the area clean. Then, the decay will be removed and replaced with the filling material.

What are the types of fillings? Which one is best for me?

Fillings can be made from different types of materials like amalgam, composite resin, ionomers, gold, and ceramics.

Amalgam is sturdy and the least expensive, but the mercury toxicity is quite controversial prompting some wearers to replace it with other type of material. Composite resins are tooth-colored fillings that can repair broken, chipped, or worn teeth. The material requires less removal of the tooth structure. However, it’s not durable. Ionomers are used for small cavities. Gold is costly and involves a longer procedure. Ceramics are also tooth-colored fillings that use a special equipment and laboratory. This stain-resistant filling is usually made of porcelain.

Your dentist will determine which material is best for you after sitting and discussing your goals, budget, and concerns.

After the procedure, take care of your teeth with fillings by practicing good oral hygiene and visiting the clinic for checkups and professional teeth cleaning.

How much is the cost of fillings in Kuta?

The price of fillings in Kuta varies depending on the number of teeth involved, the type of material you choose, and other factors. A ballpark figure would be USD $70.96 (CAD $92.60; AUD $94.13; NZD $98.16; UK £54.13) compared to at-home prices of USD $154 (CAD $203; AUD $203; NZD $1,900; UK £119; Euros €138) in the United States.

What can you say about the quality of the clinics that offer fillings in Kuta?

In order to provide the best patient care, clinics that offer fillings in Kuta, Indonesia uses safe, convenient and modern approach in dentistry. The facility is equipped with special tools and equipment to make the patients comfortable during treatment. Dental Departures perform quality checks that include on site visits, verification of dentist qualifications and online testimonials, and collating of online testimonials and real patient reviews.

How do I book an appointment with a clinic that offers fillings in Kuta,?

This is where Dental Departures come in. We’ll help you book an appointment with a dentist that offers fillings in Kuta, Indonesia. Start by browsing our website and see the clinic photos. Checkout the dentist profiles, read patient reviews, compare prices and get exclusive discounts. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service via phone, email, or online chat. We’ll help you book an appointment with a clinic for your fillings in Kuta, Indonesia.