Fillings in Los Algodones

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Los Algodones

Want to save on the cost of your dental fillings? In Algodones, dental fillings are around 75% less than they are in North America and its certainly worth the journey here if you live in Southern California or Arizona - especially if you need more than one. Find and book a dentist with Dental Departures. Our service is free and you will save around 75% on the cost of your dental treatment.  

Algodones is popular with US and Canadian senior citizens for its warm, dry weather and its inexpensive shopping and restaurants. On the borders of California and Arizona, and just seven miles south of Yuma on the Interstate 8, it is easily accessible from the US.

The cost of living here is comparatively cheap when compared to the US and Canada, and this also extends to medicine and dentistry.  Algodones is fast becoming a dental tourist destination, where modern state-of-the-art clinics combine effortlessly with bright hand-painted signs of shops from a bygone era.  Frequent fiestas throughout the year ensure this is still a tourist destination, but increasingly inexpensive dental and medical treatment is the reason many people visit.  Algodones has one of the highest ratios of dentists in the world, who cater for all dental needs from specialist dental implantology to everyday dentistry such as fillings.

Why have fillings in Algodones?

Algodones is easy to reach from the US and Canada.  Yuma airport is only seven miles away and Palm Springs, San Diego and Phoenix international airports are also conveniently placed.  Accommodation suiting all budgets is easy to find, with many opting to stay in Yuma and travelling over the border, either by car or on foot.  Border crossings are quick, although during peak season from December to March there may be some delays.

Algodones is a characteristic, Mexican border town.  Bustling streets, a lack of sidewalks and bright, hand-painted shop signs belie the high-tech dental clinics that operate here. The dental expertise available here is second-to-none, with many dentists having trained in esteemed dental centers across the United States, Canada and Europe.

General dentistry, such as tooth fillings, is particularly well-catered for.  Many US and Canadian residents already make the trip across the border to Algodones for their dental fillings each year, as low-prices combined with outstanding treatment makes economical sense.

How long do fillings take?

Fillings are required if a tooth becomes damaged by decay.  It is a straightforward procedure where the dentist removes any decayed material from the tooth, cleans the area and fills the cavity to prevent bacteria entering, thus preventing further decay.  It can normally be finished in a matter of minutes.

Fillings can be made from a variety of materials, including gold, composite, resin and porcelain.  Your dentist will discuss with you the best option for your particular situation.  After examining your teeth your dentist will be able to detect cracks or fractures on the surface of the tooth, which may require a filling.  The procedure should not take long and will involve an injection to numb the area around the affected tooth. After a few moments the dentist will drill out the tooth, removing the areas of decay. The tooth will then be thoroughly cleaned and the appropriate filling material used to pack the cavity.  Once this has hardened the dentist will smooth down the surface of the filling and will check your bite.  You will be able to feel if it is too big and your dentist will be able to file down the filling until it feels right.

What is the cost comparison of fillings in Algodones to the US and Canada?

The cost of amalgam fillings in the United States typically range from between $120 to $250 per tooth.  Amalgam fillings are very hard-wearing, lasting around twelve years. Composite fillings cost around $135 to $250 per tooth.  Although composite fillings are more aesthetically pleasing, they are not as hard-wearing as amalgam, lasting between five and seven years.

In comparison, fillings in Algodones cost around $40.

Reasonable prices ensure that Algodones is fast becoming a destination of choice for medical and dental care, in the same way that it has long been a draw for US citizens attracted to its warm climate, lively restaurants and bustling shops.

How do I book?

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