Fillings in Mexicali

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Mexicali

Whether you need routine or emergency dental fillings in Mexicali, book with Dental Departures and save up to 75% on the price you pay at home.

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Mexicali is a perfectly placed for patients from the United States and Canada to visit for dental fillings. Just south of California’s Calexico border with Mexico, the city is at the junction of major interstates and highways, as well as being served by two international airports.

A city that has always been popular with visitors from North America, it is now an established business center with many flourishing industries, including medical and dental tourism. For these visitors, the city’s modern services and first-class facilities have ensured Mexicali’s well-deserved reputation for hospitality and quality care. Travelers here can take advantage of the many excellent shopping, bar and restaurant amenities as well as being ideally situated for visits to surrounding attractions such as the Guadalupe Canyon or San Felipe.

Why have Dental Fillings in Mexicali?

From major dental work to general treatments such as dental fillings, Mexicaliis a convenient and cost-effective option for patients traveling from North America. Day-trippers can drive over the border quickly using the new designated medical tourism lane, or park their car in Calexico and travel by taxi to their dental clinic. Some of our clinics will even pick you up from the border.

Mexicali dentists provide treatment that is comparable to that offered by dentists in the US and Canada. Our dentists in Mexicali have been screened and background checked by us so our patients can be confident they are choosing a quality-assured dentist, whose expertise and hygiene standards are up to the mark.

However, one of the overriding factors of choosing to have teeth fillings in Mexicaliis the cost. Patients can save as much as two-thirds on the equivalent treatment at home. This can add up to significant savings of hundreds of dollars if you need more than one filling, and is perhaps something to consider if you are thinking of replacing amalgam fillings for health reasons.

Furthermore, cheaper prices do not mean inferior quality, as many dentists use the same quality materials and brands that are available to dentists north of the border. 

How long do Dental Filling Treatments take in Mexicali?

One of the simplest dental procedures to have carried out, fillings are quick and easy to perform, and can be completed in less than half an hour.

The procedure involves removing the decayed areas from an affected tooth. The dentist will first numb the area with a local anesthetic before drilling out the decayed areas. After the cavity is cleaned it is then packed with filling material, which can be gold, resin, porcelain, composite or amalgam. The filling is adjusted to the correct shape and size once it has hardened.

The lifespan of dental fillings really depends on what filling material has been used. Porcelain are the longest-lasting at 15 years plus, whereas composite fillings are said to last between 5 and 7 years.

What is the cost comparison of Dental Fillings in Mexicali to the US and Canada?

The material used and the size of the dental fillings will affect the cost, but they are considerably more affordable in Mexicali than they are in North America – sometimes as much as 60% less. Generally, prices in the United States are approximately $155 per filling and in Mexicali they start at around $50.

Having your dental fillings in Mexicali is a convenient and affordable alternative to treatment in the US – and now with quicker access at the border crossing you can be there and back before you know it.

Can I book Dental Fillings in Mexicali online?

Yes - book online with us to get prices as much as 75% off the costs at home. If you prefer, use our free phone number, e-mail us or talk to us via online chat. Whether you need routine or emergency dental fillings in Mexicali we can find you a quality-checked dentist for a great price.

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