Fillings in Malaga

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Malaga

If you’re heading to Spain on holiday why not take a few hours out to save money on dental fillings? In Malaga , we can put you in touch with good-quality, English-speaking dentists who can provide you with new fillings – either emergency or routine – for prices that are over 70% cheaper than back at home.

As well as saving money, if you maintain your dental health with simple procedures like fillings you are less likely to have a major dental health problem that will be a lot more costly to put right. If you haven’t got a dentist at home then taking an hour or two from your holiday to get a filling is surely worth it?

Why Malaga?

Malaga is smack-bang in the middle of the Costa del Sol – an end-to-end playground of resort locations that offer different attractions to different groups. Fuengirola is popular for water-sport enthusiasts and families, head to Benalmadena for water-parks, Torremolinos is a favourite gay haunt and Marbella is frequented by the rich and famous with their huge yachts. Apart from these demographics, there are plenty of other locations to explore along this stretch and inland around Andalucia that are appealing to history, culture and nature-lovers – and those who want to experience authentic Spain and live more like the locals do.


Just 5 km from Nerja is Acebuchal, known as the “lost village”. It is a picturesque, white-washed village with narrow, cobblestoned streets. Terracotta pots of colourful flowers are dotted on walls, on stairways and on the streets. A visit to this pretty village is like going back in time so make sure you bring cash as there are no landlines, internet or credit card terminals. Make the most of the restaurant serving gorgeous locally produced, organic food - and there is a hotel too if you’d like to stay the night.

At the other end of the scale, if you are competitive and want to burn off some energy on a fun obstacle course there is a floating obstacle course at Puerto Banus Marina. There is a range of obstacles on the course graded from easy to difficult and it is a fun way to waste an hour of your time – especially as part of its appeal is laughing at other people as they fall off trying to negotiate the course. Life jackets are provided and there are lifeguards on hand. After you’ve worked up an appetite, there are plenty of restaurants clustered around the marina to enjoy a well-earned rest and some refreshments while you watch the world go by and admire luxury yachts and expensive sports cars.

How do dental fillings help my health?

A dental filling is used to fill in cavities in the tooth that are formed as a result of decay or trauma. Tooth decay is the most common reason or fillings and this is caused by bacteria which feed off plaque that coats your teeth. Plaque is the sticky substance that is formed when food mixes with the saliva in your mouth. If you don’t brush your teeth, the bacteria produce corrosive acid and toxins, which wear down tooth enamel causing cavities and enter gum tissues causing gingivitis – both of which can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

Are dental filling treatments suitable for Dental Tourists?

Yes, definitely. The traditional view of dental tourists is that they travel overseas to get a more affordable deal on, typically, an expensive treatment that they can’t afford at home. However, as more of us travel abroad so regularly nowadays, coupled with the NHS dentistry crisis where there simply aren’t enough dentists to go round in the UK many more people are taking the view that it is better to at least attend to general, preventive dental care by combining it with a holiday.

A dental filling is a reasonably quick procedure, only taking an hour or two out of your holiday time. Apart from a numb mouth for a few hours resulting from the anaesthetic the downtime is minimal too, so won’t spoil your enjoyment of your holiday much either.

If the controversy surrounding silver-coloured amalgam fillings concerns you and you are considering changing them then getting replacement fillings in Malaga is an option that could well save you hundreds. Similarly, if you need an emergency filling, you may prefer to get it in Malaga rather than waiting until you go home – particularly as prices are cheaper, and it’s not going to be much fun if you have a sensitive tooth throughout the duration of your holiday.

What is the procedure for a filling?

The procedure should take less than an hour. The dentist will examine your tooth to assess the extent of the tooth decay. Then, local anaesthetic is injected to numb the area surrounding the tooth in question. Once your mouth is numb (typically after about 5 minutes) the dentist will start removing the decay with a drill. Once this is done, the filling will be placed inside the cavity and left to harden for a minute or two. The dentist then shapes, smooths and polishes the filling and adjusts it to fit by asking you to bite down until it feels comfortable.

The same materials that are available to dentists at home are also available in Spain, including amalgam, composite, porcelain and precious metals, like gold.

What about the quality of dental care in Malaga? Is it reliable?

The quality of dental care in Malaga is generally good, particularly care aimed at dental tourists. Dentists in Spain are well-trained and there is competition to attract patients. This means that dental tourists can expect good-quality care, as well as value-for-money prices as dentists try to offer the best deals they can.

It is easy to make an assumption that you don’t have to do any research as a dental tourist, and although globalization has ensured dental training is similar throughout the world, we always recommend you do some research to make sure any dental clinic you visit is reliable and trustworthy. If you’re not sure how to do this, Dental Departures has already done the hard work, having confirmed dentist qualifications, professional memberships and checks on legal/criminal records. If we’re not happy with what we find then we simply don’t list them on our site. You can browse our listings for free, checking out all the information we have, as well as real patient reviews, clinic photos and prices – making it easy to find a reliable dentist with the minimum of effort.

How much does a dental filling cost in Malaga?

Compared to fillings in Manchester or London, you can save over 70%.


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US $



NZ $

Dental Fillings Prices at home







Dental Fillings Prices in Malaga







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