Fillings in Pattaya

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Pattaya

Take care of your teeth while you're on holiday - get your dental fillings in Pattaya. It's worth it - saving you up to 90% on the costs back home. Book online with Dental Departures to get the best prices - guaranteed.

Although it is generally common knowledge that traveling abroad for major dental procedures will save you a considerable amount, it is also worth bearing in mind that having routine maintenance on your teeth while you are abroad, such as dental fillings, will also save you a fair amount. While you may not travel specifically to Pattaya for dental fillings, it might be something you want to do if you are already on holiday there.

Taking a few hours out of your holiday schedule to go to the dentist is not as daft as it sounds. In the long-term it will not only benefit your overall health, ensuring major problems are kept at bay by looking after your teeth, but could save you a lot of money by making sure you don’t get problems resulting from a lack of basic maintenance.

Pattaya is a world-renowned holiday destination and at Dental Departures we work alongside experienced professional dentists who will ensure your dental fillings will be carried out expertly for a very reasonable price.

Why have Dental Fillings in Pattaya?

A few hours discomfort will pay dividends later on – and won’t it be far better to go back to enjoying your holiday in Pattaya after your visit to the dentist than having to go back to the office?

You will have no problems with the quality of the dental fillings you receive by our dentists as all offer guarantees on the work they do. Furthermore, the dental materials are the same high quality you receive at home, although obviously for a much lower price.

Prices are lower here because overheads are less, and the savings are passed on to you directly. If you are in need of several fillings, or perhaps you would like to change your amalgam fillings to more natural-colored ones, having them done in Pattaya is an option worth considering as you will save a substantial amount.

How long do Dental Fillings take in Pattaya?

In most circumstances dental fillings can be done in less than an hour if a small or direct filling is required. For larger areas of decay, or bigger teeth, up to 3 surfaces may need to be treated and these indirect fillings take longer and are more costly to perform.

The procedure for all of them is pretty much the same. Your mouth will be numbed with a local anesthetic and the decayed material removed with a drill. After thoroughly cleaning the tooth your dentist will fill it using the chosen material. Once the material has hardened - after a few minutes - the tooth will be filed and shaped until you are comfortable with it.

What is the cost of dental fillings in Australia and New Zealand to Pattaya?

The cheapest composite fillings in Australia will set you back in the region of AUD $160, but in Pattaya start from only $22.

Dental fillings are made from a number of different materials and your dentist will discuss with you the costs and benefits of each one, which will be a matter for you to ultimately decide. One thing is certain – you can have several fillings in Pattaya and it will still be less than one filling in Australia – so surely that is worth a few hours of your time during your holiday?

Can I book online?

Yes - book online, phone us for free, e-mail us or use our online chat facility. Check out our prices, compare dentists, read reviews and look at clinic photos and find the perfect dentist for your fillings in Pattaya.

(Image by: Bart van Poll)