Fillings in Patong

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Patong

Need routine or emergency dental fillings in Patong Beach? Book an appointment online with Dental Departures with one of our quality-checked dentists to ensure reliable treatment.

How much are dental fillings in Patong Beach compared with Australia and New Zealand?

The price of dental fillings varies, depending on what material your filling is going to be made from. Nowadays, silver-colored amalgam fillings are far less popular, mainly because people prefer to have natural-looking white teeth rather than unsightly metal colored fillings. Also, people are apprehensive about the health effects of mercury and are having silver fillings replaced.

Composite white fillings are quite popular, costing around AUD $150 in Australia, but in Patong Beach costing less than AUD $20. For anyone considering having their old amalgam fillings replaced you can see that having it done in while you are holidaying in Patong Beach would save a considerable amount of money.

How long do dental fillings take in Patong Beach?

Dental fillings are one of the quickest and easiest dental procedures to carry out. The vast majority can be carried out in less than an hour, although some larger back teeth may take a little longer, and may be a little more expensive.

The procedure is performed under a local anesthetic – so your mouth will be numbed in the area around the affected tooth before the dentist starts to drill the decayed areas out of the tooth. When the decay has been removed, the tooth will be cleaned thoroughly before the cavity is packed with the chosen filling material and left to harden. After a few minutes your dentist will file and shape the tooth, asking you to bite down on a piece of card or paper every now and again, so your bite can be assessed. This process will continue until it feels good to you and your dentist is happy with it.

Why have dental fillings in Patong Beach?

If you are on holiday there is no reason why you shouldn’t take care of minor dental problems like dental fillings while you are here. Not only will it ensure your mouth is kept healthy, but you will save yourself a substantial amount of money on the equivalent cost at home. Far better for you to have extra money for your holiday than give it to your dentist at home.

Just a few hours out of your holiday schedule will make all the difference, and what better way to finish your dental treatment than to step out onto a tropical beach, rather than have to rush back to work.

Dentists in Patong Beach are used to treating international patients from all over the world. They are every bit as qualified as your dentist at home and the clinics in Patong Beach are well-equipped and use the same grade materials as your dentist at home. Our dentists are quality-checked and if you book with Dental Departures you are assured of a reliable dentist for a guaranteed best price.

Book your appointment through Dental Departures and you are certain of being seen by a reputable dentist who we have background checked. Our Dental Departures price guarantee will also ensure you will receive your dental fillings in Kata Beach at the lowest cost available.

Can I book online for my dental fillings in Patong Beach?

Yes - book online, call our toll-free number, drop us an e-mail or use our online chat. If you have any questions about dental fillings in Patong Beach, or any other dental care, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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