Fillings in Hanoi

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Hanoi

You can make substantial savings on your dental care by having your dental feelings in Hanoi. More people than ever are waking up to the fact that they can have everyday procedures like this anywhere in the world - and make incredible savings of up to 90%.

Dental holidays now come in all shapes and sizes - and you don't need to go on a specific dental holiday to get dental treatment. Sure, you may not want to have dental treatment while you are on holiday, but if you can save several hundred dollars isn't it worth it? Plus, you’ll feel so much better knowing you’ve taken care of that treatment you’ve been putting-off, either because of the expense, or because you haven’t got the time.

Why have dental fillings in Hanoi?

We have dentists located in accessible and convenient places, so you wouldn't have to travel too far out of your way to pop-in and have your treatment.

By far, the major reason for having dental fillings in Hanoi is, of course, the enormous savings you can make. This is particularly true if the health risks regarding amalgam fillings concerns you, and you may be looking to replace them with healthier and more attractive tooth-colored fillings. Here in Hanoi you are likely to be able to change most of your amalgam fillings just for the price of one at home!

While dental fillings are substantially cheaper in Hanoi, the quality of the services you receive are just as good as they are at home, providing you go to a reputable dentist. Standards are generally good, and clinics tend to follow internationally-recognized hygiene and safety protocols, like the ISO’s.

We visit our clinics to check-out the facilities. In general, we have found hygienic premises, equipped with modern technology and dentists who are up-to-date with new techniques. We only list those clinics on our websites that we would be comfortable visiting ourselves. You can rest assured that if you book with us, you are going to see a dentist whose standards are as good as your dentist’s at home.

Our website allows you to compare dentists, review real patient testimonials and check-out clinic photos to enable you to decide if a particular clinic is right for you.

How long do the dental fillings take in Hanoi?

Depending on whether your filling is for a front or back tooth will determine how long the procedure takes. However, most fillings are usually completed within the hour.

Before the procedure commences you will be given a local anesthetic to will numb the area surrounding the tooth to be worked on. After a few minutes, when the anesthetic has taken effect, your dentist will begin to remove the decayed areas with a drill. Once they have all been removed, the cavities will be cleaned and filled with the agreed filling material, which you and your dentist will decide upon before the treatment commences. When the filling has been completed it will be allowed to harden for some minutes before being filed into shape until you and your dentist is happy with it.

What is the cost of a dental filling in Hanoi composite to Australia and New Zealand?

Obviously, the price will be affected by the material you choose. In general a white composite filling in Hanoi costs around AUD $35 (US $26; UK £21; EURO €24), compared to $200 (US $152; UK £123; EURO €136) in Australia.

What now?

Find a quality-checked dentist and compare prices.

 Ready to book? See below for ways to arrange your appointment, or talk to Customer Care if you’ve any questions about dental fillings in Hanoi.