Root Canal in Phuket

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Phuket

Root Canals in Phuket Town

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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Problems with root canals occur when the soft pulp inside the tooth become infected, which may lead to an abscess. This is usually he first inkling you will have that anything is wrong, but by this time the abscess is painful, and if not treated could lead to the loss of your tooth.

Root canal treatment should save the tooth. The procedure removes infected tissue and root, cleans the ensuing cavity, and fills it to prevent further infection.

What is involved in the treatment of Root Canals?

The dentist makes a small hole in the top of your tooth to gain access to the nerve in the tooth root. The infected tissue is removed and the debris cleared away. The cavity is cleaned thoroughly and a temporary filling put in place to make sure there is no infection. When you return a few days later, if there are no problems your permanent filling, or crown will be placed.

The procedure isn’t painful and usually performed under a local anesthetic. The after-effects shouldn’t feel any worse than a normal filling.

How long do root canals take in Phuket Town?

A root canal procedure may be carried out in one or two appointments. However, any infections will need to be treated before the root canal procedure begins.

For international patients traveling to Phuket, it is advisable to receive a course of antibiotics from your dentist at home before you travel–and you will need to have been on the course for at least 10 days before the root canal treatment is started.

With the infection clear, the first step involves your dentist in Phuket taking x-rays to assess the damage to your tooth, as well as to ensure there is no infection. The treatment then begins by numbing the area around the tooth with a local anaesthetic and a rubber dam placed over the tooth to prevent bacteria and water getting inside. The root canals will be cleared of any material before ensuing chambers are all thoroughly cleaned and packed with a temporary filling or crown.

When your permanent crown is ready, the temporary filling or crown will be removed and a permanent crown fitted. If your dentist has an in-house lab, your crowned can be milled and fitted the same day.

Why have root canal treatment in Phuket Town?

All too often, people who need root canal treatments often end up losing the tooth – sometimes because they can’t afford the treatment, and more so if they need a crown restoration.

In Phuket Town the cost is considerably less than back home and the savings are more than enough here to justify a holiday.

Root canal procedures should be carried out by a specialist dentist, called an endodontist. On our website you can find out what clinics provide this service and can even check out the dentists and their qualifications. We also have clinic photos and virtual tours, as well as real patient reviews so you can make a decision about whether you think a particular clinic is right for you.

We work closely with our dentists in Phuket Town and we are impressed by the general standards of dental care both here, and throughout Thailand. Dental and medical tourism is a serious business here – and Thailand was one of the pioneers of the industry. It has since set the benchmark globally for quality standards, and you will find that many healthcare facilities here are state-of-the-art and fully equipped with the latest technology.

Thailand was the first country in Asia to receive Joint Commission International accreditation. The organization measures global healthcare standards and only the very best facilities are awarded accreditation.

The standard of healthcare in Thailand, although high already, improves year upon year. Competition between clinics vying for patients ensures that standards continue to get better, while keeping prices low, which ensures more patients keep coming.

What is the cost of root canals in Phuket Town?

In Australia the average price for a root canal is around AUD $1,250; in Phuket Town its around AUD $99. A root canal with post/core and crown may be as much as AUD $2,155 in Australia, or AUD $526 in Phuket Town.

How do I book?

For your root canals in Phuket Town book online with Dental Departures. Alternatively, call our toll-free number or send us an e-mail. Talk to us via our online chat if you have any questions at all – we’re always available to talk. Check-out our exclusive discounts and remember we will always give you the best prices – guaranteed.

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