Veneers in Phuket

The Ultimate Guide to Veneers in Phuket

Dental Veneers in Phuket Town

Get a smile you can be proud of with dental veneers in Phuket Town. One of the simplest procedures for changing the appearance of ugly teeth, find and book a dentist with Dental Departures and save around 70% on your veneers.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are wafer-thin laminates which are fitted to the front of your tooth. Ingeniously, this disguises anything nasty behind and the veneer looks like your own tooth. It is possible to have just one veneer if you have one tooth you are not so happy with, but its also possible to have a row of 4,6 or 8, cunningly creating a brand new smile.

What are the advantages of Dental Veneers?

They are so versatile and effective that it is possible to create a perfect smile that looks as though you have undergone serious and expensive orthodontic work. Of course, it takes years of wearing braces and retainers to really straighten your teeth, but if there are no health issues regarding your bite, say, then dental veneers are a really good cosmetic dentistry solution.

Unlike other cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as crowns, veneers only require a minimal tooth reduction – just a sliver from the front of the tooth. However, the real benefit of dental veneers, is how quickly they can be fitted – and with relatively little discomfort.

How long do dental veneers take in Phuket Town?

Treatment normally takes around 4 days. You will visit your dentist on days 1 and 4 – on the first day to have your teeth prepared to receive the veneers and to have the impressions taken, which are sent to the lab. Day 2 and 3 is when the lab work is taking place, and on Day 4 you will return to your dentist to have the veneers fitted.

What does the procedure for dental veneers in Phuket Town entail?

At your first appointment, the dentist will prepare the tooth by removing a very thin sliver of enamel from the front of the tooth and impressions are taken and sent to the lab. Some people may experience some sensitivity to hot and cold until the new veneer is placed, but it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable.

The veneers will be bonded in place with a light-sensitive resin which hardens using a special light. After this process, the veneers will be strongly fixed in place and will cope with most
Your dental veneers are very strong once fixed in place - and will usually cope with most of the forces exerted on them by a normal diet.

Why have dental veneers in Phuket Town?

As with any medical or dental procedure, it is important to make sure you have researched your dentist and clinic. Unfortunately, there are good and bad dentists anywhere and it pays to be careful. At Dental Departures we have already pre-screened our dentists and clinics, checking their qualifications and visiting the clinics. If we aren’t happy to have treatment there ourselves, we don’t feature them on our website.

We have put together a host of information, from photos and virtual tours and real patient reviews, so you can get a look and feel for a dentist and clinic before you make a decision.

Many people from around the globe travel to Thailand for dental care and the vast majority are exceptionally pleased with the outcome. Dental clinics have the latest dental technologies and are extremely high-tech with excellent standards of hygiene that adhere to international protocols.

Dental veneers are one of the simplest ways to effectively change your smile, without radical treatment. The cost at home may put the procedure out of reach for many, but in Phuket Town, the procedure is much more in reach.

What is the cost of dental veneers in Phuket Town?

At our Phuket Town dentists, the prices will certainly make you smile, starting at $325 per veneer, compared to around $1,200 in Australia.

How do I book?

Book your appointment for with one of our dentists online, via our toll-free number, or drop us an e-mail. Find your Phuket Town dentist on our website, check out reviews, take virtual clinic tours, view photos and discover exclusive discounts. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – we have an online chat facility – if you want to discuss your situation further.

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