Whitening in Split

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Split

Last fact-checked: 2 April 2020

Discover reputable clinics where you can go for teeth whitening in Split, Croatia. If you’re off on holiday, it will only take a couple of hours out to rejuvenate your smile—making you look younger and feel more confident—the perfect way to end a trip away.

Teeth whitening treatment is one of the most effective ways of transforming your look. It’s amazing what a difference a bright, white smile can make—all without having to undergo cosmetic surgery.

A smile can be your most noticeable and attractive feature. So, don’t hide it away—let it shine!

What Does Laser Teeth Whitening Cost in Split Compared to the UK and Eire?

You can make some significant savings on the prices in Split for teeth whitening compared to prices at home, as shown in the table below:


UK £



NZ $

US $

Laser Teeth whitening price – home






Laser Teeth whitening price – Split






Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.

Is Laser Teeth Whitening Suitable for Everyone?

You must have good dental health before you embark upon any teeth whitening treatment. If you have oral health problems, such as active gum disease, or tooth decay, then teeth whitening may cause permanent damage.

Overuse of whitening products is also an issue as it may remove too much of the enamel or damage gums, leaving you with oversensitive teeth.

It’s also important to note that teeth whitening treatments are only effective on external stains. Some tooth discolouration, such as that caused by antibiotic staining , is on the inside of the teeth and won’t be affected by whitening treatments. Under these circumstances, you will not be able to remove the stains, but you can disguise them with dental veneers.

Is Teeth Whitening a Good Treatment to Have on Holiday?

Teeth whitening treatments are a good treatment for dental tourists for a number of reasons:

It’s quick. Laser teeth whitening treatment only takes a couple of hours to carry out—so you can get back to the business of enjoying your holiday straight away.

No Downtime. After treatment, you may experience some tooth sensitivity but that should settle down after a day or two. Otherwise, you should be able to carry on normally with your activities.

You’ll Be Saving Money. It’s always good to have extra coins in your pocket—especially when it’s less than half the price you’d pay at home.

What Is the Procedure for Teeth Whitening?

Laser Teeth Whitening: Your dentist will use a shade chart to measure the exact color and hue of your teeth before and after treatment so you can see exactly how many shades lighter the treatment has made them. You will be given protective goggles to protect your eyes from the laser beam. The dentist will first clean your teeth to remove any tartar (hardened plaque). A rubber dam is placed around the teeth to protect the gums and tongue from the bleaching agents in the whitening gel.

The gel is then spread across the teeth and the laser beam applied to activate the lightening gel. At this point, dependent upon what whitening brand your dentist uses, the steps may differ. Some systems require only one application of which is left on the teeth for 45 minutes, whereas other systems require several applications, each around 15 minutes apart.

Once the final application of the gel and laser has been applied, the dentist cleans your teeth again to ensure all the gel is removed. The shade chart will be used to indicate the new colour of your teeth—which could be up to 14 shades whiter.

At-Home Whitening Kits: At-home whitening kits are also available from the dentist. Although the results aren’t as dramatic as laser teeth whitening, the treatment is a good choice if you want a more subtle result, or if you want to top-up the effects of your laser teeth whitening—without overdoing it, of course!

You’ll need to make two trips to the dentist. During the first visit, the dentist will make impressions which are then sent to a laboratory where made-to-measure trays (which fit over your teeth) are manufactured. When your dentist has received them, you can return to have a demonstration of how to use them and to pick up the whitening gel. You can also get top-ups from your dentist at home.


What About the Quality of Teeth Whitening Treatments in Split?

You can expect to receive excellent quality care from the dentists in Split. Practitioners are well-trained, highly-skilled and provide a range of general and specialist dental services to international patients that are on a par with dental services at home. The clinics listed with Dental Departures are contemporary and equipped with the latest technologies.

Having said that, it is always worth the effort to find a reliable facility, which is why choosing your dentist through Dental Departures is a good decision. Our dentists have already been pre-screened by us and we confirm dentist qualifications and their professional memberships, as well as collecting real patient reviews and carry out clinic visits. Our listings also include prices, location maps and clinic photos so you can easily find the best clinic for you.

Three top clinics in Split for teeth whitening include:

Dental Care Croatia

Dentech, Dental Centar Radovic

Repic Dental Clinic


How Do I Book an Appointment?

Contact Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team for further information or to book an appointment for your teeth whitening in Split. It’s also easy—and free!—or book directly online via any of our clinic’s listing pages. There is never a charge to you for our services.


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