Whitening in Kuta

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Kuta

Laser teeth whitening in Kuta, Bali brightens the smiles of patients coming from around the globe.

Fly to this beach destination to brighten your smile and the same time enjoy a fantastic holiday with your family or friends. Get involved with water activities like surfing and scuba diving, relax on stunning beaches and enjoy the local cuisine. Capture every moment with holiday snaps to show-off your newly whitened teeth.

Please tell me more about teeth whitening.

Laser Teeth Whitening is a treatment that removes stains and discolorations. You can whiten your teeth in various ways, but the safest and most effective is In-office or Laser Teeth Whitening. It’s safe because a trained dentist performs the procedure. The dentist will also protect your gums and soft tissues from the effects of the solution. It’s an extra protective measure you won’t get when you use an over-the-counter product. The dental work is effective because you can see the results immediately after the treatment.

Take note that some stains can’t be removed in just a single visit. Stains are classified as extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic stains are caused by exposure to dark-colored food and drinks, use of tobacco, and routine wear and tear. Intrinsic stains are formed in the inner part of the teeth. They occur because of aging, trauma, exposure to minerals, and excessive intake of fluoride. Some of the stains can be removed easily while others require extra effort.

How will I know if teeth whitening treatment is good for me?

Your dentist will check if this is a good option for you, reviewing your general and oral health as well as examining your teeth and mouth. The treatment is not suitable for the following:

Children below 16 years old
Pregnant or lactating woman
People with periodontal or gum disease
Individuals who have sensitive teeth and allergies

How much is the cost of laser teeth whitening in Kuta, Bali?

Laser teeth whitening in Kuta costs around USD $274.92 (CAD $353.15; AUD $357.81; NZD $373.06; UK £207.70) compared to around USD $500 (CAD $652; AUD $652; NZD $678; UK £382)

What can you say about the clinics in Kuta?

Clinics in Kuta are screened by Dental Departures. Our quality checks include on site visits, verification of dentist qualifications and professional memberships, and collating of online testimonials and real patient reviews. The clinics are modern, clean, and comfortable with hi-tech equipment that delivers superb service. They cater to local and international patients. In order to deliver the best patient care, and the clinics follow international health and safety standards.

How can I find a dentist who performs laser teeth whitening in Kuta, Bali?

Dental Departures will help you find a dentist who performs laser teeth whitening in Kuta, Bali. Begin by browsing our website and look at the clinic photos. Checkout the dentist profiles, read real patient reviews, compare prices, and get special discounts. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service by phone, email, or online chat. We’d be glad to assist you and help you book an appointment with a dentist who offers laser teeth whitening in Kuta.