Whitening in Cancun

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Cancun

Last fact-checked: 20 March 2020

Restore your bright, white smile with laser teeth whitening in Cancun. With prices at around 65% of what you’d pay at home, it makes sense to treat your mouth to a makeover while on vacation. Book with Dental Departures for our best price guarantee.

Professional teeth whitening is one of the simplest and easiest cosmetic dentistry procedures to brighten your smile. A number of different systems are available, and in Cancun, you are guaranteed to save a substantial amount of money compared to the costs in the United States or Canada.

In around two hours you can walk out of the dentist’s office with a dramatically whiter smile. So if you are already vacationing in Cancun (or at least planning to), why not consider having it here as one of your holiday treats? What better way to return home from your trip to Mexico than with a brighter smile that complements your healthy, glowing skin?

Why Have Teeth Whitening in Cancun?

Discolored and stained teeth can really undermine your confidence, so a tooth whitening treatment can do wonders for both your smile and your self-esteem.

Professional tooth whitening treatments can either be carried out with a laser at your dentist's clinic or with gels at home. The various laser systems, including Zoom!® and Brite Smile®, are equally good, although Brite Smile may be better for patients with sensitive teeth.

Our Cancun dentists use the same laser whitening brands available in the US and Canada, so you can be assured you will be receiving the same high-quality treatment that you would at home.

Furthermore, the cost of laser tooth whitening in Cancun is substantially less than it is at home. Plus, if you book via us, our Dental Departures best price guarantee means you will always pay the best price available online.

Cancun is a United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) award-winning resort and is the perfect place to enjoy some well-earned rest and recuperation.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Take in Cancun?

A peroxide gel is used to whiten teeth both with in-surgery laser treatments and professional at-home kits.

Laser Teeth Whitening: Zoom! Whitening uses a specially formulated whitening gel applied to the teeth in three 15-minute applications. Between each application, a laser is applied to the teeth which activates the gel and whitens the teeth.

Brite Smile uses a gel applied to the teeth over a one-hour-long application. The special blue light that is applied to activate the gel emits no heat and so is said to be better for sensitive teeth.

Both systems are highly effective, whitening teeth from between six and 14 shades.

Professional Home Whitening Kits: The results of the professional home whitening kits are generally not as dramatic as laser whitening, although they will lighten them up to a few shades. They can be good for maintaining your white smile at home after laser whitening.

Your dentist will make impressions of your teeth which are sent to the lab for custom-made trays to be made. It takes a couple or three days for the trays to be prepared, after which you take them home and use them in combination with the whitening gel your dentist has given you. The trays are usually worn overnight and you may continue the treatment until you are happy with the results.


What Is the Cost Comparison of Tooth Whitening in Cancun to the US and Canada?

Laser tooth whitening in Cancun is only around $200, compared to around $800 in the United States.

To find prices similar to these, browse three of our leading Cancun dentists below, each of which offers teeth whitening as part of their services.

Ocean Dental

Conscience Digital Dental Clinic

Cancun Dental Specialists

How Do I Book Teeth Whitening in Cancun?

Phone, e-mail or book your appointment with Dental Departures online. We're also available via online chat if you'd like to talk about teeth whitening in Cancun. Find your dentist with us, compare prices, read reviews, view clinic photos and book your quality-checked dentist with confidence.


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