Whitening in Hanoi

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Hanoi

Last fact-checked 14 March 2020

Save around 70% on teeth whitening in Hanoi and come back from holiday with a rejuvenated smile. This painless procedure can really make a difference to your appearance, and with only a couple of hours to complete, it won't take up too much of your valuable holiday time.

Hanoi is less densely populated than many other Southeast Asian cities. Walking around, you will notice a variety of different architectural styles–from colonial buildings, sweeping European boulevards, Chinese pagodas and the ancient old city walls. It is cosmopolitan, and with all the modern-day amenities such as shopping, restaurants, bars and coffee-shops Hanoi has more than enough to keep visitors entertained.

Why Have Teeth Whitening in Hanoi?

There are a variety of different laser teeth whitening systems in use throughout the world. Common systems such as Zoom!® and Brite Smile® may vary in the way treatments performed, but the results they offer are not noticeably different. Dentists in Hanoi have access to exactly the same world-renowned whitening brands and materials your dentist at home uses, so you should have no qualms the treatment you receive here is in any way inferior to the treatment he would receive at home.

For our part, we would not list a clinic on our website unless we were happy to have treatment there ourselves. This is why we run background checks on all of our dentists, looking at criminal and legal records, as well as dentist qualifications and professional memberships. Clinic visits and real patient reviews form part of this process, and we make all this information available freely on our websites so patients can look and make a fully-informed choice about the dentist they want to see.

How Long Do Teeth Whitening Treatments Take in Hanoi?

This depends whether you are having laser teeth whitening at your dentist’s office, or using one of the professional take-home whitening kits. It is worthwhile ensuring that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure and to follow safety tips—even though teeth whitening is a popular procedure it should still be treated with care.

Laser teeth whitening can be completed in a matter of hours. The procedure involves having a bleaching-gel which is activated by a laser applied to your teeth. You will be asked to wear goggles to protect your eyes from the laser and your dentist will ensure that your tongue and other mouth soft tissues are covered so that the gel is only in contact with your teeth.

The gel and laser will be applied three times in total, with around 20 minutes between each one. After the final application, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and all traces of the gel removed. Your brand-new smile will be remarkably different and your dentist is likely to compare the before and after results using a Shade-chart so you can see just how many shades lighter your teeth have become.

Professional home whitening kits allow you to whiten your teeth at home over a course of weeks. Using custom-made trays that fit over your teeth, the gel is applied to the tray, which you wear overnight before removing them and cleaning teeth thoroughly in the morning. The changes are much subtler than in-clinic laser whitening but you will need to visit your dentist twice – once to have impressions for the trays, and the next time to pick them up and find out how to use them effectively.

How Much Can I Save onTeeth Whitening in Hanoi Compared to Australia/New Zealand?

Laser teeth whitening costs in Hanoi are, on average. AUD $225 (US $170; UK £138; EURO €153), compared to $770 (US $585; UK £473; EURO €525) in Australia.

Compare prices at some of our top-rated Hanoi clinics:

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What's Next?

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