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Do you suffer from tooth loss, gum disease, or decay? Have you been considering a full mouth restoration, but been put off by the incredibly high prices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany and the USA? You are not alone.

In 2016, thousands of people left their own countries and travelled abroad in search of affordable dental care. Many of these people found exactly what they were looking for in beautiful Bali. In Bali, you can find high-quality dental care that cost approximately one-third of the price you would pay at home. For a procedure which can easily run into the tens-of-thousands of dollars in your country, such as a full mouth restoration, Bali can save you thousands!

What Is a Full Mouth Restoration?

A full mouth restoration describes a procedure involving any combination of treatments such as fillings, bridges, and crowns, missing teeth replacement, gum reconstruction, teeth whitening, bite correction, braces, retainers, bands, and various oral surgeries. The purpose of a full mouth restoration is to ensure the full functionality of the mouth, jaw, and teeth, in order to maintain a secure level of comfort and good oral health.


Why is a Full Mouth Restoration So Expensive in My Country?

In countries such as Australia, dental care is not covered by Medicare, and thus prices for services are not regulated. Essentially, in Australia, dentists have free reign to charge whatever they please. Fees vary based on location, company overhead, treatments offered, and a multitude of other factors. But there is good news. In Bali, dentists cost up to 70% less than what you are used to paying at home. For this reason, more people are travelling overseas every year to find the affordable care that they need.

Do I Really Need a Full Mouth Restoration?

To answer this question, you will first need to consult with a doctor. In Bali, most clinics offer free consultations, x-rays, and are fluent in English. Together with your physician, you will determine a treatment that is right for you. In Bali, clinics offer a wide range of dental services ranging from simple teeth cleanings and fillings to implant-supported dentures, All-on-6 treatments and full mouth restorations. For almost all available treatments, you should expect to pay about a third of that which you would pay in your own country. With all of the money you are saving, you can fully enjoy your holiday in Bali, bathing in the sun, shopping, and enjoying the culture and cuisine.

How Can I Find a Good Clinic in Bali?

Looking for a clinic or a dentist in Bali? Check out the Sunset Dental Clinic in  Bali. They offer free consultations and digital panoramic x-rays. Talk directly with a doctor to determine the best course of action for you. You can also stop by Bali 911 Dental Clinic. With years of experience catering to foreign patients, and a wide array of services available, you can find the exact treatment that you have been looking for, for prices that don’t take a bite out of your wallet. You can save yourself thousands while enjoying the vacation of a lifetime.

For more information about full mouth restoration, Bali dentists, or clinics, check out our website, or speak with one of our online customer service agents, available 24 hours a day.

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