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If you are in need of an All-on-Six® dental implant , you probably know that it is a very expensive procedure to undertake, which is why people in the US and Canada are looking for a cheap All-on-Six in Puerto Vallarta , among other cities in Mexico.

For a long time, people with failing teeth or empty spaces in their mouth only had the one option: removable dentures. Today, people have greater choice, such as the All-on-Six system, which provides a set of permanent teeth which look and work like your natural teeth held firm on Six implants. With this system, you don’t need adhesives and can smile, eat foods that are difficult with dentures. And you can brush naturally, without the hassle of removing and inserting artificial choppers every day.

Where Can I Undergo an All-on-Six Dental Implant in Puerta Vallarta?

Finding the right clinic in a foreign country can be a difficult task, but thanks to Dental Departures, it doesn’t have to be. The portal includes information about the best dental clinics in Mexico (among other destinations), so you can quickly zoom in on the best clinics offering world class All-on-6 treatment. Here are three clinics listed on our website that should be on your short list:


Clinics such as these help the dental tourism industry thrive, as they connect people looking for affordable cross-border dental services with first-rate care at affordable prices. With Dental Departures, you don’t have to spend endless hours thinking about which clinic you should visit and which one to avoid as we have checked and verified all the clinics listed on our site. You don’t have to fly blind, trusting just the clinics’ websites. Dental Departures gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision: including detailed descriptions, reviews and photos of the clinics. Get all the info here at Dental Departures before deciding which clinic best suits your condition and your budget.

How Much is an All-on-Six in Puerto Vallarta

To get an idea of much you can save, here is a review of average prices in Puerto Vallarta compared to countries in the USA and Canada.

Cost of All-on-Six in the US: USD $30,000

Cost of All-on-Six in Canada: CAD $37,600

Cost of All-on-Six in Puerto Vallarta: USD $11,400

CAD $14,300

This means you can save USD $18,000 or CAD $23,000 by traveling to Puerto Vallarta and undergoing the treatment there instead of at a local clinic. Remember that with an All-on-6 treatment, two visits to the dentist are usually required, but with these savings, you will have more than enough spare to make the journey.

Why is it So Cheap?

The prices are low primarily because it costs much less to establish, staff and operate a dental clinic in Mexico than it does in the US or Canada. Most clinics are modern, have excellent facilities and employ doctors trained in the USA. The only difference is the price.

The Bottom Line

If you need the All-on-Six procedure, don’t be discouraged by the high prices your local dentists have quoted you. With a little smart planning you can easily find the right clinic in Puerto Vallarta, and receive the same dental services at a fraction of the price. And with the money you save, you can even plan a nice holiday or recovery in this world-renowned resort town as well, so you are well-rested and refreshed before you head home.


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