How Safe is Dentistry in Bangkok?


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Dentistry in Bangkok is a safe and reliable proposition for Australians and Kiwis or anyone who is looking for affordable, high-quality dental care. Bangkok is regarded as the pioneer of dental tourism. As such, it has built up a deserved reputation for excellence for the standard of its dental treatments as well as its customer care.


Many of Bangkok’s healthcare facilities are ultra-modern – especially those that welcome international patients. Bangkok was the first city in Asia to be awarded the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and it continues to be a leader in improving its services, and staying ahead of the competition. Now there are more than 30 JCI accredited institutions throughout Thailand, and while it is only usually hospitals that can afford to have accreditation (it takes some $46,000 to go through the joining process), the Bangkok International Dental Centre (BIDC) has become one of the first non-hospital dental clinics to receive accreditation.

Facilities are generally very impressive – the Thai’s try to think of everything when it comes to customer service, and dental clinics go all-out to provide better services. Now you can attend dental clinics that have on-site boutique hotels, banks, restaurants, coffee-shop and spa facilities.


Hygiene standards are excellent – part of the JCI accreditation process requires excellent hygiene protocols. The Thai’s are very proud people and want to reflect their services in the best possible light with clinics being scrupulously clean. Many clinics have certification with the International Standards Organization (ISO) and follow international protocols as part of their commitment to providing quality services.


State-of-the-art clinics are equipped with the latest technology. Digital x-ray and imaging equipment as well as computer-aided diagnostic and therapeutic instrumentation is the rule rather than the exception. You are far more likely to find your dentist in Bangkok has more up-to-date technology than your dentist at home.


Dentistry in Bangkok is not less expensive because inferior materials are used. High-quality materials available throughout the world are just as obtainable in Bangkok and the same big-name brands such as Zoom! or Brite Smile laser teeth whitening or Lumineers dental veneers 

There is really no need to worry about whether dentistry in Bangkok is safe, as generally it is if you go to a reliable and background-checked dentist. Dental Departures helps you find quality-checked dentists in Bangkok with an easy-to-use website. Our verified dentists have been visited by us and their qualifications corroborated so you can feel at ease that you will be receiving a high standard of care that is affordable and safe.

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