Dental Hygiene Standards in Los Algodones, Mexico


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Prospective patients are right to consider hygiene standards if they are thinking about dentistry in Algodones, or anywhere else for that matter, as they can and inevitably do differ throughout the world. 

While it may seem counterintuitive not to have one internationally-recognized quality standard for clinics in this globalized world, there are recommendations and guidelines in place that are issued on a country-to-country basis.

Dental Departures Carries Out Quality Checks - So You Don't Have to

In the absence of a single international standard, it is often left up to patients to find out what measures certain clinics have in place for hygiene and other safety standards. Admittedly, this is not always possible to assess when you are in another country - and something which Dental Departures is patently aware of.

For this reason, Dental Departures makes it their business to visit every one of its verified clinics to ensure they conform to the standards expected for anyone visiting from developed nations.

This includes checking basic hygiene requirements such as the guidelines issued by OSAP (the Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention) and the International Standards Organization (ISO)

OSAP recommends dental clinics should be compliant with basic infection control and safety standards. By seeking to prevent the transmission of disease-causing organisms, effective infection control should:

  • Reduce such numbers through cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of instruments and surfaces
  • Prevent exposure to contaminants by using barriers such as gloves, masks, protective eyewear and gowns, or by covering surfaces to prevent contamination
  • Improve disease resistance through the proper use of antibiotics and vaccinations

There are also a number of different accreditation schemes that we take into consideration, including the Joint Commission International (JCI)

High Overall Standards of Hygiene in Los Algodones

Fortunately, dentistry in Algodones is of a very high overall standard.

Many dentists are members of the Mexican or American Dental Association, which issues its own guidelines by which its members are governed, and many more clinics are becoming ISO certificated, which increasingly is used as a benchmark of quality in the delivery of services, which includes safety aspects.

Basic Standards in Dentistry: What to Look for

For patients wondering what the basic standards to look out for are, here is a brief overview of the minimum standards your dentist should be practicing

  • Autoclaving or dry heat sterilizers should be used for sterilizing all metal surgical instruments. After sterilization, the instruments should be stored in sterile conditions until use.
  • Any instruments that cannot tolerate high temperatures should be soaked in disinfectant after cleaning, and any that have been in contact with blood must be wiped clean before soaking with disinfectant.
  • Equipment, such as disposable injection needles are used instead of reusable needles, which are considered to pose a high risk of spreading bloodborne viruses.
  • Water that is unsafe to drink is unsuitable for dental treatment and bottled sterile water, or boiled water should be used.
  • Work surfaces should be regularly cleaned with anti-bacterial sprays.
  • Dentists and ancillary staff should wear disposable latex gloves, which should be changed for each new patient.
  • Strict handwashing is enforced throughout the entire dental facility; handwashing is considered the single most important element in reducing the spread of infection in medical settings, especially with antibacterial soap. 

The Bottom Line

Dental Departures recognizes it has to be the eyes and ears of its patients. We maintain that we do not recommend clinics unless we are happy to go there ourselves, and this is taking into consideration every aspect of their services, including hygiene standards.

We know that dentistry in Algodones with our verified dentists is as safe as anywhere else in the world and patients are assured of comparable standards of hygiene and safety to their dental care experience at home.

Start your search today for quality dentists in Algodones or connect with our Customer Care Team for more information. 


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