Professional Teeth Cleaning in Mexico? Is it Worth it?


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Dental maintenance is a necessity in life; it’s considered much, much more beneficial for you to prevent dental diseases from occurring in the first place - rather than having to cure them further down the road. 

One essential part of maintaining a healthy smile is regular teeth cleaning - and we're not talking about the type you do yourself at home with a toothbrush...

With professional, deep teeth cleaning in Mexico, you can save on the price back home while enjoying some time away. So, if you live near enough, why not make the trip to the border with the whole family, or arrange to visit a dentist in Mexico when you’re on vacation?

Why Is Professional teeth Cleaning So Important?

Teeth cleaning removes the build of tartar and plaque on our teeth.

This is done by scraping tartar and plaque from the surface of our teeth, especially in places where our toothbrushes can’t reach, like the back molars.

Teeth cleaning prevents diseases for our teeth as well as tooth loss and infections. The effect of the procedure is evident with the decrease of unappealing stains on our teeth.

How Much Does Teeth Cleaning Cost in Mexico Compared to Back Home?

The table below shows the average rates of teeth cleaning procedures:


























[Please note that these are estimated prices at the time of writing. See our individual clinic listings for latest prices.]


Why Mexico?

Mexico is the ideal place for North Americans when it comes to finding affordable dental care away from home. With the affordable rates and quality clinics, Mexico is a top contender on the list of global dental tourist destinations.

Plus, the myriad of tourist spots adds to the allure of traveling abroad for dental care. For instance, you have the beaches by the Caribbean sea, the historic and cultural monuments in their cities and the old ruins of the ancient civilizations.

Top dental destinations in Mexico include:

Dental Departures' Recommend Clinics for Teeth Cleaning in Mexico

  • Clinica de Ortodoncia & Estetica Dental gives you high-quality care and dental service with their contemporary conditioning of their clinics. With a team of dental experts, in Clinica de Ortodoncia & Estetica Dental you are in more than capable hands.
  • Sani Dental Group provides top-quality dental care for you and your family in their highly-innovative clinic. Housing state-of-the-art facilities and employing the most knowledgeable of dentists, Sani Dental Group will make sure the work for your smile is worth your while.
  • Sani Dental Group – Platinum offers quality dental care for the most affordable prices. Sporting contemporary, minimalist themes, the sophistication of their clinic complements the quality of the results of your dental procedure, which is exquisite and of high-quality.

The Bottom Line

With the teeth cleaning price in Mexico, you’ll save your teeth from decay and keep your wallet balance healthier. The bottom line is: it is worth getting your teeth professionally cleaned while in Mexico, especially if you're planning a vacation or live close to the border.

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