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Americans and Canadians have historically been frequent visitors to Mexico’s colorful, bustling border towns seeking huge savings on medical and dental treatment.

However, for all the millions of supporters of dental and medical tourism in Mexico, there are always individuals (and competitors!) citing horror stories of out-dated dental technologies, inadequate training and lack of cleanliness as reasons not to undergo dental treatment in Mexico.

A quick search online reveals plenty of opinion on the perceived lack of safety of dentistry in Mexico; in this article, we tell you how it really is - and why you shouldn't have any apprehensions when booking through Dental Departures. 

High Standards Ensure Safety of Mexican Dentistry

While these suspicions may have some truth rooted in the dim and distant past, modern dentistry in Mexico has come a long way over the past couple of decades. Border towns continue to grow and profit as a result of catering to ever-increasing numbers of international patients.

With more dentists needed to meet increased demand, competition is high. This has resulted in improved standards as clinics seek to provide the best services to their international clientele.

In Los Algodones, for example, where the sheer number of dental offices has earned it the moniker of "Dental Capital of the World," many of the new clinics can give any US dentist office a run for their money.

A walk through downtown Algodones’ dusty streets reveals a proliferation of dental clinics. To the uninitiated, their unremarkable, sometimes garish exteriors would seem to confirm the service inside is cheap and not-so cheerful. However, step inside one of these air-conditioned buildings and you will find a functioning full-service dental clinic, outfitted with the latest instrumentation and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

Although it is no longer rare to find a dental clinic in a border town offering a professional service with expertly-trained staff and modern equipment, finding out whether a dentist is suitably qualified or what safety measures a clinic upholds can still be a somewhat hit-and-miss affair.

This is where Dental Departures' screening checks come into play, which streamlines this whole process of finding a trustworthy dentist considerably.

The American Dental Association, although not upholding an official stance on dental tourism, recommends a checklist of things to consider, including safety standards and training, when traveling abroad for dental treatment.

Dental Departures' Commitment to all Aspects of Safety

Dental Departures' expertise can be a great help to anyone wanting to travel to Mexico for their dental treatment. Working closely with our dentists and clinics, our background checks verify and identify:

  • Sterilization techniques and protocols, such as those set out by the International Organization for Standardization
  • Memberships and affiliations with professional organizations
  • Malpractice or criminal charges
  • Dental licenses
  • Dentist qualifications and experience

Dental Training in Mexico

Contrary to what some believe, dentists in Mexico do undertake rigorous training.

While certification is not mandatory, most reputable dentists do have certification with the Mexican Dental Association, with many also opting to have certification with the American Dental Association, too.

The Mexican Dental Association, like its American counterpart, ensures its members undergo continuous training, with re-certification every five years. 

The Dental Departures site allows you to see dentist profiles, including their qualifications and memberships, all of which you can review before booking.

Finding Trustworthy Clinics with Dental Departures

All Dental Departures' partner dentists are certified, ensuring they are kept up-to-date with the latest treatments and technologies, which guarantee our dentists in Mexico offer expert dentistry on par with anywhere else in the world.

However, our checks don't just end there. We personally visit all our clinics, observing their systems and ensuring that they meet strict standards with all aspects of dental care, including safety and cleanliness.

We examine our dental clinics’ levels of compliance with safety measures and infection control. Basic hygiene is important in seeking to prevent the transmission of disease-causing organisms; thus, common-sense precautions, such as equipment sterilization and the use of disposable latex gloves go a long way toward maintaining good safety standards.

Although you will find no simple rules in deciding whether a particular Mexican dentist is right for you, Dental Departures can help dispel the myths that dentistry in Mexico is unreliable. Our partner clinics are modern; the dentists we work with are highly qualified and our strict hygiene standards ensure that your visit to a Mexico dentist will not only be affordable, but safe.

We have helped hundreds of thousands of patients obtain quality care abroad, and, with only a tiny percentage experiencing any problems, we will continue to ensure that our dentists maintain their high standards.

Contacting Dental Departures

If you have any questions about dental tourism in Mexico or would like to find out how we can facilitate your trip to any of the clinics listed on our site, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team. They can be reached 24 hours a day, free of charge. 

Or if you are ready to book your appointment you can do so right here any time of the day or night.


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