Top new dental technologies used by dentists abroad

2011-06-24 06:13:22 by Rossarin Phinyowan

A popular misconception abounds that dentists abroad use cheap, old, and outdated materials and technology for their treatments.  This is just not the case. I spent several months this last year travelling throughout Europe and Central America interviewing dentists and touring the clinics.  Below are just some of the exciting new technologies that can make your visit to the dentist faster and more comfortable.

IntralOral Cameras
The IntraOral camera is a SonicCare toothbrush sized video camera that the dentist can place into your mouth for use in diagnoses.  The image or video from the camera can then be displayed on a chair-side video screen, allowing the dentist to show you in great detail any dental issues that you may have and how he is planning to treat them.

HealOzone Technology
With this technology, ozone gas is applied to the enamel of the tooth at a potential cavity site, to an existing cavity or to the site of a root canal.  In the case of a pre-cavity site, the ozone completely destroys any bacteria that can cause further tooth decay.  In the case of existing cavities or a root canal site, the ozone gas sterilizes the site so that when the cap or filling is placed, no bacteria infect the treated area.  This technology can ensure that your teeth last longer and remain healthier.

Laser Dentistry
Laser dentistry can be an extremely precise way to perform all kinds of dental procedures, from teeth cleaning, to early detection of cavities, and the removal of cavities.  Lasers can also be used to whiten your teeth or even eradicate hot/cold tooth sensitivity.  The possibilities are endless, and more dentists every year are turning to laser dentistry.  Often, healing time is much faster for laser dental procedures, and there is less pain and need for stitches.  Never hear the sound of the dentist’s drill again!

Digital Panoramic X-Rays
Dentists can now take your x-rays and immediately load them into an office wide computer system.  They can email you copies, and provide you with instantaneous diagnoses.  These x-ray machines can cut down the time you need to spend in the dentist’s chair.  Also, if you have x-rays done at home, you can now send them by email to dentists around the world for an accurate price quote!

3D Computed Tomography (CT) Cone Beam Scanners
Three-dimensional CT scanners are widely used and prescribed for multiple dental treatments.  With this technology, your dentist can see a 3D picture of your skull and jaw, allowing him to make extremely accurate diagnoses and treatment plans without performing surgery or excessive testing.  This technology is extremely useful for planning orthodontics and dental implants.

CAD Cam System
The CAD/CAM system (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) allows for your dentist to quickly, and cheaply make your dental crowns and bridges.  Prior to this technology, all dental crowns and bridges were hand-forged, which is an expensive and time-consuming process.  Also, the quality of the dental lab technician would often determine how good your dental work looked.  Now, the CAD/CAM system can create very high quality prosthetics for you very quickly, saving you time and money when you travel.

Zirconia Crowns
Zirconia is a type of ceramic that is now used to make the most realistic and beautiful crowns and bridges on the market.  It is extremely strong, and can be constructed to be more translucent or opaque, to exactly match the color of your current teeth.  Also, zirconia crowns do now show a dark line near the gum, as old porcelain fused to metal crowns did.  With zirconia crowns, you can have the most natural, beautiful, and longest lasting smile possible.

These are just some of the new materials and technologies that dentists abroad are using today to treat their patients.  To find an excellent quality global dentist, visit Dental Departures. Compare prices, photos, and real patient reviews from over 650 dentists in 17 countries worldwide.  Get an instant quote, speak with the dentists, and make an appointment – all online.

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