Dentists in Marbella

The Ultimate Guide to Dentists in Marbella

Last fact-checked: 17 February 2021

Marbella may well be the playground of the rich and famous but dental tourists can still pick up a bargain by visiting one of our dentists in Marbella.

This popular destination on Spain’s Costa del Sol provides the perfect location for a dental holiday, particularly for visitors from the UK and Ireland, who travel there for the sun-soaked weather, the attractions and English-speaking dentists.

Marbella–In Brief

This resort city forms a part of the Andalusian region and offers miles of sandy beaches overlooking the Mediterranean, with a backdrop of the Sierra Blanca Mountains. It is Spain’s answer to St. Tropez or Monte Carlo, and a favourite haunt of the wealthy whose luxury yachts can be spotted at the swanky Puerto Banus Marina, just west of the city centre.

Formerly known as Salduba, Marbella was once a quiet fishing village until the opening of the upmarket hotel, the Marbella Club, in the 1950’s. This was followed by a period of rapid development in the city centre and along the beach, which garnered Marbella’s reputation as a place to be seen in by the jet-set.

The Old Quarter of the town exhibits a combination of architectural styles, featuring Moorish, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture, while its narrow streets, tree-filled squares and whitewashed buildings are still reminiscent of the grandeur of Old Spain.

While Marbella’s nightlife and shopping are world-renowned, a rich cultural heritage endures, with monuments, museums and art galleries (some featuring Picasso and Miro) to discover as well as a varied cuisine. The weather in this part of the country lends itself to the great outdoors, with endless recreational pursuits to enjoy, from a simple stroll in one of the city’s peaceful parks to horse riding in the Sierra de Las Nieves to golfing at one of the area’s numerous courses.

The well-developed tourism services in the area offer a great location for dental tourists, whether you are going specifically for dental treatment, or incorporating your treatment into a holiday or post-treatment recuperation.

Why Visit a Dentist in Marbella?

  • For Brits and Irish it is easily accessible, with low-cost airlines offering flights from a variety of locations throughout both countries. Malaga is the nearest airport, around a 40-minute drive away. Other options include Granada, about two hours away, or Jerez at around three hours distant.

  • The Mediterranean region is popular, thanks to the good weather and miles of beaches. Add to that the Pueblos Blancos in the mountains, as well as other attractive villages and town within driving distance and it makes for a fantastic holiday location.

  • Dentists in Spain operate on a private basis, and so there is competition to attract patients, which generally means services are of a good standard and prices competitive. As Spain is in the European Union, Europe-wide directives on health and safety are adhered to.

  • Clinics treating international patients are often modern and high-tech, equipped with the latest technologies, including 3D scanning and CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture) for same-day prosthodontics like crowns and veneers.

  • Compared to private dental care in other countries, Spain is a lot cheaper: British and Irish patients can save between 50 and 80% on their dental treatments.

How Much Can I Save in Marbella Compared to the UK or Ireland? 

Marbella dentist costs for popular treatments compared to your home country are outlined in the table below:


UK Price (£)

Marbella Price


Ireland Price (€)

Marbella Price



All-on-4® treatment concept




































Root Canal













Where to Stay in Marbella?

You are spoilt for choice for accommodation options in Marbella , with hotels, apartments and villas all in plentiful supply. Where to stay goes depends on your preferences and budget; you are bound to find something to suit.

If money is no object, you will be presented with an embarrassment of riches, mainly on the beach, although further inland you are apt to find more space and privacy. The strip known as the “Golden Mile,” between Marbella and Puerto Banus, offer most exclusive lodgings. These prime, beachfront properties have their own beach clubs with day beds for relaxing in the sunshine and at night are fashionable hangouts for the cocktail crowd. 

Otherwise, the Old Town has lovely boutique hotels and apartments, cheaper and perhaps more colourful and filled with character than the beachfront, plus there are scores of other options in and around town. Airbnb is no stranger to Marbella; you can find great deals on 2+ bedroom apartments on the coast or further inland.

What about Safety in Marbella?

Politically, Spain is relatively stable. While the world has witnessed recent political unrest in the Catalonia Region of Spain, Marbella is some distance away and remains unaffected. Like any other luxury tourism destination in the world, opportunist thieves will always be present in public places. If you are on holiday, you still need to keep your wits about you. Don’t leave bags open or unattended, and make sure your valuables are safely hidden away.

Is the Quality of Dental Care in Marbella Comparable to Back Home?

The quality of dental care in Spain is just as good as it is at home. As dental care in Spain is private, rather than publicly-funded, clinics have to deliver good-quality or patients will just go elsewhere. Likewise, Spanish clinics offering services to an international clientele are motivated to offer high clinical standards and customer service.

We always advise that you do your research before you choose a dental clinic abroad. If you know someone that goes to Marbella then do ask them if they have any recommendations. However, for the majority of us, recommendations may be few and far between.

This is why Dental Departures can prove invaluable. We do our own background checks, so you are assured that all of the verified clinics on our site are up to standard. Our listings include dentist qualifications and professional memberships, as well as clinic photos, prices and patient reviews. This makes it easy for you to make an informed choice and easily compare clinics.

Some of our top clinics in Marbella include:

What Happens if Something Goes Wrong? Is my Dental Care Guaranteed?

The clinics listed with Dental Departures all offer guarantees or warranties, for the treatment provided, as well as any lab work, for example on dentures, crowns or veneers. Although it is a rare occurrence for anything to go wrong, we will work with you and your dentist to ensure the problem is put right.

If you wish to be totally at ease, you can take out medical complications insurance that will cover your travel and accommodation expenses should there be a problem with your dental care and you need to return to Marbella.


Do Dentists in Marbella Speak English?

Marbella is very much a cosmopolitan, international destination and so you are likely to hear lots of other languages besides Spanish. Although English isn’t spoken everywhere in Spain, most of the major tourist areas do, as do all our listed dentists who welcome international patients. 

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

Mastercard and Visa debit cards and popular credit cards are accepted in most of our dental clinics. Many accept bank traveller cheques and bank transfers. You can check each clinic listing for their full list of payment methods accepted.

When is the Best Time to Visit a Marbella Dentist?

Marbella is a year-round destination and our dental clinics are open throughout. Accommodation and airfares are cheaper if you go out-of-season so you can save even more if you travel during off-peak seasons. July and August are peak times—and that’s also when the weather is hottest. However, May, June and September’s weather is still hot and sunny enough for the beaches.

Be aware that there are many fiestas and public holidays throughout Spain when many businesses close—so double-check your dates before booking.

What Else is Going On in Marbella?

While Marbella’s beaches, the Old Town and shopping usually keeps most visitors happy, the more adventurous will find lots of other things to see and do around the area. Some, like Puerto Banus, are within walking distance or a short taxi ride. If you enjoy watching the world go by and celeb-spotting then a trip to Puerto Banus is a must. You will find no shortage of bars and restaurants overlooking the huge yachts on the marina, and plenty of designer shops to browse. An of course, Marbella offers a vibrant and famed nightlife.

For something a little different, the Guadalmina River is nearby, offering some fun outdoor activities. Natural waterfalls have created gorges ideal for canyoning, water sliding, swimming or just walking alongside. A little further up the mountains, and around a two-hour drive, is the Rio Genil where you can pump the adrenaline up a little more with white water rafting. And if you are in mind to hire a car, you can explore some of the other stunning historical towns, sites and landscapes around Andalucia.

The Alhambra Grenada is a stunning Moorish fortress built on Roman fortifications and the cities of Jerez, Cadiz and Seville are also worth a drive to if you want to see the magnificence of Old Spain. Spain offers so much more than beautiful coastlines, and while some of them have been rather built up with modern developments, you don’t have to go too far to see some truly astounding architecture.

In short, Marbella is a great location to visit as a dental tourist, whether you want to stay put for the duration of your stay, or discover new places to explore. 

Traveling to Marbella

The nearest airport to Marbella is the Malaga-Cost Del Airport. One of the busiest in Spain, it receives multiple daily flights from around the British Isles and Ireland.

Visa Information

European Economic Community (EEC) nationals can enter and stay in Spain without a visa for as long as they like. Nationals from other countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand do not need a visa for stays in Spain of less than 90 days.

Getting Around Marbella

Walking: Getting around on foot is a good way of finding your bearings, keeping fit and discovering things that you may ordinarily miss if you are whizzing past in a car. Marbella is no different and there are also plenty of hiking and walking routes in the countryside surrounding the town.

Bike: You will find plenty of places for hiring a bike, whether mountain, road or city bikes – and some companies will deliver to your hotel.

Horse and Carriage: A traditional and popular way of getting around town and seeing the sights. They are eco-friendly, the horses are well cared for and you can pick them up on many of Marbella’s street corners.

Bus: Local bus services connect to nearby towns, including Puerto Banus, as well as the airport in Malaga, and even Madrid.

Taxi: You can find taxi ranks throughout Marbella, but you can also hail a passing taxi.

Boat: Daily cruises between Marbella and Puerto Banus take 30 minutes on the Fly Blue Catamaran.

Train: If you are travelling a fair distance then the trains are efficient and modern, but you will have to go to Malaga for your connection.

Distance from Marbella to Other Local Tourist Destinations

  • Puerto Banus, 6 miles (10 km)

  • Estepona, 19 miles (32 km)

  • Malaga, 37 miles (60 km)

  • Ronda, 38 miles (62 km)

  • Jerez, 106 miles (171 km)

  • Cadiz, 109 miles (177 km)

How Do I Get Started?

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