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The Ultimate Guide to Dentists in Karon

Last fact-checked: 7 March 2020

Choose and book a dentist in Karon Beach, Phuket with Dental Departures. We’ll help you find a reliable dentist so you can make the most of your dental holiday.

Thailand’s Phuket is a renowned holiday destination, famous for its sandy beaches, turquoise waters and frenetic nightlife. Karon Beach certainly features the former two of these: a long, gently-curving sweeping stretch of sand, dotted with small sand dunes, a few palm trees and fringed by inviting crystal waters. However, it is a fairly peaceful place, devoid of the commercialization found in nearby Patong.

The main area of the beach features a paved promenade with streetlights. In the low-season everywhere is pretty-much shut by midnight; entertainment-seekers beyond this will have to head to nearby Kata. For a peaceful, relaxing holiday without a party atmosphere, this is the place to be.

Karon consists of three main areas – Aroona Plaza to the north, featuring the beach promenade, a few bars, restaurants, handicraft shops and a hotel built in the Sino-Portuguese architecture of Old Phuket. The central part is pretty much taken up by the grounds of the Hilton Phuket Arcadia and the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort.

South of here is Karon Plaza where you will find more restaurants, bars and guesthouses. Exploring some of the side sois (streets) may bring you out into some interesting places, including a small art community featuring a complex of huts, galleries and bars that some Thai painters have built and are where they work and live.

Karon is great for unwinding–its beautiful long beach, bazaars, restaurants and low-key nightlife make for a relaxing ambiance and just the thing for a bit of TLC after your dental treatment. 

Where Is Karon Beach?

Karon Beach is located in the south-west of Phuket, around five miles (eight kilometers) south of Patong–near enough to visit if you want to experience some raucous nightlife, but far enough away to avoid it completely. 

Why Karon Beach?

Karon Beach may not be as commercial as some other areas in Phuket, but that doesn’t mean that its facilities are in any way inferior. In common with most dental clinics in Thailand that treat overseas patients, Karon’s clinics are as highly-equipped–and its staff as well-qualified–as any other recognised dental tourism destinations.

As a beach holiday destination, Karon Beach ticks all the boxes for a laid-back and restful vacation–and is the ideal place to recuperate from dental treatment. As well as great prices on accommodation, dental treatment costs are one of the main reasons for having your dental care here, and more Aussies than ever are taking advantage of the lower prices and heading overseas. Depending on the nature of your treatment, you can save up to 75% on your dental care at clinics like the Phuket Dental Home (Karon Beach):


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Where to Stay in Karon Beach

You will discover accommodation options in Karon Beach to suit all budgets and tastes. From luxury resort hotels to modest backpacker hostels you will find the perfect place to stay during your time here.

Is it Safe? 

Thailand is very safe for tourists, and Karon Beach is no exception. Crime is generally low, and most crimes against tourists are from opportunistic thieves–so do take care of your possessions.

Tourists are far more likely to be injured when taking part in activities; it is advisable to be extra careful on motorcycles and to be aware of jet-skiers if you are swimming in the sea. 

The rip-tides around Phuket can be dangerous, especially at certain times of the year, and it is advisable to stick to the designated swimming zones. 

Is the Quality of Dental Care the Same as Back Home? 

From simple check-ups, fillings and teeth cleaning to more complex procedures, including bone grafts, the dentists in Karon have the necessary skills and expertise to provide you with excellent dental care. Clinic facilities are well-equipped with the latest technologies and innovations, such as CAD/CAM dentistry, where same-day crowns and veneers are possible while you wait. 

Many of our patients remark that the quality of care they receive in Thailand exceeds that at home. Of course, there are good and bad dentists everywhere, but there are things to consider if you are going abroad for dental tourism. The key to getting good treatment is in finding a quality dentist, which is why finding and booking your dentist with Dental Departures makes sense. We have already pre-screened our clinics, checked and verified our dentists’ qualifications and taken the guesswork out of finding a reliable dental office.

This information is freely available on our website, along with high-resolution photos, virtual tours, and real patient reviews–so you can get a good overall picture of your chosen dentist before you even get there.

What Happens if Something Goes Wrong? Do Karon Beach Dentists have Warranties or Guarantees?

Yes–all dentists in Thailand have guarantees and warranties–not only on the procedures they carry out but also on any lab work on prosthodontics, such as dentures, crowns and veneers.

The nature of the human body is that sometimes problems can and do occur, even if all proper procedures have been followed. They are rare occurrences, but should you experience any problems we will help ensure you get it sorted out.

We also offer insurance for medical complications with a number of providers, giving you total peace of mind if you are at all worried about such eventualities. 

Do Dentists Speak English?

Karon Beach is a popular tourist destination for Westerners and English is spoken widely. Our dentists throughout Phuket are accustomed to treating overseas patients and have a good command of the English language, so you will have no problems talking to, or understanding, your dentist.

What Payment Methods are Accepted in Karon Beach?

Cash is accepted everywhere, and most of our dental clinics take debit, credit cards, and bank transfers. You will need to check specifically at your chosen clinic as to what are their preferred methods of payment; this information is on the summary section of each clinic’s description on our website.

When is the Best Time to Visit a Dentist in Karon Beach? 

Phuket is hot all year round, but April-May and September-October are the hottest. September to October is also the monsoon season, but even then it is rare to have consecutive days of heavy rain. Peak season is between December and March, when it is cooler. Even during peak season, the beach is so long that it rarely feels crowded.

You can visit a dentist at a time suitable for you; they are open all year round.

Is It Handicapped Accessible?

Some areas may prove difficult in a wheelchair but there are plenty of wheelchair-friendly hotels and resorts that are not based too far away from the shops and other amenities. The north of Karon Beach, around Aroona Plaza and promenade, is reasonably accessible by wheelchair.

What's the Downside? What Should I Know about Visiting Karon?

Karon Beach is a picture-postcard tropical beach which is long and wide so you’re not going to feel crowded. At around 4km long, the area is not as compact as some may think, and while walking the length is fine, you may find you have to resort to taxis to get around a little more than you thought.

Beach vendors may be a problem for some who prefer not to be bothered at all, but a polite ‘no thanks’ will see them on their way. However, for others they are a godsend who save you having to get up to get drinks, ice-creams and random items that you wouldn’t even have thought about buying. 

What Else Is There in Karon Beach?

Most of Karon Beach’s activities are centered around the beach, but because it is so long you will be able to find a spot that is deserted. The north end, in front of the lake, is a good place to go if you want the beach to yourself. 

Water sports enthusiasts will not be disappointed and there are jet-ski and parasailing operators walking the length and breadth of the beach looking for customers. Water skiing, wakeboarding and windsurfing are also popular activities, as well as the banana boat and sea kayaks. Karon Beach is very open to the elements and is not so popular with surfers as shifting sandbanks makes it an unreliable location.

You may be lucky enough to see sea turtles, occasional nocturnal visitors laying their eggs in the sand – and its best to let your hotel know if you do see any so they can contact the Phuket Marine Biological Centre who will move the eggs to a place of safety to incubate them.

Other attractions include Karon Temple, which is at the center of local activities, hosting night markets several times a week. Also of note is the Dino Park Mini Golf, best explored at night to view the high-tech effects.

Further attractions nearby include Kata Beach and Patong Beach, which offer a livelier nightlife if you fancy a walk on the wilder side.

Traveling to Karon Beach

Both international and domestic flights land at Phuket. It’s around 50 kms/30 miles to Karon Beach by road. There are taxis or buses from the airport, or you can hire a car.

Distances from Karon Beach to Notable Destinations in the Area

• Karon Beach to Kata Beach 2 miles (4km) 8 mins
• Karon Beach to Patong Beach 3 miles (5km) 10 mins
• Karon Beach to Phuket Town 11 miles (18 km) 33 mins
• Karon Beach to Phuket International Airport 24 miles (40 km) 50 mins

Further Information: 

It’s easy to book one of our great dentists in Karon Beach—call Dental Departures' Customer Care Team toll-free or book online. Take virtual tours, view clinic photos, read real patient reviews and discover our exclusive discounts. Book with Dental Departures for quality-checked dentists, at the best prices around–guaranteed.

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