Dentists in Cuernavaca

The Ultimate Guide to Dentists in Cuernavaca

Last fact-checked: 24 February 2020

Visit one of our affordable dentists in Cuernavaca, the City of Eternal Spring, and experience top-quality dental care in a location frequented by the rich and famous.

An upmarket destination, it’s only 45 minutes south of Mexico City, but its location on the southern slope of the Chichinautzin mountains means temperatures are fairly constant in the 70s (F), so it seldom gets too hot.

Cuernavaca is derived from a phrase meaning ‘surrounded by trees,’ and its verdant countryside has long been a popular retreat for people from Mexico City to escape the heat, crowds and pollution. Within commuting distance of the Capital, it is a highly desirable place to live and has attracted royalty, nobles and the well-off since Aztec times.

The history of Cuernavaca is fascinating. You can learn more at one of the oldest colonial buildings in the city, the Palace of Cortes, where the Cauhnahuac Museum is now housed preserving the state’s history dating from pre-Hispanic times to the Agrarian revolution. The historic center includes notable architecture, including the UNESCO, listed Cathedral, one of the 14 monasteries listed on the slopes of Popocatepetl; well-kept squares that are the hub of city life with a myriad of restaurants, cafes and bars and tranquil gardens providing options to watch the world go by.

While Cuernavaca is steeped in history, the city also offers 21st-century services, amenities and pursuits which blend seamlessly with its ancient past. Patients visiting for dental care will find medical and dental facilities in Cuernavaca to be considerably less expensive than in the United States and Canada, but with no concession on the quality of treatment.

Where Is Cuernavaca?

Cuernavaca is in the state of Morelos, central Mexico, around 54 miles (90 kilometers) south of Mexico City.

Why Visit a Dentist in Cuernavaca?

While Mexico’s beaches are a big draw to most, we know that fun 'n sun holidays aren’t necessarily for everyone, particularly dental travelers seeking complex treatment. Cuernavaca offers a fantastic alternative and there is a multitude of fast and slow-paced activities to entertain all tastes and abilities. From a cultural perspective, the art galleries and museums are absorbing, but Cuernavaca's surrounding green countryside, mountains, lakes and woods provide ample opportunities for sampling the great outdoors with both high and low-octane pastimes.

As a dental patient, depending on the nature of your treatment, you may not feel up to doing much–or you may be raring for some adventure. In Cuernavaca, you will be able to participate in as much, or as little as you want.

Cuernavaca is blessed with state-of-the-art medical and dental facilities, and you will feel very comfortable with the expertise and knowledge on offer. From a simple check-up or teeth cleaning to complex dental implants or bone graft procedures the best dentists in Cuernavaca provide high-quality services.

Booking a dental appointment through Dental Departures provides a safeguard on the standard of care you receive. Our verified dentists in Mexico are quality-checked–so you can rest assured that they have the qualifications and training to deliver a worthy service.

Our quality-control checks also look for legal issues such as malpractice claims, or complaints to regional dental associations, and we visit our clinics personally to make sure we would be happy to have our own dental care there.

We understand it is important for patients traveling abroad to have as much information about their dentist, clinic and the destination to make that important decision about their overseas treatment. Dental care is scary enough, without having to worry about the quality of it.

Those patients who do overcome their anxieties and take the plunge to have their dental care in Cuernavaca are usually overjoyed with the results, and even more so because of the savings they make. The typical savings you can enjoy on dental treatment are:


US Price ($)

Cuernavaca Price ($)

Canada Price (CAD $)

Cuernavaca Price (CAD $)


All on 4




































Root Canal












Take a look at some of our top-rated dental clinics in Cuernavaca to see how much you can save:

Bokanova Dental Center
Clinica Dental Ponce
Oral Design Mexico

Palacio de Cortex, Cuernavaca

(Image by Miki-Plebs)

Where to Stay

Cuernavaca’s accommodation options are varied and reasonably priced. You can book into a 5* luxury spa hotel from just over a hundred dollars per night with budget hotels from around $30 a night. Depending on the nature of your procedure many of our dentists also have arrangements with local hotels for free or discounted accommodation. Please enquire for further details.

Is it Safe?

Yes. If you are one of the majority of people who do not get involved in trouble there is no reason why you won’t be perfectly safe. 

Is the Quality of Care the Same as Back Home?

Yes it is, but we do advise that you choose your dentist carefully. While all dentists in Mexico undergo years of general dental training, as dentists in Western nations do, there is no formal requirement to take further ‘specialist’ training. Choosing one of Dental Departures’ verified dentists means you can be absolutely sure your dentist has the requisite training and experience to carry out the procedure you need as you can see their qualifications and training on our website. Along with virtual tours, clinic photos and real patient reviews you can get as complete a picture as possible of a dentist and clinic before you go.

We know that dental treatment is scary for a lot of people, and even more so when traveling abroad. We also know there are a lot of myths surrounding dental care in Mexico and plenty of reports in the media and online about the horrific experiences some patients have suffered. While no dental care can be guaranteed 100%, you can make sure you have the best start to your treatment possible by checking out the reliability of your dentist and clinic, which we at Dental Departures have already done for you.

We work closely with our dentists and clinics and know they are committed to providing trustworthy services to international patients. To demonstrate this they undertake specialist training, with many electing to do this in the United States, and also becoming members of the American Dental Association as a further means of validating their expertise.

What Happens if Something Goes Wrong? Is My Dental Care Guaranteed?

Our dentists throughout Mexico all offer warranties and guarantees on the work they perform, as well as any materials used. So, if you have prosthodontics such as dentures or crowns, these are covered under warranty.

By booking with Dental Departures you also have our additional support, and we are more than happy to assist you and act as your advocate in the rare scenario that you have any problems with the work you have had done by one of our dentists.

If you want complete peace of mind and cover for additional travel expenses should anything go wrong we do offer a range of low-cost insurance options so you have no need to worry about the costs.

Morelos' State Government's Palace in Cuernavaca,

(Image by Adrian Flores)

Do I Need to Speak Spanish?

No. Most of our dentists speak fluent English. Cuernavaca is home to a lot of foreigners and many people speak English. Students come here from all over to learn Spanish, and so it is not unusual to hear many different languages in the city.

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

Payment methods vary from clinic to clinic and you can check specific details for your dentist on our website. Generally, US cash is accepted everywhere, but most clinics accept debit, credit cards and personal and traveler’s checks. Credit card payments are usually subject to a small processing fee of between 3 and 4%.

Is My US or Canadian Dental Insurance Accepted?

If your insurance company provides ‘out-of-network’ care you will be able to reclaim the cost of your treatment when you return home. It is worth checking with your insurance provider before you travel, and making sure you obtain the appropriate forms and documentation to bring with you as your Cuernavaca dentist will need to complete these.

You may be able to save money on your dental care in other ways, for example, by claiming tax deductions which are allowances in the US, Canada and Australia. These vary from year to year so it is worth checking with your tax authority.

When Is A Good Time to Visit a Dentist in Cuernavaca?

With little variation in Cuernavaca’s weather throughout the year, it really is a year-round destination and so you can visit our dentists at any time.

There are times when it is busier than usual, so you may want to tailor your trip accordingly. Holiday times, such as Christmas, Easter and Mexican Independence Day are especially busy, and weekends generally are too. It is always advisable to book accommodation in advance.

Is the City Wheelchair Accessible?

Cuernavaca’s terrain could be described as rugged, and getting about in a wheelchair may be problematic. Sidewalks are narrow with cobblestone paths, narrow doorways and no ramps could make wheelchair access particularly difficult. That said, there are plenty of hotels with wheelchair access, and if you can get in and out of a taxi you can get around that way–there are always plenty readily available.

Most of our dental clinics are wheelchair-friendly and we can always find ways of getting you to and from one of our great dentists–just get in touch with us to discuss your situation and we’ll see what we can do.

What is the Downside? What Should I Know About Visiting?

There are no dangers or annoyances that are particular to Cuernavaca – just make sure that you keep your eye on personal belongings as you would in any other city – opportunistic thieves are in operation wherever you go on the planet!

Dental patients need to be aware that sedation dentistry is not standard in Mexico. If you are of a nervous disposition or are having a major treatment where you would prefer to be sedated our dentists can arrange this, but you will need to request it in advance. It also carries an additional fee of around $400 as the services of an anesthetist will need to be booked.

Pyramide Teopanzolco in Cuernavaca

(Image by Zoran Lazic)

What Else is There Around Cuernavaca?

Within Cuernavaca, you will discover plenty of sights to see in town. The impressive and historic buildings, such as the Cathedral and its large, high-walled recinto (compound) and the Palacio de Cortes are must-sees.

For relaxing there is the Jardin Borda, inspired by Versailles, and the smaller Jardin Juarez where live concerts take place in the central gazebo which was designed by Gustave Eiffel, the engineer behind the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The Museo Robert Brady houses decorative arts from around the world, collected by the museum’s namesake on his travels, and art lovers will adore Centro Cultural Muros with restored murals, paintings, sculptures and photographs.

Two events worth timing a trip to Cuernavaca: Carnaval which takes place on the five days leading up to Ash Wednesday (usually late February to early March), and Feria de la Primavera (late March to early April). The former features colorful celebrations featuring street performances, parades and art exhibits and the latter is the city’s Spring Fair which includes an exhibit of spring flowers as well as concerts and artistic and cultural events.

The countryside surrounding Cuernavaca is host to numerous activities for the outdoor types. In Yautepec you can enjoy hot-air ballooning, flying over the ancient Tepoztlan temple. The Amacuzac River possesses class I, III and IV rapids and is great for white-water rafting and for underwater explorers the Agua Brava caves and subterranean river Chontalcoatlan is popular. Cuernavaca may be inland but there are a number of water parks throughout the area, including Falls Water Park and Real St Nicholas which are perfect for cooling off and topping up your tan.

From high-adrenaline to low-key and relaxing, Cuernavaca has something for everyone. Dental patients can feel relaxed knowing that if they are not feeling up to doing much they will be able to find some peace and tranquility, but will find plenty to do when they are raring to go.

Flying in?

The nearest international airport is Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport. It’s around 57 miles (89 km) away, taking around an hour to drive on Highway 95D.

Getting Around:

Bus: Besides driving a car you can get a luxury bus from the airport in Mexico City. The journey takes an hour and is the most common way of getting to Cuernavaca after driving yourself.

Car  Rental: A popular way of seeing the area around Cuernavaca, giving you the flexibility to go where and when you want. The usual international car hire firms have desks at the airport.

Taxi: Taxis in Mexico are a lot more affordable than they are in the US, Canada and Europe and are a viable way of getting around. They are rarely metered in the colonial cities so make sure you negotiate a price before getting in.

Distance from Airport and Other Places of Interest:

  • Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport 57 miles (89 km), 1 hour
  • Tepoztlán 16 miles (27 km), 30 mins
  • Puebla 97 miles (157 km) 2 hours
  • Toluca 80 miles (134 km) 1 hour 45
  • Acapulco 179 miles (287 km) 3 hours

Real St Nicholas

(Image by Omar2564)

Getting Started

Get in touch with Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team to book your appointment, or you can schedule online directly with us any time of the day or night, at no charge to you. You can also get free quotes, view clinic photos, take virtual tours, read real patient reviews and find exclusive promotions on our website. Save up to 70% on your next dental treatment and discover great-quality dental care in Cuernavaca. 


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