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How do I know that the overseas clinics are clean and up to our standards? Our verified partner clinics are pre­screened using 3 or more of the following procedures including a site visit? quality survey? online reputation and dental license verification as part of our proc Read more
Are the overseas clinics technology up to standard? There is a common belief that overseas dentists use cheap, old technology. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many dental clinics abroad are modern and fitted with state­of­the­art Read more
What if something goes wrong? Fortunately, the vast majority of our patients do not experience any problems with their dental treatment abroad, but no matter how expert a dentist is, problems can arise through no fault of their ow Read more
What sort of guarantee is there? Our dental clinics’ provide diligent and careful work based on established procedures, research and study. All of our clinics offer warranties on the work they do, as well as the materials they use. Read more
Do you organize flights and accommodation as well? Unfortunately we only deal with dental care, as many of our dentists are located in busy areas, there are usually lots of accommodation options available. Some of our clinics offer reduced rates at lo Read more
What is a dental implant? A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium that is placed into the jawbone to support a replacement tooth. A replacement tooth, called a crown, is then fitted onto the implant in or Read more
How long do implants take? Dental implants usually require two separate stages of treatment to complete with roughly 4­6 months in between. The first trip is for placement of the implants and temporaries (if temporaries are ne Read more
Are implants painful? Generally, you will feel some soreness in the jaw for several days following the surgery that can usually be offset by over-­the-­counter pain medication. If you are nervous about the treatment and Read more
What is a bone graft? A bone graft is a procedure in which synthetic bone or bone from the jaw or hip is surgically placed at the site of the implant in order to supplement the bone density. If you not sufficient bone mate Read more
What type of specialist will place the implants for me? A dental team will assess and plan dental implant placement and restoration including the fabrication of the crowns, bridgework or dentures that attach atop the implants and are visible in your mouth. Read more
Can I have Immediate load or one trip implants? Some patients are eligible for immediate loading implants (one trip), but you will need to send copies of your current panoramic x-­rays over by email for evaluation of your candidacy for this proced Read more
When is an implant not a suitable treatment? Implant therapy may not be possible if the jaw bone is not sufficiently thick to accommodate implants and bone grafting is not possible. Also, implants are not suitable for patients with untreated per Read more
What types of health conditions can affect being a candidate for implants? You need to discuss any medical conditions with your dental specialist, both present and past as well as any medications that you are taking. These include prescription as well as over the counter med Read more
What is the abutment? Basically you have a the implant that screws into the jaw bone. The abutment screws into that once the healing time is over. The crown is the actual tooth that goes on top. Healing Abutments A healing Read more
What type of maintenance do dental implants require? Implant crowns and other prosthetic (false) tooth replacements do require maintenance. It is important to practice good daily oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing. It is also important to see Read more
Can I replace all of my teeth with implants? For replacing all of your teeth with implants, there are a number of different options. The costs does vary greatly based on the number of implants needed, the type of restoration and your dental cond Read more
How will I know how many implants I need in this procedure? Upon examination and CT scan, the specialist will advise you as to how many implants will be required for your individual case. Most commonly, a denture is supported with two, four, six or eight impla Read more
What are the advantages of implants supported full arch bridges? Dental bridges and dental implants are a long­term solution for tooth loss. The main benefits to patients is in being able to eat pretty much any food they like and having their smile restored, which Read more
What are the disadvantages of implants supported full arch bridges? Not all patients are suitable for dental implant surgery. Elderly patients, in particular, are vulnerable to slow healing processes, which may render the implants unstable or susceptible to infection. Read more
How long does it take to complete the procedure? The length of time and amount of separate trips needed depends on your individual case and whether there is any bone grafting or sinus lift required. Most procedures can be done in 2 trips approximate Read more
How long after my teeth are removed, can the specialist begin treatment? Dental implants are usually placed directly following tooth extraction. However, if the extraction site is infected, as is the case with an abscessed tooth, the implant should not be placed until the Read more
What is an ‘All-on-4’? All on 4 is a fixed restoration like a implant bridge, overdentures are removable and snap in. All on 4 has a fixed bridge placed during the implants healing process whereas the implant bridges have a Read more
How do All-on-4 dental implants compare to traditional implants? The All-on-4 dental implant technique utilizes only four implants per arch, whereas traditional implants utilize anywhere from six to eight implants, or more, in each arch. The implants of the All-on- Read more
How long is the All ­on ­4 dental implant surgery? The surgery takes approximately 2.5 hours per arch. Read more
Who is the ideal candidate for All­ on­ 4 Dental Implants? The ideal candidate for the All-on-4 dental implant procedure is someone who is currently wearing dentures or who will need dentures in the future. Age doesn’t matter but dental implant candidates s Read more
Do All on 4 results look natural? Absolutely. The All-on-4 dental implant technique gives you permanent teeth that look, feel and function just like real teeth. No one will know you have implants unless you tell them. Read more
Why don’t I get my permanent set of teeth the day my implants are placed? As with any surgery, you need time to heal. However, you will not leave our office without teeth! A temporary set of teeth will be placed on your implants. Once the healing process is complete, your p Read more
What type of cleaning is required after an implant is placed? Dental implants should be treated like your natural teeth, daily brushing and flossing is recommended. Read more
Why would I need a bone graft? When a tooth is lost, the lack of stimulation causes loss of the bone. After the first year of losing a tooth there is a 25% decrease in width of bone as well as an overall decrease in height over the Read more
How will I know if I need a bone graft or not? A current CT Scan will show whether you have any bone deterioration and whether any bone grafting will be required prior to implants being placed. Read more
How long does a bone graft take? Bone grafting can usually be done in a day Read more
How long after the bone graft can the specialist begin my treatment? That depends on the individual and how much grafting is required. Often the implants can be placed in the first trip. Read more
What is a crown used for? Repairing a broken tooth or a tooth that has been worn down Repairing and covering a tooth that has been treated by a root canal Replacing a missing tooth as part of a bridge Replacing a missing to Read more
Crowns vary a lot in price. What is the difference between them all? Porcelain­fused­to­metal (PFM) Crowns Porcelain­fused­to­metal (PFM) crowns can be color matched to your other teeth and are the most common type of crown used. If you have had a local treatment Read more
How long does it take to complete a crown? The process for crowns is as follows: 1) First visit: crown & tooth preparation (a few clinics require an additional visit where they continue this stage over 2 days) 2) Second visit (about 3 to 4 wor Read more
What is an upper and lower crown rebuild? This is when dental crowns are used to rebuild and restore the appearance of worn front teeth. The idea is that a crown cups over and encases its tooth as a whole, thus providing a way to both rebuild Read more
Can my crowns be whitened? Unfortunately no, crowns can not be whitened with any type of whitening treatment. Read more
What is a bridge? Dental bridges literally bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge is a fixed dental restoration used to replace a missing tooth (or several teeth) by joining an artificial tooth p Read more
How many teeth can go into a bridge? Bridges are priced per crown, and the cost of the bridge is the number of units (crowns) needed for the bridge multiplied by the individual crown cost. Replacing one missing tooth requires 3 crowns an Read more
How long does it take to complete this procedure? The time needed for treatment will vary by destination and each clinic, some labs can have the bridge done in just a few days, other (more remote areas) may take several weeks. Please be aware that if Read more
What are dental veneers? Dental veneers are wafer­thin, custom­made shells of tooth­colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance. These shells are bonded to the front of the tee Read more
What is the difference between Composite and Porcelain Veneers? Bonding, or ‘composite veneers’ can be used to close gaps between teeth, fill in chips and cracks in teeth or make over a smile. Composite resin veneers can be applied in one day, last 4 ­ 8 year Read more
What are Zirconia Veneers? Zirconia has recently become a popular dental material as it has high strength, is resistant to fracture, and being opaque has the ability to mask discolored underlying tooth structure. However, not e Read more
What are eMax Veneers? IPS e.Max porcelain veneers are considered the best full porcelain veneer currently available worldwide. They have outstanding cosmetic appearance and exhibit the natural translucence and shine of ide Read more
good afternoon magakano po kapag mag papatanggal ng stains sa ngipin hindi na po kasi sya matanggal kahit nag toothbrush po Salamat po sa inquiry, ang stain ng ngipin ay pwede matanggal through teeth whitening or veneer pero mas maganda pa rin po bumisita sa dentista para malaman po natin kung ano magandang gawin. Kailan Read more
How are the veneers priced? The price variation depends on the following things: The amount of preparation that is involved Whether your teeth are out of normal alignment Colour matching (whether or not the tooth needs custom Read more
What is the procedure for porcelain veneers? Your dentist will examine your teeth to make sure porcelain veneers are appropriate for you and determine any oral health concerns that must be addressed before starting the veneers process . any toot Read more
Who are the best LANAP dentists in Pattaya? I also need a dentist with their own laboratory to make bridges. Hello Karl, Thank you so much for your message. Kindly find our recommend clinic in Pattaya as following link : For more information requ Read more
Can you explain the tooth preparation process for veneers? Preparation is the next phase after the treatment plan design which is dedicated to preparing and taking an impression of the teeth. The procedure usually takes between 1.5 ­ 2 hours. Although porcel Read more
Bonding of the veneers to the teeth Before they are permanently cemented to your tooth, your dentist will apply them temporarily on your teeth to examine their fit and color. If they do not fit properly, your dentist will remove them an Read more
How do I maintain my porcelain veneers? Treat them as you would your original teeth, with routine brushing and flossing. Using non­abrasive fluoride toothpaste and your dental professional will advise you on this. After your veneers are pl Read more
Are there any downsides to having porcelain veneers? Because a portion of the original tooth enamel is reduced, a veneer is not a reversible treatment although adjustments and even new veneers can be made in the future. You can never reliably return to Read more
What is a root canal? Root canals (also known more formally as an endodontic treatment) are a dental procedure that is performed on a tooth when the nerve becomes damaged, infected or has died. A root canal can save your t Read more
i am travelling from new zealand want to book in asap. i fthinkkill need 4 implant and maybe a part permananet denture & veneers . approxamatley how long would the procedure take {days? ] and how long woud be t get bookedi and also approximate cost,s ect Hello Steven, Thank you so much for your message. Normally for the first stage of implant will need 5-7 days for completion. However could you send your information to so th Read more
How long does it take to complete a root canal treatment? To complete root canal treatment, the time period required mainly depends on the condition of the tooth and size of the infection. This can best be determined by evaluation upon your arrival. If the t Read more
i am travelling from new zealand want to book in asap. i fthinkkill need 4 implant and maybe a part permananet denture & veneers . approxamatley how long would the procedure take {days? ] and how long woud be t get bookedi and also approximate cost,s ect Hello Steven, Thank you so much for your message. Normally for the first stage of implant will need 5-7 days for completion. However could you send your information to so th Read more
Dentures (following extractions): Following tooth extractions, immediate or “healing dentures” are the type of denture that can be placed. Theyare lighter than permanent dentures to allow for healing of the gums. The immediate den Read more
What is the difference between porcelain and acrylic dentures? The porcelain dentures are much longer lasting than acrylic dentures and have the best quality aesthetics and natural appearance. However, they are much heavier than acrylic dentures and can wear down Read more
Can I have my crowns whitened as well? No. The only way to change the color of crowns is to remake them. Read more
What are the differences between the different whitening systems? There are many different systems for laser and plasma whitening, which are done in the dentist’s chair using specialized laser & plasma lights to activate highly concentrated whitening gels that are Read more
Hi Dental Departure team, My name is Nam and I'm currently working at Shinbi Dental which is located in the central of Hanoi, Vietnam. Our dental clinic had been operated since 2006 and our average monthly revenue is appx. VND 5 billion (US 210,000) (for the last 01 year). We offer a wide range of orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry, for instance: dental implants, veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, braces and tooth extraction. We're also considered as a dental place of choice for quite a few celebs in Vietnam as you could find out more in our website For the time being, we're really care about Dental Tourism since Hanoi is surrounded by bunch of heritages and breathtaking landscapes. Furthermore, we recently had chance to provide our services to some Germans and South Africans who were backpacking travelers hence we found out our potential for that fields. That is the reason why we would like to be featured in your prestigious website here. Please let us know your procedures and fees as well if needed. Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to your response. Happy New Year ! Thanks for your interest in working with Dental Departures! You can sign up with Dental Departures here, and FAQ’s are listed as well: You can rea Read more
What are the types of teeth whitening? There are various ways to whiten your teeth, but the two most common are in­office treatment and the do­it­yourself approach, with over the counter products. Read more
What is In-­Office teeth whitening? Professional tooth whitening in a dental office is the preferred whitening method because even though stronger agents are applied, the rest of the mouth, including the gums, is protected from these ma Read more
What are Over­-the-­Counter (OTC) or home tooth whitening systems? Commercially available tooth whitening systems have become popular, mainly because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to use. There are a few over-­the-­counter tooth whitening methods that c Read more
Which whitening technique is better? In office teeth whitening is better that over-­the-­counter teeth whitening. Read more
i CURRENTLY HAVE AN UPPER DENTURE. MY 8 LOWER TEETH THAT ARE LEFT ARE IN ROUGH. SHAPE. IF I FLEW TO YOUR PLACE HOW LONG WOULD I NEED TO STAY IN YOUR COUNTRY BEFORE I WAS READY TO TRAVEL IF I WAS TO HAVE THE LOWER TEETH EXTRACTED, GET AN ALL ON 6 FOR THE UPPER AND LOWER JAW??? GIVE ME A BALL PARK PRICE FOR EVERYTHING PLEASE. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE Hello Milton, Thank you for your message! I understand that you need your dental care done. Please email me where are you considering traveling to? Do you have any prefer clinic in mind? I would Read more
Is teeth whitening painful? For the majority of patients, there is no pain involved in the process. However, about 20% of patients can experience tooth sensitivity which can be mild or severe and last for about 24 hours with the Read more
i CURRENTLY HAVE AN UPPER DENTURE. MY 8 LOWER TEETH THAT ARE LEFT ARE IN ROUGH. SHAPE. IF I FLEW TO YOUR PLACE HOW LONG WOULD I NEED TO STAY IN YOUR COUNTRY BEFORE I WAS READY TO TRAVEL IF I WAS TO HAVE THE LOWER TEETH EXTRACTED, GET AN ALL ON 6 FOR THE UPPER AND LOWER JAW??? GIVE ME A BALL PARK PRICE FOR EVERYTHING PLEASE. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE Hello Milton, Thank you for your message! I understand that you need your dental care done. Please email me where are you considering traveling to? Do you have any prefer clinic in mind? I would Read more
Will they give me any type of anaesthetic for teeth whitening? No. The reason why they don’t is because by not using anesthetic they make the whitening procedure safer. Read more
How long does teeth whitening take? The length of time it takes to whiten your teeth will vary with the amount of discoloration of your teeth. For treatments performed by your dentist, it generally takes 30­90 minutes per visit to make Read more
what can i use to pay Thank you very much for your request. The payment methods are vary for each clinic. You can clarify the options by reviewing the page for the clinic. Simply click on the name of the clinic. On the cli Read more
Will my teeth be sensitive afterwards whitening my teeth? Not everyone get’s pain after dental whitening, and I know how frustrating it is when someone like you does get considerable pain after the bleaching procedure. You are probably getting “zingers Read more
is a traditional bridge the same as an all on 4 ? Thank you for your questions. Traditional bridge is a fixed dental restoration used to replace a missing tooth (or several teeth) by joining an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth or dental Read more
Is there anything that I need to be aware of after teeth whitening? Keep up with your regular oral hygiene routine at home and your professional cleanings at the dentist’s office. Avoid tobacco and beverages that stain, such as red wine, tea and coffee. You can also Read more
hi, I am visiting the Danang Hoi an, area in April and am trying to find out if any of the dentists deal with mandibular splints. I know they are not a normal dental procedure but cant find anyu info on them, any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your interest in our services. We will be happy to help. We apologyze that this specific treatment is not on the list of our main procedures. We will be happy to reach out to the clinic Read more
How long does the whitening last? This will vary among individuals. No bleaching method can whiten teeth permanently. Typical results vary from six months to two years. However, some people’s teeth remain white for over 10 years wit Read more
Will teeth whitening whiten my existing crowns? No. It won’t whiten your existing crown. Read more
How can I repair my broken teeth? There are a number of ways to repair broken, chipped, or cracked teeth. Evaluation for which treatment option is best for your case will need to be evaluated by the dental provider upon viewing x-­ra Read more
What is teeth cleaning? The removal of tartar that may develop even with careful brushing and flossing, especially in areas that are difficult to reach in routine tooth brushing. There are several options like Regular cleani Read more
Hi, I had submitted the questionnaire to add our clinic into dental departure. I would like to check how many working days would the team to look through the information and come back to us? Thanks Thank you so much for your email. Our sale person will contact you shortly after you submit the requested. If there is no one reply, could you kindly email to For more inf Read more
How many sessions would it take to complete the Deep Cleaning, Scaling & Root Planing? Typically with deeper pockets and extensive rough root surfaces, the deep scaling and root planing procedure might be broken down into quadrants of work per appointment. For example, the upper right s Read more
What is laser treatment? Minor gums infections can be treated by ultrasonic and ozone cleaning with a hygienist, but more serious stages of gum disease usually need specialist care with a periodontist. Many times this involve Read more
What is LANAP? There are no scalpels or sutures. The gums are not “flapped” back of the teeth and the bone. Instead, the laser fiber is placed between the teeth and gums into the periodontal pocket. The LANAP la Read more
What’s a filling made of? The days of ugly silver fillings are over? tooth colored (composite) fillings are used now, and will be color­matched to your existing teeth. In most cases, fillings can be done in just one appointme Read more
How can I replace an old amalgam filling? Metal amalgam fillings can be replaced with composite fillings: these are white tooth­colored fillings and do not have mercury in them like amalgam fillings. The new composite fillings will be color Read more
What safe removal techniques are out there for removing of old amalgam fillings? When amalgam fillings are removed, mercury particles can be easily introduced into the body without following certain protocols. As the fillings are drilled out, the heat and friction of the drill can Read more
What is an extration? There can be a number of reasons why you may need to have a tooth extracted including a tooth that is severely damaged from trauma or decay and can not be saved, severe infection, an impacted tooth, o Read more
Aren’t extrations painful? Before removing your tooth, your dentist will give you a local anesthetic to numb the area where the tooth will Read more
What can I expect after surgery? In most cases, the recovery period lasts only a few days. The following will help speed recovery: Take painkillers as prescribed by your dentist or oral surgeon. Apply an ice or cold pack to the outsi Read more
What are the first steps for getting dental care abroad? You have two options for getting an estimated cost for your care and duration of stay needed: 1. Email us a copy of a treatment plan that has been prepared for you locally.?From this, we can give you Read more
Determining your treatment options & getting a quote Since the treatment considerations do vary greatly and each case is unique, you have two options for how to proceed with receiving your assessment: 1. Send us photos of your smile and the affected tee Read more
What type of X-­ray should I have done at my local dentist first? The following types of dental X-­rays are commonly used. Bitewing X-­rays ?show the upper and lower back teeth and how the teeth touch each other in a single view. These X-­rays are used to check f Read more
What is an OPG X-­ray? An OPG is a panoramic or wide view x-­ray of the lower face, which displays all the teeth of the upper and lower jaw on a single film. It demonstrates the number, position and growth of all the teeth Read more
What is a 3D Cone Beam X-­ray? It is a special type of x-­ray machine used in situations where regular dental or facial x-­rays are not sufficient. It is used for the following: surgical planning for impacted teeth. diagnosing t Read more
How can I send you my X-­rays? The best way to send in your x-­rays is by email. If you can get your x-­rays emailed to you directly from your local clinic, then you can simply forward them to us. If you need to scan your x-­ray Read more
Can I have Dental X-­rays if I am pregnant? Both dentists and obstetricians say it is not recommended that you have any dental x-­rays taken while pregnant, unless it is absolutely necessary. The American Pregnancy Association states that alth Read more
do you put braces? Dear Angelica, We appreciate your message. Yes, many of our verified clinics offer braces treatment. We will follow up with you via e-mail with dentist recommendations, estimated costs and more infor Read more
What is a night guard? There are several types of night guards on the market that help with teeth grinding, and most can be placed into one of two categories: hard night guards and soft night guards. Hard night guards are u Read more
Hello I just wondered if you had any dentist that provided mouth appliances (not sure if that's what its called) but its an appliance made to fit your mouth and help prevent snoring and sleep problems. Apnea Hello, James. Thank you for your question. We are happy to assist you. We work with many clinis around the world. We can certainly find you the specialist that provides sleep apnea devise. We will be Read more
Night guards that prevent snoring Mandibular Advancement Splints help to prevent snoring and you will need to revisit the clinic at least 6 days after your initial consultation to recheck and adjust the splint. Read more
hi , may i know how much for - tooth broken? Dear Maggie, The cost will depend on the correct treatment. A broken tooth could be fixed by placing a crown, or it may need an extraction and replacement. We will contact you via e-mail to verify wh Read more
What is a Snap on Smile? Snap On Smile is a set of teeth made from a specialized resin that snaps onto your own teeth. It is removable, durable, and you can eat with it. It is thin and strong with the look of natural teeth. Y Read more
hi , may i know how much for - tooth broken? Dear Maggie, The cost will depend on the correct treatment. A broken tooth could be fixed by placing a crown, or it may need an extraction and replacement. We will contact you via e-mail to verify wh Read more
How long does it take to be completed? This procedure requires two appointments. The first appointment is for impressions, and the second for the delivery of your new smile. The layover time is about three weeks to allow the Snap On labs t Read more
What is the difference between a general and a local anaesthetic? A general anaesthetic can not be given to everyone depending on their health status as well as medications being used etc. General anesthesia must be done by a licensed anaesthesiologist via IV sedati Read more
What is gas sedation? Often called “laughing gas” nitrous oxide is a very safe, mild sedative that will help you remain relaxed during dental procedures. Your dentist will give the sedation with the use of a “space m Read more
Will I be able to drive after gas sedation? Yes you can drive safely home and will not need an escort. You should feel back to normal after 15 minutes of taking the mask off. Read more
What kind of sterilization techniques do the clinics use? Although standards do vary from country to country, all of our dentists adhere to the same basic systems of maintaining hygiene as dentists at home do. All wear gloves and masks and use antibacterial Read more
Will my current dental insurance cover me overseas? In regards to your dental insurance, the clinic will not usually be able to direct bill your insurance provider, although if you’re overseas dentist is included in your provider’s network then the Read more
Do the clinics offer financing? The clinics themselves, do not offer financing. Browse over to our financing page and click on the relevant link if you are Australia, Canada or the United States. Read more
Is the price listed for an "All on Six" implant supported denture for a full mouth set or is the price just for one arch? Hello Jana, This price listed is per arch. This only covers the price of that particular procedure and not any extractions, bone grafts or sinus lifts (if needed). Nor sedation. For a more personalize Read more
What is the general waiting time for making a booking in Thailand? Eg My partner would like to get dental work done in Bangkok and we would like to book our flights quite soon. So do we only need to book dental treatment a few weeks in advance? I believe his dentist has outlined to him what needs to be done Hello Holly, It does depend on the time of year and the clinic that your partner would like to visit. Over the next few months you should be able to have an appointment with 2-3 weeks notice. We do r Read more
I would like my front upper and lower capped. They are crooked and not too white. I've always been ashamed of my smile. Would that be the answer? What would you suggest? I could send a photo. Roger D. Phelps Hello Roger, Thank you for your question. A photo would help but a photo and x-rays would be better. We do need x-rays to ascertain the overall health and root structure of your teeth. Crowns (caps) a Read more
Do I pay Dental Departures or the dentist if I make an appointment on your website? Hello Adam, Thank you so much for your message. Your dental expenses will be paid directly at the clinic. We only assist you on booking. Kindly let me know if you would like to book in by email us at Read more
1.Do you supply transportation to the clinic from a hotel in LA? I dont know if I would be driving or flying or if I will need to rent a car to get to the clinic. 2. One month ago today, I had all remaining teeth removed from my mouth except five upper front teeth ( all crowned) How long do I need to wait for the healing to take place. I will need five extractions and full dentures. However, I prefer to wait until my lower jaw has healed before making the trip down for dentures. Approx., how long should I wait 6 months?? Thank you for your question! No, we do not shuttle from Los Angeles. You would need to get to the San Diego border. Regarding healing usually a 4 month period is long enough for healing. You may still Read more
I have an implant over my lower jaw bone that has two pins in front and 2 pins in back. The pins fit in rubber O-rings to hold the lower false teeth. I ' m needing to replace the O-rings. How do I order them and where is a dental supply? Thank you for your question! Ordering the O-rings for an Overdenture has many variables. There are many different brands, sizes and models of implants, and the abutment or O-rings (the piece that atta Read more
i need upper front toot inplant how long i have to stay in yuma how mutch and can i get some refarles i want make sure i dont have any problems later. Hello Angelo, The implant process is a two stage procedure. Assuming that you are a candidate for an implant the first stage normally takes 2-3 days. Then you go home and heal for 4-6 months while you Read more
Would you please send me a photograph of a Temporary Partial or Flipper for a single anterior tooth? Hello, Ben. Thank you for your request. We will be happy to provide you the information and the images to your email. Please check your inbox or spam. We are looking forward to help you. Read more
hello good afternoon im yadira mendivil i have a dental office in los algodones mexico they give me very god reference about dental departures i will like to have a interview about how i can have new patients send by these company thank you for your help mi telephone number is from my office 928 487 7725 Hello Yadria, Thank you for your interest! We are pleased and humbled to have such a good reputation in Los Algodones. I have passed your information on to our Sales Manager for your area. Carlos Vig Read more
I am an adult needing braces. Is there any advantage to have braces installed overseas (I'm from Canada)? I assume from the prices shown on some pages here that the initial braces cost is MUCH lower than in Canada, however if I had to come back for adjustments, that would be impossible. Is it possible to have the initial braces installed in Mexico, for example, and then have the adjustments done by a dentist in my town in Canada, for example? Hello Terry, Thank you for inquiring about braces, this is a common question that we get. Braces & orthodontic treatment usually requires between 1-2 years to complete. You would need to visit for mo Read more
Where do I go for peridntal disease or maybe even oral cancer_ IN costa rica Doug, thank you for your message. We will contact you shortly, via e-mail, with clinic recommendations in Costa Rica Read more
I am interested in having all me teeth removed and for once in my life having beautiful teeth. I will be in the area for approx 5 days. Is this enough time for this? I do not want dentures or anything removalable. What is the correct name of the procedure and what must I bring or send to you? Of course, cost is a big factor, so I need to save. Please help me. Thank you Sincerely, Karen Passeggio Hello Karen, We would love to help you have a beautiful smile that you are proud to share! I believe that you are likely referring to Fixed (non-removable) bridges, which are also known as 'Implants S Read more
approximately how much would it cost for a full upper and lower implants (entire mouth) providing I don't need bone grafting in mexico? Hello, thank you for your question. Pricing can vary greatly depending on the area in Mexico that you are considering visiting for your care. Additionally there are several different procedures that c Read more
take visa ? Hello, Many of our clinics but some do not. If you go onto any of our clinics pages you will see an area regarding Payment Methods and they will list the different cards accepted. Please let us know i Read more
I am looking to travel to Bangkok for gum grafting work + orthodontics. I asked the first 5 of your 5-star facilities if they do this work and absolutely none (0) of them have gotten back to me to answer my questions. All I asked is if they actually do that kind of work. I this a typical event for these businesses? All looks great from your side of the fence, but why should I participate if no one will get back to me? Dear Raymond, Thank you for your message. We replied via e-mail. Please check your inbox for further communication, Read more
Testing No answer Read more
how much are implants Hello Michelle, We apologize for the delay in reply! The price of implant depends on the area and clinic where you receive your care. On an average you can save 50-70% from the prices at home. Where a Read more
can I cross back across the Mexican border with just a texas drivers licens It used to be that the US Customs service would let you travel back and forth with only a valid drivers license and a copy of your birth certificate (an original, not a photocopy). However, since the Read more
Does the insurance advertised on your website cover issues with dental work and any complications associated with treatment Hi Paul, Thank you for your message. The coverage will depend on the plan you are going to purchased. Dental insurance will generally cover the following aspects of your global dental care*: Addi Read more
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