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The Ultimate Guide to Dentures

Looking for affordable, high-quality dentures? Consider getting them on your next holiday abroad – your money will go a lot further and you get to enjoy a fantastic holiday while you wait for your new teeth.

The Benefits of Dentures

People often think of full dentures when they think about dentures – the ones that replace a whole upper or lower arch of teeth. However, there are many more denture-wearers about than most people are aware of – as there are a great number of people who wear a denture in place of one or two missing teeth.

Dentures offer a number of benefits – the main one is to enable you to chew your food properly – which is particularly true if you have lost most of your teeth. It’s no fun if you can’t get your teeth into that juicy steak.

Aesthetic, or cosmetic, reasons are another reason for people wearing dentures. A gummy or gappy smile is not attractive.

And yet another one is that dentures may offer an important factor in maintaining oral health. Gaps in your dentition may not only be painful or uncomfortable on the exposed gum (particularly if you are eating certain types of food, like potato chips – or crisps, as they’re called in the UK) but surrounding teeth that no longer have support next to them gradually start to move into the gap – and this, in turn, could cause you problems with your bite.

Why getting Dentures is a good Dental Tourism option

Almost all dental procedures are a reasonably good option to have as a dental tourist, but some offer great savings that can make a real difference to certain groups. Dentures are mostly (but not always) worn by retirees and this group often has to find ways of making their pension go further.

Some savvy pensioners from the United States regularly make the trip to Mexico for dental care. Along the Border in Mexico there are plenty of dental clinics offering affordable, high-quality care to patients from the US and Canada. In fact, it is such a popular business that some locations have become tourist attractions in their own right – but for dentistry. Algodones is one such place, attracting thousands of visitors each day – with many of them arriving specifically for dental treatment.

Getting dentures as a dental tourist is a good option. You can save a considerable amount on both full and partial dentures and even if you upgrade to a higher-quality material, it will still cost less than the cheapest dentures at home.

What is the procedure for getting Dentures?

The process involves 2 or 3 appointments. At the first appointment the dentist will:

1: Provide a thorough examination and x-rays of your jaw and gums and

2: Make an impression of your mouth

At your next appointment you will

3: Returning to the dentist for fitting and any necessary adjustments

The process varies slightly, depending on whether you are having any extractions, or just getting new a new set of dentures. A new set of dentures may involve 2 or 3 appointments, whereas if you have extractions it may be 4 or 5. After extractions you will be given a ‘healing denture’ which is softer than a conventional denture, allowing your gums time to heal. This usually takes 3 months.

What are the different types of dentures available?

There are 4 types of dentures your dentist may recommend:

1:            Partial dentures  - These are used only when there are gaps in your dentition. They usually attach over the existing teeth.

2:            Conventional (full) dentures – These are used to replace all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw.

3:            Immediate dentures – These are the healing dentures that are placed after your teeth have been extracted.

4:            Overdentures – These are attached to the stumps of broken teeth, which help to support and stabilize the dentures.

What are the cost of Dentures?

Prices vary considerably throughout the world, and whether you have full or partial dentures. Dental tourism destinations are considerably lower:


In the United States, dentures cost, on average, $1,800

At a Mexico dentist, they cost $700


In the United Kingdom, dentures cost £1,300

At a Thailand dentist, they cost £550


In Australia, dentures cost AUD $1,500

At a Bali dentist, they costs AUD 730

Not only will you save a fortune on the cost of your Dentures in some great holiday destinations, but if you book with Dental Departures you are assured of our best price guarantee, and you can also take advantage of our exclusive online discounts.

What about the quality of Dentures abroad? How can I be sure of the quality?

Dentists training throughout the world is very similar. Globalization and cross-border training ensures that similar standards are adhered to in many countries – from applying recognized techniques, using renowned materials and following established health and safety protocols.

However, it is always wise to do some background research to ensure any dentist you visit has the right credentials for the procedure you require. We know it’s daunting to consider this, which is why we have already done the hard work. Our checks are thorough – and we do onsite visits, verify dentist qualifications and professional memberships, as well as collecting real patient reviews which we publish on our website. Alongside prices, maps and other information we offer our patients a free resource packed full of information to help you come to an informed decision about choosing a dentist abroad.

We also offer additional services and a ‘one-stop-shop’ for your dental trip – so you can speak to us about hotels and nearby accommodation, insurance and even financial products that can help you make the trip for your dental care.

In conclusion:

At Dental Departures, we’ve partnered with almost 5,000 dentists in 35 countries – giving you a comprehensive selection so that you are bound to find somewhere you’d like to spend some time visiting.

For further information don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable Customer Care Team who will be happy to answer any questions you have about dentures, or any of our dental clinics – and if you’re ready to book you can book online or call us. See below for further information.

How do I book?

This article is meant for information purposes only and is not intended to be dental advice or instructions for dental diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with your dentist or a qualified dental professional before starting or changing dental treatment.

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