Dental Implants in Playa del Carmen

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants in Playa del Carmen

Last fact-checked: 9 February 2020

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What Is the Cost of Dental Implants in Playa del Carmen Compared to the US or Canada?

The price you’d pay in Playa del Carmen starts from around $1,500 per dental implant, compared to around $3,900 in the US and Canada.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is surgically fixed to your jawbone, providing an artificial root for a false tooth (dental crown) to be attached. Over time the bone and implant fuse together, providing a stable base for a non-removable crown, or, if you have multiple implants, you can attach a complete set or false teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

The beauty of dental implants is they look, feel and act just like your own teeth, except they don’t suffer from decay, or sensitivity to hot and cold.

Implants are light and durable and will last a lifetime if you look after them properly. They do not require special care over and above your normal teeth, but like your own teeth can be damaged by trauma and gum disease – so you will want to maintain good oral hygiene.

If you are a denture wearer, it's good to know that implants eliminate the messiness associated with removable dentures. You won’t have to take them out to clean or soak them, and you won’t need any sticky adhesives. Some people find it difficult to adapt to dentures, and implants, because they feel like your own teeth, will make it easier to talk, smile and chew.

Because implants are permanently fixed, you will have more confidence as you won’t be worrying about your dentures slipping if you chew or smile.

From a health point-of-view, they may help with bone loss and gum recession–something worth considering if you have a problem with either of these.

Good-looking, functional and with health benefits, dental implants are a good solution for missing teeth, but the cost is off-putting – which is why many are choosing one of our dentists in Playa del Carmen for affordable implants.

What Is the Procedure for Dental Implants?

Before treatment begins your dentist will need to assess your dental health and any signs of tooth decay or gum disease will be treated first. If you have a bone loss, which your dentist will be able to tell from x-rays or CT scans, you will not be suitable for an implant unless you have an additional bone graft procedure. This is actually quite straightforward and commonplace but will need to wait six months to a year for the graft to heal and you can return to your implantologist to complete the treatment.

The procedure for placing the implant is relatively simple. A cut is made in the gum and a small hole created the jawbone. The implant is then inserted and left to heal for a number of months You may be given a healing denture until the implant and jawbone have integrated.

After the healing period, you will return to your dentist who will lift the gum to insert a post and attach the crown on top.

How Long Does the Procedure Take in Playa del Carmen?

The procedure is usually performed in two trips (three if a bone graft or extraction is needed), over a 4-12 month period. The first trip requires two or three days, and the only two days, or even "while you wait" if your clinic uses the latest CAD/CAM technologies in an in-house laboratory.

Why Have Dental Implants in Playa del Carmen?

Booking your appointment through Dental Departures will ensure you see a quality-checked dentist, whose qualifications and expertise have been verified by us. We also visit our clinics to ensure we are happy with the set-up – our rule is simple if we aren’t happy about going to the clinic ourselves then we do not include them on our website.

Many of the clinics in Playa del Carmen have facilities and technology that is state-of-the-art, with clinicians that have had the most up-to-date training to ensure you receive the best care and treatment outcome.

How Do I Get Started?

Book with Dental Departures online or phone our toll-free number for your dental implant in Playa del Carmen. We provide you with clinic photos, virtual tours, real patient reviews and maps. Find your dentist with us for complete peace of mind with our quality service, exclusive discounts and warranties on the work.


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