Dental Implants in Los Algodones

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants in Los Algodones

Need to restore your smile? If you want to replace your teeth dental implants in Algodones offers a high quality, low cost alternative to treatment at home. Book with Dental Departures and find quality-checked dentists at guaranteed low prices of around 70% the cost at home.

Patients from all over North America visit clinics in Algodones dental implants treatment to take advantage of the cost savings. Dental implants are the best long-term option for replacing missing teeth, and a qualified dentist in Algodones can provide you with the care you need to restore your healthy smile.

How to choose a clinic in Algodones for dental implants?

Almost every clinic in Algodones advertises that they provide dental implants. Choosing the right clinic and dentist for your dental implant can be confusing. Dental Departures can help you find the best pre-screened clinic and dental implant specialist for your care in Algodones.

Many general dentists take a weekend course and advertise they are an implant specialist: they are not. The best implant specialists have years of experience, have placed hundreds to thousands of dental implants, and have received extensive training and certification from an accredited university. 

Is it safe? Are there guarantees for dental implants in Algodones?

Yes! Although no dental or medical care can be 100% successful, the success rate of dental implant treatment with a qualified implantologist in Algodones is 98% or greater.

The treatment is safe. Infection control and sanitation standards are the same for dental implant treatment in Algodones as they are at home. Dental Departures clinics in Algodones do provide full warranties for their dental implants.

How long does the process take?

Dental implant treatment in Algodones is a two stage process. A complete dental implant procedure requires three components:

  1. The dental implant, which is placed into the jawbone and acts an artificial tooth root
  2. An abutment, which attaches the implant to a crown
  3. A crown, which is the visible tooth replacement

Dental implants in Algodones require two separate trips to complete, with 3-6 months in between. The first trip is for placement of the implants and temporaries (if temporaries are required in your case). Then, you return home for 3-6 months during which the implants integrate with your bone. The second trip to Algodones, the permanent abutments and implant crowns will be placed. The dental implants would be paid for the first trip to Algodones, and the abutments/crowns the second trip.

Are temporaries provided during the healing process?

Yes, temporary crowns, bridges, temporary partial denture or temporary full dentures can be provided after the first stage of implant placement in Algodones to replace the missing teeth during the healing process.

Los Algodones Implants Cost - Why are the prices so much lower than in the US, Canada and other countries?

Quite simply, the cost of overhead is much lower for operating a dental office in Algodones and the dentists do not make as much money. A reputable clinic in Algodones will use the same brands of dental implants as are available in the US or Canada. You can receive the same materials and quality of care for dental implants in Algodones as you would back home. Here's a comparison of the typical prices of dental implants across the world, compared to Algodones:


Cost of Dental Implants at Home

Cost of Dental Implants in Algodones

United States

US $3,900

US $1,250


CAD $5,000

CAD $1,700

United Kingdom

GBP $2,500

GBP £1,000


EUROS €3,500

EUROS €1,130


AUD $5,000

AUD $1,600

New Zealand

NZD $5,400

NZD $1,750


Is sedation available?

In Algodones, sedation for dental implant treatment is available. All procedures are done with powerful local anesthetics (numbing), and most patients do not require full sedation. For anxiety, Valium-like oral sedatives can be provided with prior notice. Full IV sedation for dental implant treatment in Algodones is available at select offices, and a licensed anesthesiologist would administer the sedation.

Need to replace all your teeth with implant dentures or implant bridges in Algodones?

There are a number of different options for replacing all your teeth or your conventional dentures with dental implants in Algodones. Prices do vary greatly based on the number of implants needed, the type of restoration and your dental condition. There are two main kind of implant options for replacing all your teeth:

  1. Removable, or 'snap in' implant dentures
  2. Fixed (permanent) bridges

The fixed bridges are a more aesthetic option and as close to having a full set of your own teeth as possible, but are also more expensive. They cost more due to the fact that they require more implants to hold into place (4-8 per jaw), and the bridge is comprised of individual porcelain crowns. Dental implant bridges sit under the gumline like your normal teeth, rather than over the gumline like overdentures. They provide the following advantages compared to implant dentures

  • Excellent quality aesthetics and natural look
  • Best stability: you can eat any food you want
  • No need to remove them: clean and maintain them just like your own teeth

The snap in implant dentures, or overdentures are an excellent option for patients who want a good aesthetic option but do not want conventional dentures. Snap in dentures are fixed by dental implants and typically require 2-6 for the lower jaw and 4-6 for the upper jaw. The number of implants used depends on your dental condition and amount of stability desired. Implant dentures provide the following advantages over conventional dentures:

  • Do not require gums or pastes to secure
  • Sit over gumline rather than over the entire palate
  • Provide enough stability to eat and chew normally
  • Do not hinder your ability to speak normally
  • Good quality aesthetics

How long is the treatment process for implant dentures and implant bridges in Algodones?

Dental implant supported overdentures and implant bridges in Algodones also require two separate trips to complete, with about 4-6 months in between. The first trip is for placement of the implants and temporary dentures. Then, you return home for 4-6 months during which the implants integrate with your bone. Upon the second trip to Algodones, the permanent implant dentures or implant bridges will be completed. You will then have your brand new smile and be able eat and chew normally again! About 70% of the total cost would be due the first trip and the remainder the second trip.

Please note that ideal bone level in order to support the implants, and if there is your bone level is too shallow or narrow, bone grafts may be required for implant placements. In some cases, this may require another trip if grafting needs are extensive. 

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