Fillings in Marbella

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Marbella

If you’re holidaying in Spain’s Costa del Sol then you can save some money and maintain your dental health by getting dental care while you’re there. If you are from the UK and struggling to find an NHS dentist for your dental fillings, Marbella is a good option for high-quality, low-cost dentistry. It might not be on the top of your agenda for your holiday, but a few hours out of your time could well be worth it, saving you money and preserving your dental health. Plus, you won’t have to rush back to work with a numb mouth after your trip to the dentist!


Dental Tourism in Marbella

If you are new to dental tourism then easing into it with a straightforward dental procedure, like dental fillings , could be a way of testing the waters, as it were. Many people are apprehensive about visiting a dentist at home, so the thought of getting dental care abroad is even scarier. However, the lower costs in Spain are a tempting proposition to even the most reluctant of dental patients. If you visit Marbella often then this could be a good way of gaining confidence in the dental facilities in Spain—and who knows, perhaps next time you’ll splash out on that expensive dental procedure that is too costly at home?


These days, people are becoming aware that not looking after your teeth with regular check-ups and not dealing with small problems inevitably leads to bigger, more expensive issues further down the line. Many of us are guilty of putting things off for all sorts of reasons—lack of time; expense; nervousness. However, if you are on holiday then two out of three of these are negated immediately! If you are a typically nervous patient then you’ll discover many sympathetic dentists in Marbella who will make you wonder what all the fuss was about!


What is the Cost of a Dental Filling in Marbella?

For a tooth-coloured filling, you’ll pay less than a third in Marbella than you would at home: 


UK £


US $



NZ $

Dental Fillings Prices at home







Dental Fillings Prices in









How Long Will Dental Fillings in Marbella Take?

The procedure is no different in Spain than it is at home. You will first have a consultation with the dentist who will examine your mouth. X-rays may be taken to discover any underlying problems that the dentist can’t see with the naked eye. If you need only a filling, then your dentist will talk through the materials that can be used. The traditional silver amalgam fillings have somewhat fallen out of favour, notwithstanding they contain controversial mercury, but also because they are unattractive compared to more visually pleasing options. However, they are still available if you want them, as are other materials, including porcelain, composite or other precious metals, like gold.


The filling is carried out under a local anaesthetic. This is the most uncomfortable part of the procedure when the anaesthetic is injected into the gum surrounding the tooth or teeth to be treated. Luckily, the discomfort is only momentary and your gum will soon be numbed once the anaesthetic starts to take effect. This will take several minutes and so the treatment won’t commence until then.


Once the procedure starts, the dentist will remove the decayed areas of your tooth. When all the decayed areas are removed, the tooth is cleansed and the filling material applied. Once the filling has hardened, after a minute or two, the dentist begins to shape the material so that it feels comfortable. You may be asked to bite down on some coloured paper, which the dentist looks at to see the teeth impressions. If your filling is too tall then the other teeth won’t leave an impression on the paper, so the dentist will need to pare down the new filling a little more. Once you are both happy, you will be asked to rinse your mouth to remove any filling debris and that’s your filling finished. It shouldn’t really take more than half an hour.

How Can I Be Sure of the Quality of Dentists in Marbella? 

As Spain is in the European Union you needn’t worry about the health and safety aspects of your dental care in Marbella, as European-wide regulations are followed by all EU member states. Furthermore, dentists in Spain operate on a private practice basis, which means they are in competition with other dentists for patients. It is, therefore, in their interests to provide good-quality services at competitive prices. This is also true for dentists serving international patients and you’ll see that many of these clinics are of a high-spec and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

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How do I Arrange an Appointment for Dental Fillings in Marbella?

Search our website for your clinic and it’s as simple as booking online, or you can get a free, no obligation quote. If you’d like to speak to our Customer Care Team about dental fillings in Marbella then you can phone the free phone number, or use the online chat.