Fillings in Kata Beach

The Ultimate Guide to Fillings in Kata Beach

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How much are dental fillings in Kata Beach compared with Australia and New Zealand?

The cost will depend on what material you choose, but white, composite fillings in Australia cost around AUD $150, but in Kata Beach are under AUD $20. Obviously, this can add up to a substantial saving if you are having a number of fillings.

The old silver-colored amalgam fillings are less popular these days as people are worried about the health-effects of mercury, and because they want to have a white, natural-looking smile.

How long do dental fillings take in Kata Beach?

One of the quickest dental procedures to carry out, they are generally completed in one visit in less than an hour. Some larger back teeth may take a little longer, and may be a little more expensive.

You will be given a local anesthetic to numb your mouth before the dentist starts to remove the decayed areas from your tooth with a drill. Once this is finished, the tooth will be cleansed thoroughly and the cavity packed with the chosen filling material.

This will be left to harden for a few minutes, after which your dentist will file it and shape it as necessary until you are happy with it.

Why have dental fillings in Kata Beach?

Dental fillings are an easy way of keeping your dental health in tip-top condition. For just an hour or two of your time on holiday you can ensure your teeth are kept healthy for a few more years. Not only will this benefit your oral health greatly, but it will be kinder on your pocket in the long term.

Maintaining dental health is expensive, so having regular check-ups and attending to minor problems as they arise makes a lot of sense – and even more so if you can save over a hundred dollars getting it done while on holiday.

If you are concerned about the health risks of amalgam fillings, it may be your only affordable means of replacing your metal fillings by having them done while on holiday. You could have a quarter of your teeth filled in Kata Beach for less than the cost of one filling by your dentist at home!

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Can I book online for my dental fillings in Kata Beach?

Yes - book online for your dental fillings in Kata Beach. Compare our prices to see how much you can save; read our reviews, check-out maps, view clinic photos, take virtual tours and discover our exclusive discounts and best price guarantee. Talk to us via our online chat, phone our Toll-free number or drop us an e-mail – we’re always here to help.



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