Root Canal in Cancun

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Cancun

Last fact-checked: 7 February 2020

Find a quality-checked dentist with Dental Departures for root canals in Cancun. Save up to 80% on prices you would expect to pay at home— all while soaking up the sun on vacation to Mexico's most popular coastal city

What Should I Know About Having this Treatment in Cancun?

Root canal treatment may be required to save a tooth rather than removing it if the nerve becomes damaged or infected as a result of cracks or cavities. In Cancun, a specialist dentist (an endodontist) will undertake your root canal treatment, following the exact same procedure and protocols as any dentist would in North America.

Treatment time depends on whether you have had an infection. If you have, it may take up to two weeks to complete. And for places in which to kill time for a week or two, it doesn't get much better than Cancun.

Known for its amazing beaches and range of activities both on and underwater, Cancun is much more than a beach resort. It is smart, chic and cultured, reflected in the array of fine restaurants, boutique shopping and historical sites that are in and around the area.

Do note that it's best to plan your more vigorous activities before going in for surgery. Some patients may suffer sensitivity and soreness after the procedure, so it's wise to take it easy, perhaps relaxing by the pool or visiting a spa, during the days following your root canal in Cancun. 

Why Have Root Canals in Cancun?

Finding a specialist dentist anywhere in the world can be difficult enough. With Dental Departures, finding your specialist dentist in Cancun is made much more straightforward.

Our background checks ensure you can see all our dentists’ qualifications and specializations, as well as their memberships of professional organizations including the American Dental Association (ADA) or its equivalent in Mexico, the Mexican Dental Association (ADM).

You can be certain that professional standards in Cancun are as high as back home with your local dentist - and this goes for all aspects of your care and treatment, including sterilization methods and the use of up-to-date dental technologies.

Your root canal dental treatment in Cancun will be the same as it would be in the States, except for one item–the price. Here, you will find costs are around a third of what you would normally pay at home, giving you plenty of chance to enjoy saving money while on your vacation, or recuperating from your treatment.

How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take in Cancun?

A root canal alone, with no complications such as an infection, can often be completed in a day. If you have an infection, this will need to be cleared with antibiotics before treatment is started, which usually takes around 10 days. In this case, it could be a smart move to commence a course of antibiotics at home before you travel to Cancun. Then, your root canal treatment can be started as soon as you arrive, saving you on accommodations and amenities costs in Cancun.

After the root canal treatment, you will have the restoration (crown) fitted. Your dentist will make impressions of your teeth and send these to the lab to make the custom-fit crown. Once your dentist has received the crown after a couple of days, it's time to head back to the clinic to have it fitted and shaped; then you are free to go!

How Much Can I Save on Root Canals in Cancun Compared to the US and Canada?

Root canal prices vary on a number of factors. Larger teeth, such as molars, are more expensive than a smaller front tooth. On average, a root canal starts from around $1,280 in the US; in Cancun, the price is around $250.

A crown would cost an additional $1,000 but only around $350 in Cancun.

Traveling to Cancun for your root canal treatment could save you around $1,500–more than enough to enjoy a fantastic vacation in this stunning resort.

Feeling tempted? Then take a look at these three top Cancun clinics listed with Dental Departures:

How Can I book an Appointment for Root Canals in Cancun?

Simply phone, e-mail or book online via the Dental Departures site. Find your dentist, check-out maps, read reviews and compare prices. We provide all the information you need and trust; so book with us for your root canals in Cancun today.


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