Root Canal in Patong

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Patong

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What is Root Canal Treatment?

An abscess may be the first sign you get that you have a root canal problem. Antibiotics may be needed to clear the infection but you will need to have root canal treatment to remove the infected tissue and to clean up the cavity, or you may lose your tooth altogether.

Many people are apprehensive about root canals, but the procedure is done under a local anesthetic and should be pain-free. Afterwards you may feel a level of discomfort, but it should be no worse than a filling – and if you have had an abscess you are likely to feel much relieved.

What is involved in the treatment of Root Canals?

After the local anesthetic has been administered, a small opening is made in the top of the tooth so your dentist can access the tooth root. The infected tissue is removed and the ensuing cavity is cleared and cleansed. A temporary filling will be put in place, just to make sure all the infection has cleared up before the permanent filling or crown restoration.

How long do root canals take in Patong Beach?

The number of visits you will need at the dentist will vary, depending on the number of root canals your tooth has, the complexity of the procedure, whether you have had an infection and whether you need a crown restoration. If you have no infection and your clinic uses modern CAD/CAM equipment, a root canal and crown can be achieved within a couple of days. If you require only a filling, you can be in and out of the dentist's chair the same day!

Why have root canal treatment in Patong Beach?

It is important to ensure you have your root canal done by a specialist in this procedure, called an endodontist. With Dental Departures you can see which of our clinics have an endodontist, so you are assured of getting an expert.

We understand trying to find a dentist, especially abroad, is daunting. We provide clinic photos, virtual tours and real patient reviews so that you can get a clear picture and make an informed decision about which dentist to choose.

Thai dentists receive extensive training, on a par with your dentist at home. Many have been treating overseas patients for a long time and have a deserved reputation for excellence. Providing high-quality care in state-of-the-art clinics, many patients feel that the care they receive here is of a better standard than they receive at home.

Furthermore, Thai dentists are constantly improving their skills and there is a healthy competition among clinics to provide the best services – which also means that prices are kept low, which is good news for patients.

A lively resort, you will not be short of things to see and do in between visits to your Patong Beach dentist.

What is the cost of root canals in Patong Beach?

Root canals in Australia start at around AUD $1,250; in Patong Beach they start from AUD $99. For a root canal with post/core and crown the cost is an average of AUD $2,155 in Australia, or AUD $526 in Patong Beach.

How do I book?

Book an appointment online, via e-mail or call us on our toll-free number. With Dental Departures you can find a dentist for root canals in Patong Beach, read patient reviews, view maps, and discover great savings with our exclusive discounts. Use our online chat if you want to ask us any questions – we’re always happy to help – and with us you will receive the very best prices available – guaranteed. Get a free quote and see


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