Root Canal in Hanoi

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Hanoi

Find a way to save your tooth with root canals in Hanoi. Root canal treatment is a necessary evil, but much more preferable than losing a tooth. With savings of over 75% at our dentists in Hanoi, getting your root canal treatment may not be such a bad option, after all.

Although many people recoil in horror at the mere mention of the words root canals, the treatment really isn't that bad. You should certainly feel no pain, and the after effects should be no worse than the discomfort from a tooth filling. Root canal treatment may sometimes take a little while to do, especially if your tooth has several roots, all with a number of canals. If you have an infection, this is another added irritation that will need to be addressed before the root canal procedure can be commenced.

Come to see our dentists in Hanoi who will soon solve your problems - and have you feeling right as rain in no time.

Why have root canals in Hanoi?

The cost is low but the standards high. You may have to be around for up to two weeks to complete root canal treatment, so it makes sense to have a holiday at the same time, and there’s plenty to see and do in and around Hanoi, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beaches and other vacation activities.

Contrary to what people may think about the standards of dental care overseas, we have generally found it to be very good. In developing nations, such as Vietnam, there is very little difference between training here and dental schools in the West. Global standardization of new techniques and methods means that, nowadays, there is very little variation exists in standards across the world. That is not to say that patients shouldn't take care when committing to dental treatment abroad.

We always advocate that background research is paramount in ensuring you get the best dental care. To do this you should find out as much as you can about your particular problem, and the treatments to remedy it. Know what you're dealing with.

 You should also research your dentist and clinic. Dental departures has made this process easier as we background check all of our dentists, looking into criminal and legal records, as well as dentist qualifications and professional memberships. With real patient reviews and high definition clinic photos, this information is all freely available on our website for our patients to use to find the dentist that works for them

How long does root canal treatment take in Hanoi?

You may possibly need to be in Hanoi for up to two weeks. The actual treatment is usually carried out in one day, but your dentist will need to ensure that no signs of infection are apparent after your procedure before the final fillings are put in place.

When you have the procedure performed, it may take several hours. This depends on whether you are having the procedure on a front or back tooth. Back teeth generally have more roots and more canals, which means your dentist has to clean, remove and seal the debris from not just one canal, but several. This will obviously take longer.

Once the procedure is complete the canals will be sealed temporarily and you will be asked to come back several days later for a checkup and, providing there are no signs of infection, the temporary feelings will be replaced with permanent ones, and possibly a crown to strengthen the teeth.

What is the cost of root canals in Australia compared to Hanoi?

Root canals with post core and crown in Hanoi cost around AUD $700  (US $530; UK £430; EURO €480), compared to $2,800 (US $2100; UK £1700; EURO €1900) in Australia. 

What now?

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