Root Canal in Thailand

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Thailand

Last fact-checked: 11 February 2020

Book for your root canal in Thailand with Dental Departures. Root canal treatment can take up to two weeks’ to complete so why not consider having it done in Thailand, save yourself a lot of money and enjoy a holiday at the same time? 

A common but specialty procedure, root canal treatment may be required to save your tooth from extraction. Around one third of Australians avoid the dentist but unfortunately, root canals are so expensive in Australia and New Zealand as to render it unaffordable for many, resulting in the loss of the tooth. then brings other problems about missing teeth, for example, replacing them with implants, crowns, bridges or dentures - which are also expensive options.

Finding a dentist in Thailand who specializes in root canals is relatively straightforward with Dental Departures. We list quality dentists located in leading tourist destinations, and so you will never be too far away from a great dentist, excellent accommodations and other amenities. 

Why Have Root Canals in Thailand? 

Thailand’s famous holiday spots are legendary and whether you want to head to these popular locations or try something off the beaten track, you’ll have the time of your life in the Kingdom of Smiles.

Ensuring you have your root canal done by a specialist dentist, or endodontist, is important, as choosing a dentist who is not experienced in this procedure could potentially cause more problems.

With Dental Departures, you can search our website to see dentists who offer this procedure. We have already background checked dentists' qualifications and experience, and you can also look at photos of our clinics and read other patients’ reviews.

Dentists in Thailand have undergone extensive training, just like dentists at home, with many also being members of other dental governing bodies overseas, as well as with the Thai authorities.

Many Thai clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and dental equipment, who adhere to strict sterilization techniques. If you spend time choosing the right dentist in Thailand you can be confident of a good outcome. Check out some of its popular clinics with dental travelers:

The Bangkok International Dental Center in Bangkok

Sea Smile Dental Clinic in Patong, Phuket

The Dental Design Center in Pattaya

How Long Do Root Canals Take in Thailand?

Root canals may be completed in a couple of appointments. On your first appointment, the actual procedure is carried out, and it may take some hours depending on how many roots are in the affected tooth. Your dentist may perform the procedure on up to six root canals in one tooth. Each soft pulp in the center of the tooth and each canal will have be cleared of debris and infected material before being carefully cleaned.

Once this has been done, a temporary filling will be placed. If you require a crown you will stay for an additional day or two in order to have the crown made and fitted.

Also, if you have had an infection you will need to have been on a course of antibiotics for 10 days before your dentist will start root canal treatment. You can get these from your dentist at home and start them before you arrive for your dental appointment in Thailand.

How Much Can I Save on  Root Canals Compared to Australia or New Zealand?

The cost varies depending on the size of the tooth, number of root canals, filling material used or whether a permanent restoration (crown) is fitted, but the average price in Australia is around AUD $1,250.  In Thailand’s clinics root canal prices start from AUD $99.

For a root canal with post/core and crown, the price can jump to AUD $2,155 in Australia or AUD $526 in Thailand.

For patient's intent on saving their tooth from extraction, Thailand dentists may be the solution to the problem of affordability for root canal treatment.

Can I Book My Appointment Online?

Yes–with Dental Departures you can book your root canal in Thailand online. You can also use our freephone number, online chat or email to book an appointment or chat with us. Compare our prices, read our reviews and check-out our clinic photos and maps. We also provide exclusive discounts and guarantee the best prices. Discover how easy the process is and book your appointment with us.

(Image by Dan Taylor)


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