Veneers in Cabo San Lucas

The Ultimate Guide to Veneers in Cabo San Lucas

Last fact-checked: 8 February 2020

Save around 70% on dental veneers in Cabo San Lucas with Dental Departures. As for the result? A white, even smile that you can be proud of – and show off to friends and family once you arrive back home from Mexico.

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What Should I Know About Dental Veneers in Cabo San Lucas?

A relatively simple and straightforward cosmetic dentistry procedure, dental veneers can deliver a complete smile makeover, altering the appearance of unsightly-looking teeth by simply hiding them behind a wafer-thin piece of material. 

Cabo San Lucas is the ultimate escape, especially for North Americans. In less than two hours from some US cities, you can be relaxing on the beach in one of Mexico's most stunning coastal destinations. 

Dental veneers are a non-invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure. No surgery is involved, there is little discomfort and most of the natural tooth structure remains intact. When compared to alternative treatments, they are relatively affordable (if you have them made and fitted abroad) and long-lasting. The other benefit is that the whole procedure can be carried out in a single trip.

Why Have Dental Veneers in Cabo San Lucas?

Cabo San Lucas is one of our top dental tourism destinations. It's easy to get there from all over North America, and promises a wealth of fun activities (like whale-watching cruises, beach-hopping and endless watersports) which you can make the most of between dental appointments. 

Although some people may have a few misgivings about undergoing dental treatment in another country (especially as to the quality of the materials) the reality is that in the best clinics the quality of dental treatment in Mexico is generally on par with what you would receive back home - providing, that is, you choose an established clinic.

Dental Departures takes away any doubt you may have when searching for an 'established' clinic by conducting thorough background checks on all dentists and clinics listed on our site. We establish their credentials so you can be confident that your dental treatment will be carried out by a certified professional in the relevant field of dentistry.

Our dentists in Cabo San Lucas provide high-quality dental veneers made from a variety of materials, including affordable composite veneers and porcelain.

With prices at up to 60% less than you would pay at home, the savings are substantial enough to enjoy a rewarding vacation in this beautiful part of the world.

How Long Will My Dental Veneers Take in Cabo San Lucas?

This depends on your dental condition and particular cosmetic aims. Simply by looking in the mirror and smiling, you can count the number of teeth that probably need hiding; doing this can determine the number of veneers you need.

Typically, six veneers on the front four teeth plus two canines can usually be carried out more quickly than a full set of veneers, which is often unnecessary, anyway.

The material used will also have a bearing on how long the treatment takes. The procedure using composite veneers is the quickest and can usually be completed in one appointment if you are having only the front teeth done. These are the most affordable veneers and can last up to 10 years.

Porcelain veneers take a little longer as a mold has to be taken of your teeth on your first visit to the dentist, which is then sent to a lab to custom-make the veneers. You will then return to your dentist to have them fitted. This two-appointment process usually takes a week, but clinics with CAM/CAD in-house ceramic studios may be able to make them in a day.

How Much Can I Save on Dental Veneers in Cabo San Lucas Compared to the US and Canada?

Prices in the United States for a single porcelain veneer start at around $1,100. In Cabo San Lucas the price is around $460.

The perfect Hollywood Smile is more achievable than you think with dental veneers in Cabo San Lucas.

How Do I Book My Veneers with Dental Departures?

It's easy to book an appointment at one of our quality-checked dentists in Cabo San LucasBook directly online, phone us for free, use our online chat facility or send us an e-mail. Obtain high-quality dental veneers in Cabo San Lucas with Dental Departures - and return home with a stunning new smile.


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