Veneers in Antalya

The Ultimate Guide to Veneers in Antalya

Treat yourself to a smile makeover with low-cost dental veneers in Antalya . While veneers are one of the quickest ways to improve the look of damaged or misshapen teeth, the prices at home put many people off the treatment. However, check out the prices at our clinics in Turkey and you may find it more affordable than you think.

What Are the Prices of Dental Veneers in Antalya?

The table below shows the price comparison of dental veneers in Antalya compared to your home county. As you can see, you can save over up to 85% per veneer. In fact, you can fix a row of teeth with veneers in Antalya for the price of just one veneer at home!


UK £


US $



Dental Veneers at home - Cost






Dental Veneers in Antalya – Cost






Will Dental Veneers Help Me?


Dental veneers are a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can help correct a number of aesthetic problems you may have with your teeth. While the treatment doesn’t have any effect on your dental health, your mouth and teeth need to be in good shape before you have the veneers, otherwise the treatment may not be effective. If you have teeth that are decaying, the veneers will have trouble staying put, which will be money wasted if they fall off.

If your dental health is good then veneers may be a good option. Dental veneers can be placed over the front of the offending tooth (or teeth), transforming its appearance to a white, straight and well-formed tooth. Thus, if you have teeth that are misshapen, chipped, cracked or discoloured, veneers can alleviate the problem.

Another issue that veneers can correct is uneven smiles, negating the need for time-consuming, uncomfortable orthodontic work. While it is not unusual for adults to wear braces, it is more typically a treatment carried out on teenagers, and as an adult you may feel self-conscious wearing them. Veneers can give you a straight smile in a matter of days rather than years, simply by fixing a row of veneers to the top front teeth that show when you smile.

What is the Procedure for Dental Veneers? How Long Will It Take?


Unless you are signed up for “same-day veneers” (see below), the procedure typically takes two visits to the dentist:

1st Visit: Assessment, Treatment Planning and Preparation of Teeth: During your first visit to the dentist, your goals from the treatment will be discussed and the dentist will conduct an examination of your mouth and teeth, as well as taking any other appropriate diagnostic tests, such as x-rays. If you are suitable for the treatment, the next step is to prepare any teeth receiving a veneer.

For the veneers to fit flush with your other teeth, a small amount of enamel is removed from the front of the tooth where the veneer is to be attached. Once this has been carried out, impressions will be made of your tooth and sent to a laboratory where your veneer is custom fit.

Another appointment will be arranged to have the veneers fitted once your dentist receives them from the lab (typically, a few days).

2nd Visit: Fixing Veneers: The process for attaching the veneers to your teeth is relatively straightforward. A special light-activated adhesive is used to bond each veneer to its tooth. It takes just a few moments for each veneer to become securely fixed and they are effective immediately.

Same-Day Veneers

If your dental clinic offers CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture), you may be able to get your veneers in just one visit to the dentist. Your teeth can be prepared and instead of impressions, the dentist uses a camera to produce digital images of your mouth on a computer screen. Using special software, the veneers can be designed on the screen in front of you, and once you and the dentist are happy with them can be sent, at the touch of a button, to an onsite milling machine that makes your veneers while you wait. Once complete, the dentist can then affix them to your teeth, and off you go.


Why is Antalya a Good Place to Get Veneers as a Dental Tourist?

Dental tourism is becoming more popular in Turkey. Dentists in Turkey provide good quality services to international patients. They are trained to a high standard and are highly-skilled in all areas of dentistry. Clinics offering services to international patients tend to be modern with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technologies providing accurate diagnoses and reliable treatment outcomes.

Take a look at these popular clinics in Antalya where you can book for your dental veneers: