Whitening in Singapore

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Singapore

Last fact-checked: 5 April 2020

Dreaming of a whiter, brighter smile? Whether visiting for business or pleasure, booking teeth whitening in Singapore at a reliable, quality-checked clinic is made easy with Dental Departures.

This modern country is a great location to rejuvenate your smile—and it will only take an hour or two out of your schedule for what is often a major transformation.

Am I A Suitable Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

While it seems like everybody is doing it nowadays, teeth whitening is not suitable for all.

Some internal stains on the teeth caused by antibiotics will not be affected by teeth whitening procedures, which work only on external stains. Teeth whitening will also have no effect on dental restorations, including crowns, bridges and dentures.

It is also imperative that you have good oral and dental health. Active gum disease or tooth decay may present a problem because bleaching agents contained in the teeth whitening gel may damage teeth and gums, causing permanent and irreversible sensitivity or pain. No matter how much you want a whiter smile, nothing is worth permanent pain. The best advice here is to get any preexisting oral health problems are under control before you even think about teeth whitening treatment.

It’s also worth noting that overdoing teeth whitening treatments can cause damage to the teeth, which is why you should always seek the opinion of a good dentist.

Is Teeth Whitening a Good Treatment to Get in Singapore as a Dental Tourist?

Laser teeth whitening treatments are generally good procedures to have as a dental tourist, and that is true of Singapore, because:

● It’s quick: Laser teeth whitening takes less than two hours to complete.

● It is effective: The treatment has a dramatic effect on your smile, whitening your teeth by up to 14 shades.

● Virtually no downtime after treatment: Although some people experience a slightly increased sensitivity after treatment, you should be able to carry on with your normal day-to-day activities as immediately after treatment

● Singapore has a wide choice of excellent dental clinics (and all those listed with Dental Departures have all been fully vetted).

What Does Laser Teeth Whitening Cost in Singapore?

While it’s unlikely you’ll save money in Singapore on teeth whitening treatments, the cost isn’t excessively more than at home:



NZ $

UK £


US $

Laser Teeth whitening price – home






Laser Teeth whitening price – Singapore






Note: the prices above are approximate. Please check our current prices for your selected clinic for estimated costs of treatment.

What About Other Teeth Whitening Treatments?

If you don’t want to have laser teeth whitening, most dental offices also offer at-home whitening kits. The results won’t be as dramatic as laser teeth whitening but you will be able to control the degree of whitening yourself.

The whitening gel provided by your dentist is also likely to be stronger than over-the-counter brands, and made-to-measure trays that fit over your teeth will yield a better result as the gel is held in place.

What About the Quality Teeth Whitening in Singapore?

As long as you choose a dental provider that you know is reliable, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t receive an effective, and safe, teeth whitening treatment. The contemporary facilities in Singapore are equipped with the latest technologies and world-renowned brands, such as BriteSmile®, Zoom!® and other teeth whitening brands dentists at home use.

Choosing a good provider is key to ensuring an expected outcome, and Dental Departures understands the importance of conducting a stringent pre-screening process on each one. We look at a number of criteria on all the dental providers we partner with. If we’re not happy, you won’t see the facility listed on our site.

These criteria include onsite visits, legal/criminal record checks, verifications of dentist qualifications and confirmations of professional memberships. You can also check out photos of dental clinics, compare prices, read patient reviews and view location maps to help you pinpoint the best facility for you.

Popular clinics in Singapore for teeth whitening include:

Pure NZ Dental

● Royce Dental Surgery Kovan

● Royce Dental Surgery Woodlands

What Is the Procedure for Teeth Whitening in Singapore?

Laser Teeth Whitening: Before treatment starts, the dentist will use a shade chart to gauge the shade of your teeth in order to compare it with the end result. Your teeth will then be cleaned to remove any tartar (hard plaque) and stubborn stains. A rubber dam is placed around your teeth to protect the soft tissues in your mouth from the bleaching gel, and you will be given protective eyewear to block out the laser beam.

Bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and the laser directed at the gel to activate the whitening agents. Depending on which system your dentist uses, the gel/laser application may differ in the length of time the gel is left on the teeth, and how many times it is applied. Some systems require one application with the gel remaining on the teeth for 45 minutes while others require three applications at 15-minute intervals. All are equally as effective.

After the final application, the dentist removes all traces of the gel and the rubber dam before cleaning the teeth thoroughly again. Holding up the shade chart, you can measure how many shades whiter your teeth have become.

At-Home Whitening Kits: At-home whitening kits require two visits to the dentist. During the first one, impressions are taken of your mouth and sent to a laboratory where the trays (that will eventually contain the bleaching gel to fit over your teeth) are made-to-measure.

Once the dentist has received these back from the lab (normally after a few days), you can go back to pick them and the gel up. Your dentist will check they fit and demonstrate how they should be used. The beauty of this method is that you can use them time and time again, purchasing gel from your dentist back home.


How Can I Book an Appointment?

Discover more about teeth whitening in Singapore— get in touch with Dental Departures’ Customer Care Team. They can help you book an appointment, obtain a free quote, book a hotel and more. Other convenient online booking options are displayed below.


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