Whitening in Kata Beach

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Kata Beach

Find out about laser teeth whitening in Kata Beach with Dental Departures. If you’re on holiday then why not complement your tan with a white smile – and make vast savings compared to the prices at home.

What is laser Teeth Whitening?

A special light emitted from the laser activates a gel that is applied to your teeth. The gel contains bleaching agents to remove the yellow color from teeth, making them up to 14 shades whiter than before.

How long does laser teeth whitening take?

Typically, around 2 hours from start to finish. Exact times and the way the procedure is carried out vary slightly depending on which teeth whitening system is used, but don’t worry, they all deliver noticeable results.

What is entailed in the procedure?

The dentist first cleans your teeth to remove any stubborn stains. A protective rubber dam is used to cover the soft tissues in your mouth so that the gel doesn’t come into contact with them. The gel is applied and the laser directed at it. This process may be repeated several times until your dentist removes the gel completely after the final time. Teeth will be cleaned again before your dentist shows you your new brighter smile.

Why have laser Teeth Whitening in Kata Beach?

If you’ve always hankered after a whiter smile then getting the treatment while on holiday is a good way to go. It only takes a couple of hours out of your time, is painless and has a great pay-off.

Dental treatment is becoming increasingly more popular abroad because of the savings that can be made. In these days of expensive dental care for many people at home incorporating it into their annual holiday is a good option. Kata Beach is in one of Phuket’s most popular holiday locations and its dentists are used to dealing with international clients, offering good-quality, trustworthy services that adhere to recognized health and safety recommendations, such as the ISO’s.

Dental Departures knows the importance of good credentials, and so we do our own background checks before we list clinics on our site. This includes verifying qualifications, professional memberships and collating real patient reviews, as well as onsite clinic visits. You can be assured when you book with us that your dentist’s credentials stack-up.

What about professional home whitening kits?

Many dentists provide home whitening kits, which brighten teeth by several shades but don’t provide the dramatic results of laser teeth whitening. However, if you have had your teeth whitened by laser you may want to use a home whitening kit to keep your smile at its whitest.

For this, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth to send to the lab so that custom-fit trays can be made for your mouth. These are filled with the whitening gel and fitted over the teeth – usually as you sleep. It will take several days for the trays to come back from the lab, so you will need to go back to the dentist to pick them up.

What is the cost of Teeth Whitening in Kata Beach?

Laser teeth whitening in Kata Beach costs around AUD $230 (US $173; UK £140; EURO €150) compared to Australia where it costs around AUD $588 (US $443; UK £360; EURO €400).

What now?

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(Photo: Public Domain by PHG)