Whitening in Izmir

The Ultimate Guide to Whitening in Izmir

Last fact-checked: 19 February 2020

Enjoy lower-cost teeth whitening in Izmir, Turkey at a quality-checked dentist. If you’re off on holiday, Dental Departures makes it easy to find a dentist in Izmir—a historic coastal city where you can take a well-earned break and return home with a dazzling new smile.

It’s amazing what a difference white teeth can make to your smile. You’ll look healthier, younger—and can help increase your confidence. Teeth whitening is one of the most effective cosmetic treatments out there—and it’s quick, easy and doesn’t cost the earth.

While there are lots of so-called whitening products on the market, many of them actually make little, if any difference to the whiteness of your smile. By far the best way to whiten your teeth is with laser teeth whitening, which can only be carried out at a dental office. For a dramatically brighter smile, laser is a sensible, affordable choice.

However, if you want a gentler whitening effect, there is another option: at-home whitening kits provided by a dentist. These won’t whiten your teeth to the same extent as laser teeth whitening, but will certainly make a noticeable difference.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost in Izmir?

Laser teeth whitening prices in Izmir are far lower than at home. Compare the prices in the table below:


UK £


US $



Laser Teeth whitening price at home






Laser Teeth whitening price in Izmir






Of course, saving a few hundred quid won’t justify flying all the way to Turkey especially for this treatment, but if you’re already planning a trip or heading here for more extensive dental work, popping into a clinic for teeth whitening could make excellent sense.

Why Is Teeth Whitening a Good Treatment for Dental Tourists?

Laser teeth whitening is a good treatment to have as a dental tourist because:

  1. It’s quick: The procedure takes around two hours to complete, so you’ll eat up precious little of your holiday time.
  1. It’s painless: Apart from a little tooth sensitivity for a day or two (only in some cases), you’ll be able to carry on with all your normal holiday activities without much discomfort.
  1. Dramatic results: Your teeth can be whitened by up to 14 shades, with the effects immediately noticeable.
  1. Low cost: You’ll save at least 60% on the cost of laser teeth whitening in Izmir, compared to the price you’d pay at home.

What Is the Process for Teeth Whitening? 

Having generally good oral health is imperative before you consider teeth whitening treatments. The dentist will examine your mouth to check you are a suitable candidate and have no tooth decay or active gum disease. It should always be remembered that teeth whitening, although cosmetic, is still a medical procedure (rather than a beauty treatment)—and it should be approached with due care and consideration.

Medical procedures, including teeth whitening, are not without risk; there is always a possibility of permanent damage to the teeth or gums if the requisite safety requirements aren’t adhered to. Over-zealous users of teeth whitening products have reported permanent, on-going discomfort with oversensitive teeth or gums. The old adage of ‘no pain, no gain’ is not something anyone wants for the rest of their lives.

Teeth whitening procedures make no difference to certain types of stains. These are “intrinsic” stains which are inside the teeth, rather than on the outside. Examples of these stains include teeth stained by antibiotics, like oxytetracycline. If you have this kind of staining, your only real option for an improved smile is to cover up those teeth with dental veneers .

So, before you decide whether teeth whitening is for you, do your homework and read up on teeth whitening before you make your decision.

Procedure for Laser Teeth Whitening:

There are a number of laser teeth whitening systems around, like Zoom!® or BriteSmile®. The one your dentist uses is purely down to what the clinic normally uses. In terms of results, you won’t notice any difference between these brands. The treatment takes between one and two hours, regardless of the system.

The process first involves cleaning the teeth, which are then covered in a whitening gel before a laser beam light is applied to activate the bleaching agents. Prior to this, the dentist will use a shade chart to assess the colour of your teeth so it can be compared with the end result. A rubber dam is also used throughout the whitening process to protect the soft tissues of your mouth from coming into contact with the gel. You will be given protective eyeglasses to wear to protect your eyes from the bright laser beam.

Depending on what system is in use, the bleaching gel may be applied just once for 45 minutes, or for 15-20 minutes over two or three separate applications. After the final laser application, the dentist removes all the gel, the rubber dam and cleans the teeth again. The results will be noticeably whiter, and the shade chart will indicate by how many shades.

At-home whitening kits: The at-home whitening kits require two visits to the dentist. During the first, you will be examined to make sure you are suitable for the treatment and, if so, impressions of your mouth will be taken. These are sent to a laboratory where the custom-fit trays that hold the whitening gel are made.

After a few days, return to the dentist to pick up your trays and gel. The dentist will demonstrate how to use them. Essentially, you squeeze the gel into the trays and wear them overnight. In the morning, remove the trays and clean them, and your teeth thoroughly to remove all the gel. Your trays will be ready for the next night and you can continue this process for two weeks, or until you are happy with the whitening result achieved. The beauty of these is that you can pick up more of the prescription gel from your dentist at home to top-up the whitening effects—obviously observing safety advice about overuse.

Can I Trust the Quality of the Whitening Treatments in Izmir?

Of course. Dentists in Turkey providing dental tourism services tend to be reliable and receive excellent feedback from patients. However, booking with Dental Departures helps eliminate the risk of stumbling across a facility in Turkey that may not be up to scratch.

Our pre-screened dentists have had their qualifications and professional memberships verified by us—and we do our own onsite visits, as well as collect and publish real patient reviews. You can choose your dentist through us with the confidence that they are trustworthy professionals.

Some of the clinics to check out for your teeth whitening in Izmir include:

DentaPoint Dental Clinics

DentaGlobal Dental Clinic

Dent KM


How Do I Get Started?

Get your HD smile by booking your fully cancellable appointment directly through the Dental Departures site. You can also contact our Customer Care Team  to book an appointment for teeth whitening in Izmir or to find out more.


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