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When you are looking for affordable dental work then dental prices in Bali hit the sweet spot. Often you may find that any kind of dental work that you require is super expensive. While you may necessarily have to get emergency procedures done at a high price in your home country, Bali dental prices for routine and cosmetic dentistry allow for affordable dental care of all kinds.

Why Bali?

Bali is an exotic and reasonably priced holiday destination, with diverse attractions to satisfy all kinds of tourists. More importantly, it has excellent medical and dental facilities at an inexpensive price.

The price factor is important

As you have to pay for dental procedures – and these can be frightfully expensive in your home country – you may well put off getting dental work done. Going to Bali will enable you to combine a holiday with dental work and still not burn a hole in your pocket.

Bali dental prices are so attractive that you save as much as 50 to 80 percent of the cost of dental work in Bali when compared to the prices of similar dental treatment in western countries.


In Australia, a root canal will cost you an average of AU$1,660 (NZ$1,706, £954, €1,133, US$ 1,275, CAD1,636), but a root canal in Bali will cost you only AU$224 (NZ$246, £139, €160, US$172, CAD229)

Dental crowns in Australia cost AUD $1,598 (NZ$1,741, £987, €1,139, US$1,200, CAD1,620), but a dental crown in Bali will cost only AU$614 (NZ$ $669, £379, €438, USD $461, CAD $622) in Bali.

For more expensive procedures like dental implants the savings are even more significant.

All-on-fours will cost you an average of AU$33,910 (NZ$34,841, £19,383, €23,130, US$26,000, CAD33,431) in your home, but All-on-4s in Bali cost AU$5,533 (NZ$6,086, £3,438, €3,943, US$4,247, CAD5,657)

Even if you factor in all the costs of travel including airfare, stay, food and entertainment, you will still save money.

Where will you find affordable dental care in Bali?

Bali has a range of specialty dental clinics that offer varied dental procedures. These are full service clinics, with in-house laboratories so that all the treatment is much faster. Dental Departures offers a number of affordable dental clinics that are listed on our website.

Among popular options are Sunset Dental Clinic that offers a free professional consultation along with a digital panoramic x-ray for first time patients. Bali 911 Dental Clinic is a full service dental clinic that offers all kinds of procedures and treatments at competitive rates. Both are manned by trained and highly qualified dentists.

Save your money, save your health

Thanks to the affordable dental pricing in Bali, you not only save money but also help your health. Scientific studies have shown that poor dental health has an adverse effect on overall health and some dental diseases may be linked to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, dementia or even Alzheimer’s.

When you take care of your teeth thanks to attractive Bali dental prices you not only have a healthy mouth and good teeth, but also stay healthier.

Amanda Duffy

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