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Considering dental care in Bangkok? Dentist prices a worry? Prices vary enormously for many of us so it’s little wonder you’ll want to know what kind of prices you’re likely to pay when you’re in Bangkok.


If you’re seriously contemplating a dental holiday then it’s likely one of your primary reasons is to save money – and you don’t want to be out-of-pocket before you’ve even started.


Popular Dental Procedure Prices in Bangkok, compared to other countries

Here’s some popular dental procedures; how much they cost at a dentist in Bangkok and the savings you’ll make compared to your home country:


                                Australia            Bangkok    Saving    
Dental Fillings (AUD):          $200 $49 75%
Dental Veneers (AUD): $1,600 $223 86%
Dental Implants (AUD): $5,100 $2,480 52%



                                             New Zealand    Bangkok     Saving    
Dental Fillings (NZD): $207 $54 73%
Dental Veneers (NZD): $1,740 $245 85%
Dental Implants (NZD): $5,500 $2,700  51%


                                                U.K.             Bangkok       Saving     
Dental Fillings (UK £): £116 £30 74%
Dental Veneers (UK £): £980 £152 84%
Dental Implants (UK £): £3,130 £1,500 51%


                                               EUROS          Bangkok     Saving     
Dental Fillings (Euro €): £116 £35 69%
Dental Veneers (Euro €): £1,100 £175 84%
Dental Implants (Euro €): £3,606 £1,700  51%

                                                U.S.              Bangkok      Saving    
Dental Fillings (US $): £116 £38 67%
Dental Veneers (US $): £1,200 £190 84%
Dental Implants (US $):  £3,913 £1,900 51%


Bangkok Dentistry = Substantial Savings

Savings are generally between 50% and 80% on dental care, depending on what treatment you have. This could amount to thousands if you decide to have a ‘big ticket’ procedure, like dental implants in Bangkok.

Other ways to save on dental care in Bangkok

You may be perfectly happy with the savings you’ll make on your dental care in Bangkok, but there are a number of other ways to save money.

  • Travel Out of Season

Get good deals on flights and accommodation by traveling out of season. Bangkok is hot and humid all year round, and so it tends to hit peak season during the cooler months – between December and February – and this is when the prices are higher. Visit in the low season, from May to October, and you’ll get some good deals on accommodation and flights.

  • Book with Dental Departures

We frequently have exclusive online discounts on offer with many of our dentists and we also provide a best price guarantee . So – you can book with us in complete confidence that you will be getting the best prices available for your treatment.

Find the right dentist

Our dentists have all been quality-checked by us to provide you with the complete peace-of-mind that the dentist you visit has the right credentials. Our background checks include onsite visits, confirmation of dentist qualifications and verification of professional memberships. If anything doesn’t stack-up, you won’t find them listed on our site.

Find the right dentist at the right price. Check out our extensive listings. Compare our Bangkok dentist prices, get a free quote and book online – or talk to our Customer Care team if you’ve any questions.

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