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So, your dentist has just given you the options for replacing your missing tooth but you have immediately decided against a dental implant because they are just too expensive. What would you say if we told you it is possible to get cheap dental implants up to 80% less than your dentist has quoted - by combining it with your annual holiday?

We’re sure this would be of interest to many people who don’t have dental insurance, or whose expensive insurance premiums don’t cover the costs of their dental care. 

Cheap dental implants abroad

Working closely with highly-skilled dental providers across the globe, we can put you in touch with dentists who will offer you affordable dental implants in some of the most amazing locations on the planet. Not only are they affordable, but you will receive a genuinely first-rate service – from dental expertise, to clean and modern clinics to branded, high-quality materials.

Why is a dentist overseas able to offer me cheap dental implants?

Countries offering cheaper dental care generally have much lower living costs. So, overheads such as office rent, labor costs, utilities and laboratory materials are considerably lower, which means he overheads associated with your care will be less.

Is the quality any less?

Receiving cheap dental implants abroad does not mean they will be inferior, or your treatment low-quality, compared to home.

Very often, many of our patients are surprised that the standards of care they receive at their clinic abroad is actually better than what they get at home. Dental tourism is a growing sector, and up-to-date, contemporary clinics are opening all the time to cope with demand. It is very competitive, which means that standards are high and prices kept low.

It is not uncommon to find modern clinics equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. In Thailand, where they have been receiving dental tourists for a good number of years, there's even a large, purpose-built multi-disciplinary dental center with on-site hotels, restaurants and other services to provide patients with a complete range of facilities ensuring their stay runs as smoothly as possible.

With the advent of globalization, standards throughout the world are becoming more consistent. You can be certain your dentist has received substantial training and is a member of their country’s professional organization. Many opt to become members of Western organizations too, such as the American Dental Association, or the British Dental Association, which means they are subject to the same rules, regulations and practices as their counterparts in those countries.

Where are some of the popular holiday destinations for cheap dental implants?

By booking an appointment through Dental Departures you will have access to hundreds of high-quality dentists who will provide you with affordable dental implants in some of the world’s most popular holiday locations.

For beautiful beaches surrounded by turquoise waters head for Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cozumel or Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. In Thailand, there is Phuket and Pattaya. However, there is also Costa Rica, The Philippines, Croatia or Turkey as well as many other attractive destinations across the globe.

If you prefer a city destination we have plenty of choices, including Bangkok, Manila, Delhi and Budapest – the choice is yours to decide on where to go for your cheap dental implants.

Many of our clinics also offer other free or discounted services if you are having dental implants, such as free or discounted hotel accommodation and free transfers – saving you even more.

US Citizens - More ways to get cheaper dental implants

For US patients there are a number of other ways to reduce the cost of your cheap dental implants further. If you have dental insurance, check to see if your provider offers out-of-network care. If they do you may be able to claim the cost of your treatment when you return home. 

If your medical and dental expenses in a year are equivalent, or more, than 10% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) you are allowed to claim it as a tax deductible expense. What is little known is accommodation may be included as a qualifying expense, provided it is incurred primarily as a result of your care.

If you thought you couldn’t afford dental implants it may be time to think again. We can help you find a location for cheap dental implants, which you may be able to get for even less if your insurance or tax situation is favorable.

Get started now and find a dentist to get cheap dental implants.

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