All on 4 in Phuket Province

The Ultimate Guide to All on 4 in Phuket Province

Last fact-checked: 3 February 2021

For a more affordable way to reap the benefits of the All-on-4® treatment concept, head to Phuket in Thailand and enjoy a holiday at the same time.

Flying to the island for your dental care is a win-win: you’ll be able to afford this impressive dental restoration, which is provided by Nobel Biocare®, and at the same time, get to spend a memorable break in this popular, stunning destination.

Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island known for crystal clear water, dazzling beaches, value accommodations and low-cost dental treatment.

Interested to know more? Read on and discover how you can save thousands with Dental Departures. 

What Is the All-on-4® Treatment Concept?

The All-on-4® treatment concept is an implant-based dental restoration technique; as the name suggests, four implants are used to replace a complete arch of teeth (either upper or lower jaw) with a fixed bridge.

Implants are replacement tooth roots that are placed into the jaw bone to hold a denture, crown or bridge. It normally consists of three main components: an implant, abutment and crown (whereas the All-on-4® treatment concept uses a custom-made bridge holding an entire row of crowns). 

The dental implants used as part of this technique are longer than traditional implants, with the rear two placed at 45-degree angles. This improves stability and can negate the need for bone graft surgery for patients who have suffered bone loss. 

Why Consider the All-on-4® Treatment Concept in Phuket?

We have partnered with a growing number of reputable clinics in Phuket that offer high-quality yet affordable dental care. The clinics provide effective treatment, impressive results and affordable prices.

Superb Service: You’ll experience exceptional service from dentists and healthcare professionals trained and skilled in dealing with patients from different countries. These specialists are armed with special training from local and international institutions and are members of organizations like the International Congress of Implantologists.

In order to provide the best patient care, they keep abreast with the current trends in the industry and apply this in their profession. Dental tourism services are also offered to cater to the needs of international patients. The clinics provide assistance on their dental needs and travel-related activities.

Effective Treatments: The dental specialists conduct a comprehensive examination, evaluate the case, and discuss the process before recommending the appropriate treatment. Clinics are equipped with modern technology which helps in providing accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. The dental instruments, tools and materials are of good quality and comply with global standards.

Affordable Prices: The cost of the All-on-4® treatment concept in Phuket is around 50%-70% less than in Western countries, meaning you can make some incredible savings while on holiday to this Southern Thai island.

A Chance for Holiday: Aside from exceptional, effective and inexpensive dental treatment, travelers enjoy the beautiful scenery and exciting activities on what is Thailand's largest and most-visited island.

Take your pick: island, adventure, entertainment or educational tour. Hop from one island to another; relax with the breathtaking views of Phi Phi or James Bond Islands; try jungle trekking; ride an ATV or go white water rafting.

What Is the Cost Compared to Treatment in Countries like Australia and New Zealand?

The cost of  the All-on-4® treatment concept in Phuket is around AUS $17,000 (UK £8,800; EURO €11,400; US $12,600; CAN $16,800).

This is compared to around AUS $35,000 in Australia (UK £18,200; EURO €23,600; US $26,000; CAN $34,600) for the same treatment. 

[Note: these are estimated prices calculated at the time of writing. Please see our clinic listings for up-to-date prices.]

How Will I Know If I’m a Good Candidate for this Implant Treatment?

Upon arrival, the specialist will confirm whether the treatment is right for you by carrying out a number of diagnostic tests. A person with strong bones and healthy gums is a good candidate for implants.

Your chosen dentist will discuss the requirements and treatment process, creating a personalised treatment plan for you based on your needs and preferences. Feel free to discuss your goals and ask questions.

Note: Before flying all the way to Thailand, it is a good idea to have your digital x-rays taken and emailed over, allowing your chosen dentist to make a provisional assessment as to whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment. Our representatives can help facilitate communication between you and the dentist. 

How Do I Book?

Find out more about our dental clinics in Phuket; compare prices, see before and after photos and read past patient reviews. 

If you’re ready to book, make your appointment online or speak to our Customer Care Team for assistance. They can also help if you’ve any questions about the All-on-4® treatment concept in Phuket, Thailand. 


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