Dental Implants in Guadalajara

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants in Guadalajara

Last fact-checked 5 February 2020

Get a million-dollar smile for a lot less than you think with dental implants in Guadalajara. Find and book with Dental Departures’ quality-checked global dentists for that winning smile and save more than 60%. 

What Are Dental Implants? 

Dental implants are used to replace a missing or damaged tooth. Where previously the only option available for missing teeth was either dentures or possibly a crown with a bridge, dental implants are now quite a common way of dealing with this problem. To all intents and purposes, the implant will feel and look exactly like a real tooth and requires no additional care than your own teeth. 

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

  • With no discernible difference between a dental implant and your own tooth, you will be able to chew your food and speak properly, compared to having dentures. Unlike dentures which may slip, dental implants are immovable, giving you the confidence to eat and smile knowing your tooth or teeth will remain in place. 
  • From an aesthetic point of view, an implant is much more attractive than a missing tooth, and no-one will ever know it is not your own tooth as they are color-matched to blend in with your existing teeth. 
  • Dental implants reduce the load on remaining teeth and structures in the mouth as they are independently supported. They preserve natural tooth tissue by avoiding the need to pare down adjacent teeth for conventional bridgework. They have also been shown to reduce the need for subsequent restorative intervention of adjacent teeth.
  • Nothing is more aging than missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth improves and controls facial contours that result in minimizing wrinkles–so they do actually help in preventing premature aging. 

Why Have Dental Implants in Guadalajara?

Dental implants usually take two trips to be completed. Guadalajara is relatively near for most North Americans and with return flights costing around $350 you can make a return trip and still comfortably save around 50%—with the added bonus of a holiday.

The best dental clinics in Guadalajara are accustomed to treating international patients. Facilities are of a high standard, equipped with the latest technologies available, and the same branded materials used by your dentist at home are available to dentists in Guadalajara.

Our dentists in Guadalajara are quality-checked by us. Dental Departures carries out a number of our own pre-screening checks, which includes examining legal/criminal records, confirming dentist qualifications and verifying professional memberships. We also perform on-site visits and include clinic photos, patient reviews, prices, location maps and more for each listing on our website, making it easy for you to choose a reliable facility with all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Top-rated clinics in Guadalajara you may want to consider for your dental implants include: 

ProClinic Dental
Clinica Dental Leend

How Long Do Dental Implants Take in Guadalajara?

For dental implants to be successful you will need to be fully assessed to ensure the bone in your jaw is acceptable to hold the implant. A digital x-ray of the jaw will establish the condition of the bone. If the bone is healthy then you will probably need two trips to complete the procedure. If you have lost a tooth because of advanced gum disease and the bone is not healthy, for example, if you have bone loss, which is quite common, then all is not lost. You may still be able to have a dental implant, but you will need an additional procedure called a bone graft to make the bone viable. This will involve an extra trip.

The implant procedure requires one or two days on the first trip. Your dentist will first make a small incision in your gum to access the bone. A small hole is drilled into the bone and the implant inserted. The gum will  then be closed over the implant and left to heal for a period of between three and six months. There will be no visible signs of the implant and you can opt to be given a healing denture to wear while the process of osseointegration takes place. This is when the bone fuses with the implant, making a strong and stable anchor for the false tooth (crown) to be fitted.

On your next trip, your dentist will attach the abutment to the implant. This is a post that secures the crown to the implant. The abutment protrudes through the gum and the crown is fixed to this and the implant procedure is complete. 

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Guadalajara Compared to the United States or Canada?

Save around 60% on the cost of dental implants in Guadalajara compared to home:


US $


UK £



Dental Implant Prices – at home






Dental Implant Prices – Guadalajara






Further Information

Guadalajara is Mexico’s second city, with a historic center dominated by the astonishing cathedra, plus colonial and baroque-style architecture. The birthplace of mariachi (Mexican music ensemble), charreria (Mexican rodeo) and Tequila, the city is high on culture and offers everything for the discerning city-visitor. From the colorful streets of the Tlaquepaque neighborhood to the rugged valleys and canyons of the surrounding countryside there is much to explore and enjoy in this special part of Mexico.

Dental implants in Guadalajara can be booked online or via our toll-free number. Find your dentist on our website and view clinic photos, take virtual tours and read real patient reviews to help you make your decision. We guarantee the best prices and offer exclusive discounts to save you even more money – so book with Dental Departures for the best prices and quality-checked dentists you can trust.


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