Dentures in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in Mexico City

(Image by: Matthew Rutledge)

Replace your ill-fitting dentures in Mexico City with our quality-checked dentists and upgrade to better quality materials on the savings you make. 

Mexico City is a beguiling mix of old and new. Historic buildings, modern offices and a fusion of cultures provide an absorbing destination for travelers. For visitors requiring dentures the City delivers high-quality care at cost-effective prices.

North-Americans, in particular, have been enticed to Mexico City for dental work because it is relatively easy to get to – short direct fights from major airports throughout the US and Canada arrive daily . However, culturally, if offers a fascinating insight into Mexico’s ancient and colonial past as well as providing all of the everyday facilities and conveniences on every tourist’s wish-list.

Trendy neighborhoods, boutique hotels, chic restaurants and bars as well as a number of public parks, galleries and museums complete the picture of a city that has a modern outlook while acknowledging its historical past. Getting your dentures done here will allow you plenty of time to explore and relax in this captivating City.

Why have Dentures in Mexico City?

Losing teeth is an unsettling experience. As well as affecting your self-confidence gaps created by missing teeth may cause further trouble as remaining teeth gradually move into the gaps. Dentures will remedy both problems, as well as improving your smile.

Some people are, naturally, wary about traveling abroad for their dental treatment, and while in the past there certainly may have been cause for concern, nowadays many of the myths regarding dentistry overseas are just not true.

Modern dentists in Mexico, especially those involved in dental tourism, share a healthy competition. For patients this means higher standards as dentists want to make sure they are providing the best services at the best prices. Our dentists in Mexico City have been subjected to our background inspections into their qualifications and experience, as well as our clinic visits. 

Booking an appointment through Dental Departures will give you peace of mind that the dentist you see is quality-checked, and you will also receive added security as all our dentists provide full guarantees on their work and any lab work. You can also be sure that the lab work on your dentures will use high-quality materials, consistent with the standards and materials at home.

How long do Dentures take in Mexico City?

If you have had extractions or recent surgery you will have to wait for your gums to heal, which may take a few months. However, you will be fitted with a ‘healing’ or non-permanent denture in the meantime.

When you return for your permanent denture the dentist will discuss the options with you as to what material your denture will be. When you have decided it usually takes two or three days to make your permanent denture, and for your dentist to make adjustments.

Dentures with Porcelain Teeth vs Dentures with Acrylic Teeth

There are benefits and disadvantages of both materials. Porcelain dentures have a very natural appearance and are the best quality esthetically, as well as being longer-lasting than acrylic. On the other hand, acrylic dentures are less expensive and lighter, which may be a big benefit for some patients as they will feel more comfortable than the heavier porcelain.

What is the cost comparison of Dentures in Mexico City to the US and Canada?

In the United States a complete acrylic denture will set you back approximately $1,800 as opposed to $1,000 in Mexico City.

High-quality dentures are achievable in Mexico City and can provide you with the ultimate affordable solution to replacing missing teeth.

How do I book an appointment for Dentures in Mexico City?

Find your dentist with us and either call us Toll-Free or book online to make your appointment. You can compare prices, read patient reviews, view clinic photos and take our virtual tours so you 'know-before-you-go.' If you have any questions or need further information about dentures in Mexico City we're always happy to help - just get in touch.

(Image by: Matthew Rutledge)