Root Canal in Cabo San Lucas

The Ultimate Guide to Root Canal in Cabo San Lucas

Find a quality-checked dentist and book your root canal in Cabo San Lucas with Dental Departures. Save around 75% on prices at home, and get the best quotes available with us - guaranteed.

Root canal treatment may be necessary to save a tooth that has become infected or damaged rather than extracting it. Having root canal treatment in Cabo San Lucas will save you hundreds of dollars as it is an expensive procedure in the US and Canada.

Root canal treatment may take up to a couple of weeks to complete, and it is possible to enjoy a vacation at this popular resort and still pay less than you would at home, even with flights and accommodation factored in.

Cabo is only a few hours flight away, and its temperate year-round climate, coupled with its beaches and first-rate facilities ensure it is a popular destination for North American visitors. Root canal treatment may not be everyone’s idea of fun, so why not take advantage of these lovely surroundings in between your dental appointments?.

Why have Root Canals in Cabo San Lucas?

The difference in prices is obviously a major plus point. Root canal treatment in Cabo is around a quarter of the price in the US, making it a prohibitively expensive procedure for many, especially those without dental insurance.

The prices may be inexpensive but the quality of dental care in Cabo is high. Booking an appointment through Dental Departures assures you of receiving treatment at a quality-checked clinic, as we perform extensive background checks on our dentists, their qualifications and years of experience.

Our clinics not only have high standards of hygiene and use cutting-edge technologies to provide a superior service, but all of our clinics also offer guarantees or warranties, not just on the work performed but also on any materials used. This is not something that is offered inNorth America, and should give you added peace of mind regarding your treatment.

Furthermore, the materials our clinics used are not inferior quality in any way. In fact, they are the very same materials as used by dentists north of the border, only they are significantly cheaper inMexico simply because overheads such as wages and rent are so much lower.

How long do Root Canal Treatments take in Cabo San Lucas?

With no complications, such as an infection, it may be possible to perform a root canal in one or two appointments. If there is an infection, the root canal treatment cannot begin until the infection has been treated and cleared with a course of antibiotics – and this is usually around 10 days after the antibiotics have commenced.

For patients traveling from abroad, we recommend starting your antibiotic treatment at home so that when you arrive in Cabo your root canal treatment can start immediately.

The root canal treatment will involve you having x-rays so the dentist can see where the infected pulp is. After the area has been numbed, and a rubber dam put around the tooth to prevent bacteria infecting the exposed tooth chamber, the dentist will drill a hole to expose the infected pulp. This will be removed and the chamber cleaned and sterilized. It will then be filled with either a temporary or permanent filling. A temporary filling will be used if it’s a large tooth and you need to have a restoration (crown) fitted.

Your dentist will make impressions of your teeth and send these to the lab to make the custom-fit crown. Once your dentist has received the crown, after a couple of days, you will go back to have it fitted and the temporary filling removed.

A simple root canal with no infection, including post-core and crown will take around a week, but will be 2 weeks if there has been an infection.

What is the cost comparison of Root Canals in Cabo San Lucas to the US and Canada?

Root canal treatments in the US start from $1,280 compared to $270 in Cabo.

Substantial savings on root canal treatment in Cabo San Lucas will give you plenty of spare cash to spend on a vacation here, and we will be happy to help if you contact us for further details.

How do I book an appointment?

Book your appointment online with Dental Departures. If you prefer you can phone us for free, use our online chat or e-mail. We provide the best prices available for your root canal in Cabo San Lucas and our dentists are quality-checked. You can be certain of getting value and quality with us. Compare our prices, check-out our reviews, and look at clinic photos before you go. Book your dental appointment with us for peace of mind.

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