Cosmetic Dentistry in Bangkok. How do the Prices Compare?


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Fed up to the back teeth with a smile that doesn’t do you justice? These days it’s simpler than ever to change your smile for the better with cosmetic dentistry. Bangkok offers expertise and great prices – plus some of the treatments can be carried out really quickly, giving you a brand-new smile with not much hassle.

What kind of cosmetic dentistry treatments can I get in Bangkok?

Cosmetic dentistry includes any treatments that make your smile look better. Sometimes the treatments are totally aesthetic and don’t serve any health purposes, but sometimes they can have a beneficial effect on your dental health as well as on your smile.

Some cosmetic dentistry procedures can be carried out relatively quickly and have immediate results whereas others may take some time. Whatever kind of cosmetic procedure you’d like, Bangkok dentists have the expertise to carry out the procedure efficiently and cost-effectively.


Laser Teeth Whitening:
Probably one of the most popular and well-known cosmetic dentistry procedures is laser teeth whitening, which is carried out in your dentist’s office, rather than at home with an at-home whitening kit.

This procedure brightens your smile instantly, and provides dramatic, noticeable results. The procedure takes around 2 hours in total. The procedure involves applying a lightening gel to the teeth, which is activated by the laser. The gel is removed and the process repeated several times until the required lightening effect is achieved.

Cost of laser teeth whitening in Australia AUD $600 (New Zealand $644)
Cost of laser teeth whitening in Bangkok AUD $280 (New Zealand $300)

Dental Veneers:
Dental Veneers are another procedure that can be carried our relatively quickly and which can improve your smile immediately. The veneers are very strong and are attached to the front of the tooth, effectively hiding the tooth behind it. They can be used to disguise all sorts of tooth problems, including discoloration, damaged, misaligned and misshapen teeth. They can be used singly, or in a row to disguise a crooked smile, effectively providing an expedient alternative to time-consuming orthodontic treatment.

Cost of dental veneers in Australia AUD $1,455 (New Zealand $1,560)
Cost of dental veneers in Bangkok AUD $373 (New Zealand $400)

Dental Implants:
Dental Implants are not something you can usually have on a whim as they need a little more planning. These replacement teeth are still considered to be “cosmetic”, even though most people who have them would argue they are a necessary procedure. However, while there are still cheaper forms of tooth replacement (like dentures or a bridge), then insurance companies will still consider implants to be a cosmetic treatment.

The treatment involves placing an implant into the jaw bone, waiting for the bone and implant to fuse together to create a strong, stable base for a false tooth to be attached. This process can take anything from 3 months to a year, at which point you will return to have the crown (false tooth) attached to the implant. 

Cost of dental implants in Australia AUD $5,150 (New Zealand $5,500)
Cost of dental implants in Bangkok AUD $2,600 (New Zealand $2,800)

The city offers offers lots of opportunity to find the best dentist. Bangkok’s dental clinics are among the best in the world at delivering expertise and affordability – so your new smile will be in safe hands.

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