Dental Implants in Mexico City

The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants in Mexico City

Last fact-checked: 5 February 2020

Are you fed up with wearing dentures or do you need to have a tooth extracted and are worried about ruining your smile? Find and book a quality-checked dental implants dentist in Mexico City and you could save 45-65% on the costs you'd pay at home.

Dental implants are a strong and cosmetically attractive option of replacing missing teeth. An implant acts as a tooth root to which a permanent crown or removable denture can be attached. It is a long-term solution to missing teeth, but requires regular daily dental hygiene (just like a normal tooth) to ensure it lasts a lifetime. It is one of the most expensive dental procedures in North America, but traveling to Mexico City can save patients a fortune.

A dental implant procedure may have to be undertaken over a period of time, so traveling to somewhere convenient is one of the factors which must be taken into consideration. Also, if you are having extensive dental treatment and are spending some time in a location it is good to know that all modern conveniences are within easy reach, as well as the tourist activities and attractions.

Mexico City is a large, cosmopolitan city catering for all the needs of today’s travelers. A host of shops, restaurants, bars, museums and galleries provide endless leisure opportunities while Mexico City’s rich cultural heritage delivers a fascinating insight into the past with its ancient ruins and colonial architecture. For dental implant patients, this city offers many pastimes to enjoy while undergoing your treatment.

Why Have Dental Implants in Mexico City?

Dental implants are rarely carried out in one trip, necessitating several separate trips to complete the treatment. It is important that you can travel fairly easily to your dentist abroad and that you are comfortable spending time in your chosen location. Direct flights from major US and Canadian airports are frequent, and as a capital city, Mexico City is as modern as any other in the world.

Having dental work anywhere in the world cannot be guaranteed 100%, but receiving your dental implants in Mexico City is no riskier than being at home, providing you make sure you see an experienced dentist at an established clinic. At Dental Departures, our dentists are subject to meticulous background checks to verify their training, qualifications and experience, among other things. Nobody is listed on our website unless we are happy with the information we have received, and we also visit the clinics to ensure hygiene and safety standards are satisfactory.

Furthermore, the quality of dentistry throughout our clinics in Mexico is high and all of our dentists offer guarantees, not only on the work they carry out but also on any lab work – which is something that is not issued by most dentists in North America. Our most popular clinics in Mexico City include:

Ortodental Mexico

•Ideal Dental Center

•Dr Jaime Cohen Dental Clinic

Obviously one of the main reasons for visiting Mexico City for dental implants is the cost benefits – with prices almost 50% cheaper than they are at home even with the added expense of flights and accommodation it should still work out cheaper coming to Mexico City.

How Long Do Dental Implants Take in Mexico City?

How long your treatment takes really depends on what type of implant treatments you are having, and also on the exact nature of your bone and gum health. For example, if you have suffered bone loss it is likely you will have to have a bone graft before the implant is inserted. This will require additional healing time – sometimes up to a year, and another trip. Your dentist should be able to evaluate what type of implants will be suitable from panoramic x-rays taken by your dentist at home.

Conventional dental implants usually require two trips over six to nine months. Your first trip will require the tooth extraction and at this stage, a bone graft will be performed if needed. Your gums and bone will be given anything from two to six months to heal, after which you will return on your second trip to have the implant placed. Your final trip, a few months after the implant insertion, involves having the crown fitted.

Immediate placement dental implants only require two trips as the implant is inserted on the same visit as the extraction.

Each trip requires about two days, although with the latest CAD/CAM technologies same day service is possible. Ask your dentists for expected treatment duration.

What Is the Cost of Dental implants in Mexico City Compared to the United States and Canada?

A dental implant with abutment and standard crown in the United States costs around $3,900, whereas the equivalent in Mexico City is as low as $2,100.

If you require more than one implant the savings can be considerable in Mexico City, even allowing for flights and accommodation expenses.

How Do I Book Dental Implants in Mexico City?

Book online or call us Toll-Free. Read our patient reviews, compare our prices and know before you go with our clinic photos and virtual tours. Book your dental implants in Mexico City with us for quality-checked dentists and exclusive discounts.

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