Dentures in San Jose

The Ultimate Guide to Dentures in San Jose

Visit a dentist in San Jose for your dentures for affordable, good-fitting, high-quality dentures which should last you for years to come. Choose and book a dentist with us. We offer pre-screened, quality-checked dentists and savings of around 75% compared to your dentist at home.

Dentures may not be everyone’s cup-of-tea, but they are infinitely better than gaps in your teeth, and you will want to make sure you get the very best for your money.

Despite advances in oral health care the number of adults requiring partial or full dentures is still surprisingly high. The reasons are varied and sometimes it is due to trauma, but may also be because our teeth have to last a lot longer as we are living longer, and because our love affair with sugary foods is causing premature damage to our teeth.

Whatever the reason you require a denture you will want to make sure that it fits well and you are comfortable with it. Dentures may not be everyone’s cup-of-tea, but they are infinitely better than gaps in your teeth, and you will want to make sure you get the very best for your money.

Why have Dentures in San Jose? 

Dentures are very expensive in theUnited StatesandCanada, and one of the attractions of going to San Jose for dentures is the huge savings – up to nearly 90% in some cases.

While the savings are substantial this does not mean that the materials are cheaper in any way - the same materials are used by and available to dentists in San Jose, just as they are to dentists at home. However, they are less expensive in San Jose purely because the cost of living is lower. In fact, it more likely that you will go home with much better dentures than you would have received at home, mainly because you will be able to afford to upgrade to a superior quality material inSan Jose.

Of course, while you are waiting for your new dentures to be made, you will have a considerable amount of time to spend mooching about inSan Jose, and possibly even visiting some more of Costa Rica’s beautiful countryside.

How long do Denturess take in San Jose?

Dentures can be made from different materials, the merits of each one your dentist in San Jose will discuss in detail with you. Ultimately, the decision will be yours but you will need to consider your options carefully as your dentures will have to last a long time.

If you have recently had surgery or extractions you will need to have ‘healing’ dentures fitted which will allow your gums to heal. You will normally have to wear them for a few months but they can be worn for much longer.

Once your gums have healed your dentist will take impressions of your mouth and send them to the lab. After a few days your dentist will receive your permanent dentures and you will return to have them fitted. If you haven’t had extractions or surgery the process can be carried out in a few days in one visit.

What is the cost comparison of Dentures in the United States and Canada to San Jose? 

The cost will depend on what material you choose, and whether you need a full or partial denture. A full acrylic denture in the United States can be upwards of $1,800, but in San Jose is only $200.

Traveling to San Jose for your dentures really will save you a fortune, and allow you to experience a fabulous holiday in this beautiful country while you are waiting.

How do I book an appointment for Dentures in San Jose?

Book with us online, or use our Toll-Free phone number. You can also ask us any questions via e-mail or our online chat about dentures in San Jose. We make the whole process is easy, from browsing our website to find and choose your dentist, to viewing high resolution clinic photos, reading patient reviews and comparing prices. Book your appointment with Dental Departures for pre-screened dentists, superior customer service and the best prices.

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